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post your current アニメ wallpaper.. from your phone または your desktop.

37 answers | my answer: The 壁紙 on my iPhone

Post a pic of one of your アニメ figures.

9 answers | my answer: I have this version of Luffy. But I'm still waiting...

Post an アニメ crossover.

23 answers | my answer: People who are directionally challenged should not...

How to rate...?!

2 answers | my answer: Rating on ファンポップ doesn't exist anymore. If あなた like...

Chibi's POST..

23 answers | my answer: From One Piece

Post a page from your fave マンガ または a screencap of your fave anime!

25 answers | my answer: ONE PIECE(ワンピース)

Out of your お気に入り anime, who is your お気に入り character?

56 answers | my answer: Here's a non-creepy picture of Luffy from One Piece...

post a picture of an アニメ character with a serious 愛 problem.

15 answers | my answer: She hates all men but is in 愛 with Luffy. But Lu...

Post an アニメ character wearing ANY formal attire.

38 answers | my answer: The Straw Hat Pirates. They look so cool^^

Post a pic of a person from アニメ あなた never watched before but know their name!

18 answers | my answer: Death the Kid from Soul Eater