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post one of your お気に入り アニメ pictures

20 answers | my answer: So adorable^^

what's one アニメ あなた almost can't live without?

30 answers | my answer: One Piece!! It's just awesome

post the saddest moment from the saddest アニメ that made u cry または emotional that u wanted to not have seen it

3 answers | my answer: One Piece: Portgas D. Ace's death I can't even beg...

Post a 写真 of your favourite アニメ male character/s in formal suit.

16 answers | my answer: Luffy In Strong World

Post a BLACK & WHITE アニメ pic.

24 answers | my answer: The Monster Trio from One Piece in black and white

post an アニメ character wearing an hat

37 answers | my answer: モンキー・D・ルフィ

Post an image about an アニメ または マンガ character with a tattoo ^.^

15 answers | my answer: Portgas D. Ace

Post an アニメ character who is the captain of their own ship.

7 answers | my answer: Monkey D. Luffy. Captain of the Thousand Sunny and...

post an アニメ character that has silver/grey hair

25 answers | my answer: Silvers Rayleigh

Post the アニメ character あなた currently have the most pics of~

53 answers | my answer: The アニメ character that I have the most pics of is...