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Lovin Time によって Alejandro, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sierra, and Tyler
Alejandro: No need to get crazy. It's lovin' time at last!
Cody, Noah, Tyler, DJ, and Alejandro: あなた don't wanna eat us up.
Owen: We're mostly full of gas. No, no!
Gwen, Courtney, Heather: It's mating time for scarabs.
LeShawna: So, what'cha waiting on?
Izzy: Just ignore us humans!
Cody: Ooooo.
All (except Bridgette and Ezekiel): And make out till the break of dawn!
Alejandro and Cody: It's lovin' time.
Gwen, Courtney, and Heather: Lovin' time, lovin' time...
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"Episode 1:
Walk Like An Egyptian part 1:
Welcome to season three of Total Drama! Right now, 17 contestants are on their way to begin their journey around the world.
(At that moment a bus pulled up and out stepped Gwen, Courtney, Duncan, and Heather)
Gwen: Another day, another season.
(Harold, Noah, and Cody, Noah wearing earplugs to avoid hearing Harold going on about his facts)
Thank あなた earplugs. I never leave ホーム without them.
(Inside the bus, Owen can be heard saying "I can't go out there" and DJ grabs him and brings him out himself)
Nothing personal Owen. But this is the only way i can get あなた off the bus.
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