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 TDI Mind Swap Izzy and Eva
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This トータルドラマアイランド ファンアート contains アニメ, 漫画, マンガ, and コミック. There might also be ステンドグラスの窓 and ステンド グラスの窓.

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Your parents really wouldn't want to see あなた 読書 this >.<

Warning: Swear words and mutilation.

He walked and walked, he's been walking this trail a long time now.
He walked and walked, his grief along called sorrow never leading to a stop.
His happiness was far behind him...and forever will be.

He has ロスト everything-the 愛 of his life, his dignity and all those precious memories to waste.

Earlier that day;
'Wait! Gwen!'
'Forget it Duncan, you've already crossed the line!'...
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HEATHER POV: Ugh! Where that blond bimbo got 2? "There あなた are!" i smiled sweetly as linds & the newby came ova.
COURTNEY POV: Linds took me 2 the front of the skool building. We c a girl with long, black hair, wearing the sluttiest outfit i'd ever seen! "Um, hi" i 発言しました nicely. "U r?" she asked me, "Oh im courtney. U r?" i asked. "Heather. I c ure the "new" girl" she said, "Yh" i replied. "So, あなた guna hang around wiv me?" she asked "Sure", "Gr8! C u l8r! Bye!" she walks off. Wt hav i lt myslf in 4???
What can I say?
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Chris: Okay everybody your first challange is...


Chris: Fine! But your the last person to get a change of pokemon! DRINK THIS! *gives desiree water* DRINK IT ALL!

Desiree: *drinks water and turns into a ninetails* OMG! AWESOMENESS!

Chris: okay anyway, lets get onto our challange! Our challange is a talent 表示する where only 3 members from each team will participate!

Sofie: um exactly what type of talent 表示する are あなた talking about.

Chris: A pokemon talent show,In a pokemon talent 表示する あなた will use your attacks to make a wonderfull 表示する that will impress...
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 DXC is Yin-Yang.
DXC is Yin-Yang.

Yin cannot live with-out Yang, Yang cannot live with-out Yin.Good can't live with-out Evil, Evil can't live with-out Good.

Yin-Yang means that Good always has has some sort of Evil and vise versa with Evil, Evil always has some sort of good in it.

Duncan & Courtney:

Duncan is bad, Courtney is good.There is some good in Duncan, and some evil in Courtney.Duncan can't live without Courtney, Courtney can't live with out Duncan.

They 愛 each other, My geuss well they will never leave each other.No matter how much one bugs the other.

Conclusion: Duncan&Courtney is Yin-Yang, I 愛 Yin-Yang.
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1. AN amazingly gorgeous woman, talented, beautiful, inspiring, a woman without limits to her ability to love. Known for her humungous ハート, 心 and her sexy figure she will conquer the world without problem.
She is a true definition to perfection, beauty, love, and sweetness.
Pure ownage.
A miracle to be treasured she should never be taken advantage of または for granted.
The builder of my ハート, 心 and the keystone to my soul.

I think Mike wrote this.

2. An awesome, fun-loving girl who can always make あなた laugh. Is a great friend and can get あなた through hard times. NOT a boyfriend stealer. Really pretty and likes to talk. Does not like annoying people, they give her headaches. Really good at math and a very fast worker. Likes to text and go on facebook. あなた could never find anything bad to say about her.
Greg: Last time on total drama 12-person island あなた met the competitors and あなた met ME! but もっと見る stuff
will unfold here on TOTAL DRAMA 12-PERSON ISLAND!

*intro theme*

Greg: okay i brought a special guest OWEN!!! he is not joining he is just part of the challenge okay now Owen

*Owen puts his butt on the horn*

*Fart+Horn sound*


Greg: Okay get up up up up!!!

Greg:okay now あなた all are in the cafeteria and we will lock it down

*locks down the cafeteria*

*Greg puts on a gas mask*

Greg: okay now big Owen here will fart a big fart
inside here it'll stay here until we'll do the un-lock-down...
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(Hey guys! I have this big ol' gonna b long episode planned! But my IPod deleted it all -.- so I decided "Why not make something special? So I guess u can call this the aftermath :P Hosted によって Blainley (I think that's how u spell it :P and....SIERRA!!! Enjoy!)

