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 The Am-AH-Zon Race
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The Am-AH-zon race.
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Episode 2's first musical number.
musical number
lovin' time
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によって Everyone
Courtney: We're 歌う as we're falling!
Heather: While some are cannon-balling!
Izzy: Yeah!
Alejandro: Our lives begin to flash before our eyes!
Noah and Owen: We might just go ka-blooey!
Harold and Tyler: Get smushed and become chewy!
Everyone: Cept there's tons we wanna do before we die!
LeShawna: Billionairess!
Cody: Billiard's Champion!
DJ: Make it ホーム to see my momma!
Sierra: Marry Cody!
Bridgette: Catch a barrel!
Lindsay: Be an actress in a drama!
Courtney: Corporate lawyer!
Gwen: Prom destroyer!
Harold: Be a ninja with throwing stars!
Alejandro: Lion tamer!
Owen: New 食 namer!
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A/N: This is for brittnw15 for complimenting my series. Thanks girl and enjoy everyone!

"Well ok then, but if I find out you're lying to me, you'll be grounded. Now go upstairs and do something useful" he smiled.

"Ok, thank you, daddy" I gave him a hug and raced upstairs.

I banged on Sarah's door and when she opened the door, she opened her mouth to scream but I put my hand over it to silence her.

"Bleugh, what was that for?" she said, once I pushed her back into her room.

"For being a spoilt little whore. Why did あなた tell dad I had a boyfriend?"...
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All (exept Duncan) : Every song the world sings each was once unknown. Somebody felt a song inside and wasn't afraid to sing alone. If あなた feel the 音楽 growing short and tune and strong, one small voice can teach the world a song!

DJ : No tune is too simple, no voice can be wrong. 音楽 can come from any heart. And anyone's voice can lead the song.

Katie : If あなた feel the 音楽 and if あなた believe the words...

DJ and Katie : (to duncan) Sing and you'll return!

Noah : Ohh, one small voice can teach da world a song. Start with...

Noah and Sadie : One small voice, till another joins along.

Noah, Sadie...
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I had to read what was in it.

I opened it to the page my girlfriend was just on and began reading...

'Dear diary,

I cant take it anymore! I feel so vile. Dirty. Violated. Abused! What would Duncan say if he found out? He would be disgusted with me, absolutely disgusted!

I just wanna scream, throw a tantrum, do something to make it stop. But i cant, if i refuse to do what Uncle Brad says then, the unthinkable could happen, Duncan could find out about my past life, hurt me, abuse me, soil my body even more.

I dont wanna do this anymore, i want to be a lawyer so i can put the BASTARD...
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