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 TDI Mind Swap Izzy and Eva
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This トータルドラマアイランド ファンアート contains アニメ, 漫画, マンガ, and コミック. There might also be ステンドグラスの窓 and ステンド グラスの窓.

posted by Jamie105
“Now for your first challenge…” Chris begins.

“WAIT FOR ME!” A girl with long black hair runs to us.

“It’s about time. Campers, meet the 16th contestant,” He glares at her, “Who is also late. This is Heather! あなた will be on team Alpha.”

“Whatever,” Heather rolls her eyes and walks towards us.

“Hi,” I smile, “I’m Maisy.”

“Sorry,” She sneers, “I don’t talk to hillbillies.”

“SHE’S NOT A HILLBILLY,” I hear Cody shout and I smile.

“As I was saying,” Chris seems annoyed, “The 次 challenge is-“

“WOAH, WOAH, WOAH,” Luke cuts him off, “You mean...
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dakota:Thread によって thread, stitching it together
courtney`s dress, cutting out a pattern snip によって snip
Making sure the fabric folds nicely
It's the perfect color and so hip
Always got to keep in mind my pacing
Making sure the cloth's correctly facing
I'm stitching courtney`s dress

dakota:Yard によって yard, fussing on the details.
Jewel neckline. Don't あなた know a stitch in time saves nine?
Make her something perfect to inspire
Even though she hates formal attire
Got to mind those intimate details,
Even though she's もっと見る concerned with sales.
It's bridgette`s new dress.

dakota:Dress making's easy
For izzy something...
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he means it
posted by Jamie105
“Oh my stars,” I whisper under my breath.

“Keep going, Maisy!” Zoey cheers, “You can do it!”

“You won’t fall, don’t worry!” Mike adds in.

“I will now that あなた 発言しました it,” I panic, “Thanks, Mike.”

Then I heard a gasp, “Oh Mike,” I apologize, “I’m sorry.”

“Who is Mike?” He says (wait WHAT?), “I am SVETLANA! The Olympic クイーン of gymnastics!”
And with that, he flips onto the branches, until he’s flying over the tree, and grabs the totem.

“Way to go Mike!” We all cheer after moments of silenced shock.

“Hand me the clue,” I tell Mike, または err, Svetlana....
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posted by Animetama
Tonight was opening night, for my violin solo on stage for my senior orchestra concert. We were all dressed in black dresses and black fancy shoes that made it hard to stand. The cellos were lucky to have chairs. I had to stand, especially since I was the one doing the solo. It was another classical piece によって Beethoven, one of his hardest pieces actually, but I’m a CIT, an actress in disguise, and a wonderful violinist, I could pull this off after all!

    Two girls were setting up their stands behind me in the 秒 row of violins, two freshmen, exchanging words to each...
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posted by gothemo1234
tabitha:your in the furture

chirs:who are u

tabitha:im tabitha ill 表示する u the furture look what happen's to duncan's son colin

(duncan's famliy looks at colin rip)

chirs:how did he die?

tabitha:u never payed duncan so he's son died because he never ate

(gwen and the two kids leave and duncan looks a the rip one もっと見る time)

tabitha:thats so sad (starts crying and blows her nosie on chirs's shrit)

(duncan puts colin's cane on he's rip and leave)

cody:man why do we have to dig the died poeple up?!?

harrit:i dont know because we need the job to get money so start diging

(after there are done diging chirs looks...
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Jordan: Guys i fill like votting off Alejandro i know it would be wasting my vote but he is so mean!
Rayven: あなた know what......... I'm with you.
Bridgette: me too.
Natalie: I'm in!

*elmation room*

Chris: sicen this is the finle 10 to celabrate i will 表示する each and everyone of あなた who votted for who.
Ray: what???????? So not far!
Chris: so is fare!


Jordan: Voting off Alejandro

Bridgette: Alejandor! wow! that felt so good!

Raven: WHAT THE CRAP, CHRIS!!!??? Everyone I wanted to vote off has invecnability...well Buddy never did anything to make me want him off so あなた can scratch his name of...
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Jared: I hate this show!

Zoey: KILLERS!?!? REALLY!?!?

Rochelle: Everyone probally hates me now

Hollow: First 1 killed~?/!?!? WHY ME!?!?

Chris: The knifes goes to! JARED! ZOEY! ROCHELLE!

Jared: DUDE! That almost killed me!

Zoey: OHH THATS IT!! *throws the 3 knifes backa t him*

Chris: *is stuck to the wall*

Chef: The Masrshmellows goes to...Ray! Jade! Gabby! Lindsay! Katie!



Hollow: YES!

Ray: NOAH!?!?

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(All the ten remaining campers arived in the challenge studio. Chris McClean was smirking.)

Chris: Hi campers. Guess what time it is?