Blainley: Hello everyone! I'm Blainley Stacy Andrew O'Halerath! (Or so I hope) And This is The TDB A-

Sierra: Wait. Don't I have to introduce myself?

Blainley: Sure whatever!

Sierra: EEEEEE!!! I've always wanted to do this!! I'm Sierra R-

Blainley: And this is the TDB Aftermath!!

Sierra: *scoffs*

Blainley: We have a very special episode planned...
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*Theme 音楽 Plays*
*Cut To Host*
Me:Hi, I'm soxfan89 または Colin And Welcome To Total Drama Wonderland And Last Time There Was A Rabbit Hole Rally and Chey Took The Win While Alex Fell Flat. What Will Happen Today? Let's Find Out!
Kiara:Why Are There So Many Doors?
Chey:I Don't Know!
Airlia:There's A Doorknob! I'll Try It!
Airlia:I'm Sorry!
Doorknob:That's Alright あなた Gave Me Quite A Turn.
Nikita:There's The White Rabbit, I Must Go Through!
Doorknob:Sorry, You're Simply Too Big! Simply Impassable!
Nikita:Don't あなた Mean Impossible?
Doorknob:No, Impassable. Nothing's Impossible!
AJ:How Do We Get...
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Kenny rogers: Hi my name is kenny rogers and welcome to my reality 表示する bitches!!

Duncan: not another one dammit

Kenny rogers: shut up its my 表示する *throws bottle at duncan, misses and hits harold*

Harold: ahhh not again

Kenny rogers: sorry jimmy

Harold: its harold

Kenny rogers: what ever bobby

*camera goes to the studio*

Kenny rogers: on our last episode courtney got fired

Duncan: unfairly

Gwen: when has any of these shows been fair

Duncan: oh yeah

Kenny rogers: on this episode were going to do stuff

Cody: yay stuff

Heather: are we gonna get hurt

Kenny rogers: thats what it 発言しました in the contracts ha ha *throws...
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Trent will play as Harry Potter
Cody will play as Ron Weasley
Courtney will play as Hermionie Granger
Duncan will play as Draco Malfoy
Scott will play as フレッド Weasley
Geoff will play as George Weasley
Mike will play as Seamus Finnigan
DJ will play as Dean Thomas
Cameron will play as Neville Longbottom
Sierra will play as Lavender Brown
Katie will play as Parvati Patil
Owen will play as Vincent Crabbe
Brick will play as Gregory Goyle
Sadie will play as Padma Patil
Harold will play as Percy Weasley
Justin will play as Justin Finch-Fletchley

As あなた can see,I changed it up a bit. I will definitely update もっと見る often as I can. As あなた can see,I added some TDROTI characters. I had to since there wasn't enough people to fit the 説明 of their characters. Of course,I also changed the name. Read and enjoy!!!!
mike:so 秒 again well that`s okay but if courtney come back then i... nevermind

ilana:i,m so happy that my team won first place yay... i vote off eva sorry eva

*votting gym*
chris:so courtney will be joinning us and will see return the answer is drum roll please
chef:(drum roll)
chris:(glances at team cheaters & take deep breath) nnn... yes she will return on your team cheaters
duncan:that sucks
eva:i know
chris:and sence i know who got all 投票 but one trent i,m letting courtney desides who goes home
courtney:now if あなた stay i,ll give あなた a vote for me badge wo ever doesn`t...
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Warning: This is just fanfiction and not fact! But does have some spoilers! Now if あなた don't care, just read!

Falling down from a plane is NOT fun. Especially when it's because of Chris Mclean and when you're stuck to a pole. Let me explain:

1. I was with this hot guy who told me to キッス him.
2.When I kissed him, he jumped onto a sled and my lips met a アナと雪の女王 pole.

"OUCH!" Crash landing. I fell down into a dumpster. SO I kept walking until I found a 通り, ストリート to take the bus back home. Walked and walked, then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, Geoff!...
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