Owen: Pizza?!

Chris: Nope.

Heather: Shopping spree?

Chris: Try again.

Sierra: Is Cody here?

Chris: No way. We are having a merge.

(All the campers cheered)

Heather: Alright! I can see Trent again!

Trent: (Goes up to her) Miss me?

Heather: I sure do. (Kisses him)

Chris: Now campers, time to キャンセル your celebration, because it's time for a challenge.

Courtney: What is the challenge?

Chris: It's a テニス match. We set up this テニス course, and whoever defeats their opponents...
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(After Gwen's elimination, the 星, つ星 Monkeys are discussing about Duncan being with Beth and Courtney being with Harold.)

Justin: Have あなた all noticed Duncan is with Beth?

Eva: And Courtney is with Harold?

Sierra: Good for them. They deserved it.

Leshawna: They better be together forever.

Eva: Correct.

Justin: So Trent, are あなた still with Heather.

Trent: Yes.

Sierra: Very good.

Owen: Awesome!

Trent: My お気に入り couple is Harold and Courtney. What about all of you?

Owen: Harold and Courtney.

Sierra: Duncan and Beth.

Leshawna: Harold and Courtney.

Justin: Duncan and Beth.

Eva: Duncan and Beth.

Owen: It's a tie....
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posted by gwentrentever
The moment i heard i was in the final 2 i was syced, but the bad thing was me and Sumer just became フレンズ and now we have to go against eachother, well the thing that made me win was the my step sister Heather kissed my cousin Duncan. Me and Sumer fliped, i was the winner, what was i going to do wiith all this money, idk, but i knew i was gonna throw a MASSIVE party, well the party is over, and i still have a TON of cash, so Me, Heather, and Duncan went and bought rediculous crap, and i still have a TON of cash, well i dont want to brag sorry if i was. oh and wanna know what Duncan did to me, HE TRIED TO PUSH ME OFF A CLIFF!!! i was being to over pretective of him so he tried to. the 秒 i crossed that finish line i was like WTF!!!I WON???!?!?!?! im sorry u ロスト Sumer, i feel really bad 4 ya, and to the rest of u im sorry u lost, and Ela-fant UR A FREAK!!!!!i mean that, lol, ok thx goodbye!
posted by TDI_Angel
A femslash poem I wrote. It's also in the Total Drama Island fanfiction spot.... BridgettexHeather, cause I can!!

One girl was day,
One girl was night,
One cloaked in darkness,
One thrived in the light.

Heather's icy glare
Bridgette's warm smile,
A girl so cherished,
To 愛 a girl so vile.

The line between good and evil,
Thinned enough to allow,
This taboo 愛 to spark,
And yet none can guess how.

One girl was day,
One girl was night,
One cloaked in darkness,
One thrived in the light.

Heather, an abomination,
She held evil high above,
But to Bridgette...
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Heather is online
16 May 2:09

Alejandro: Hi Heather
16 May 2:09

Heather: Whatever
16 May 2:10

Lindsay Joined the conversation
16 May 2:10

Duncan Joined the conversation
16 May 2:10

Duncan: Has anyone seen Gwen?
16 May 2:11

Alejandro: She was online just a 分 ago
16 May 2:12

Lindsay: Hwi dere
16 May 2:13

Courtney is Online
16 May 2:14

Gwen is Online
16 May 2:15

Courtney and Gwen Joined the Conversation
16 May 2:16

Duncan: Bye
16 May 2:16

Duncan Left the Conversation
16 May 2:16

Duncan is Offline
16 May 2:16

Courtney: What was that bout?
16 May 2:17

Heather: Lol
16 May 2:17

Alejandro: Hi Girls
16 May 2:18

Courtney: Hi Alejandro...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
Another two weeks—I was about four and a half months pregnant, half way done—or so passed without much happening. Well, there was one strange that had been happening: Courtney and I had become somewhat close friends. I think it was because we had something in common; I never would have imagined that Courtney and I would have something in common. It was strange to think that our 赤ちゃん brought us to be friends. The two of us had begun to visit each other often.

I went to her apartment もっと見る often than she came over to Alejandro’s house since her doctor wanted her to take it easy as she got...
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posted by angelchamp3
*at school*
*in the hallway*

Courtney:Duncan,I'm so sorry I snapped at you...
Courtney:*kisses Duncan*
Duncan:*smiles* Okay....But,why did あなた yell at me?
Courtney:*thinks:Don't tell him-DON'T TELL HIM!* It's personal....
Duncan:*sighs* *walks to 6th period*
Courtney:*goes into the restroom* I'll just skip the rest of the day...*texts Trent*

こんにちは Trent I'll be over with Bridgette after school.
We need to talk...

sorry it's short-it's NOT the end.NOT even close!
please コメント to CONTINUE!
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