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First off, Welcome to the link. If あなた are planning to 登録する this story, あなた will first be required to read the following as it shall hopefully clear up a few things.

This story is a Fiction tale based on known History of the Third Crusade. Though it is labeled as fiction, every writer must treat this story as though it were real. Characters will die throughout, and your job will be to keep the spark alive. Each death is intended to add further 火災, 火 to this story, depicting trauma and loss amongst those who survive. When one of your character is killed off, あなた then have the responsibility to...
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Name- Alexandra Roya
Age- Twenty six
Base Personality- A calm sort of angry, she is calculated, thoughtful in most of her actions, but never very happy.
Appearance- Pic in a sec
Attire- Military appointed clothing, also in Pic.
Weapon Specialization- Computers, after a violent accident destroyed the use of her eyes, scientists implanted uplinks into her retinas, which communicate to a wristwatch sized computer she wears at all times. This allows her to see from the point of view of any cameras in the area, as well as through the eyes of a trio of mutated beasts the government uses...
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posted by Rogue475
Name~ Edric Yorfertt

Age~ 31

Nationality~ Welshman

Army~ English Royal Army

Title~ Sergeant

Role~ Infantry Sergeant/ Armsman

Appearance~ Mid-Height, Lean, Long Ginger Hair, Grizzled Beard, Worn Complexion, Few Scars.
 Edric Yorfertt
Edric Yorfertt

Equipment~ Light Plate Armor, Steel Norman Helm, Linen Surcoat, Leather Gloves, Journeyman's Satchel, Heater Shield, Broadsword(One-Handed).

Family~ The Yorfeltts have lived in Eastern Wales since the early Norman Invasion centuries ago. Edric's father and mother are all but old and frail, while his sister and younger brother are both married and living...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Name~ Tsun Ren

Birth Name ~ Dov Custos

Race~ Human

Age~ 25

Faction~ The First Order

Rank in Faction~ Knight of Ren

Role~ Sith

Skills~ Tsun is a prodigy in the ways of the force, but his 愛 for fighting leaned him to become master of the Force combat, using abilities such as Electrokinesis and Pyrokinesis to fight.

For physical combat Tsun uses a variety of weapons but personally he keeps an elegant sword that is able to retract.

Appearance~ Like some of the Knights of Ren, Tsun keeps his appearance hidden, instead using a mask that resembles a skull.

Weapon(s)~ Dark Blade
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~ Jack Warwick

~ 30

Base Personality-
~ Brash, Cunning and Manipulative, Respected によって some, Feared によって most.

~ 栗 corporate cut hair, clean shaven, sky-blue eyes, lean/ muscular build, taller than most(Casts a large shadow).

~ Fine clothing topped によって a classic hat

Weapon Specialization-
~ Pistols and Blades

~ Millionaire brother to the Champion of Neos; Mason Warwick

愛 Ties-
~ His brother is the only remaining member of his family, and not only loves him, but holds a deep reverence towards.

Designated Class-
~ Majority
posted by PungoBliss
Dragon types

Silver/ Frost dragon;
Populates the アナと雪の女王 tundras and wastelands of the south. Large sized dragon, generally covered in 毛皮 または feathers to protect from the cold. Long claws and spiked tails to hook into ice and rocks, blunt wings as to avoid being tossed in the wind. Bulky size reduces agility, relies on breath and claws to inflict damage and protect itself. Even temperments for the most part. Breathes an icy toxin that freezes foes and prey on impact, no fire.
Strength; forest/water
Weakness; Fire/Desert

Green/ Forest dragon;
Populates forests and jungles, rarely ventures into tundras...
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posted by PungoBliss
Name; High King Leopald
Age; Mid 50’s
Rank/ Standing; High King of the Western Realms
Appearance; Stocky, but well built, grizzled beard and close-cut grey hair.
Weapon: An ornate battle axe.
History; After the slaughter of the wild dragons, there was a great deal of feuding among the lords of the land, all thought they deserved to rule above all others. This continued for years, until a much younger Leopald stumbled upon one of the first hidden eggs, and hatched the Frost Dragon Miljnor. The man rose quickly in power through the dragon’s might, and became the first of the High Kings, giving power to those who followed him. The man was considered the King of Blood, for he started the Collosseum for his own amusement, and ruled with an iron fist over his people.
Dragon: Miljnor the Frost Dragon, silver in color with streaks and tones of blue, as an ice plateau would appear.
posted by PungoBliss
Name: Anthony James Delois
]Age: 30
]Nationality: Caucasian
]Magician Title: Rogue Magician
Discipline: Expert of Psychic Magicka, adept at Combat Magicka
]Appearance: Tall, about 6'3", with long blonde hair and green eyes, well built and muscular.
]Attire: Jeans and a ジャケット over an old t-shirt usually.
]Weapon: He carries a Wakazashi, a 12-inch blade similar to a Katana, usually concealed under his jacket, and a Glock.
]Backstory] Anthony spent most of his life dedicated to his discipline, becoming an excellent Psychic magician, He had a promising future, but when he was 18 the pressure to succeed became too great for the young man, and he turned away from his teachers, friends, and family, going rogue and never turning back, finding a place in the Cult of Occulus.
 Marcus バーボン, ブルボン
Marcus Bourbon
Name~ Marcus Bourbon

Age~ 28

Nationality~ English

Army~ English Royal Army, 秒 Army of Richard I

Title~ Knight

Role~ Knight (Calvary)

Appearance~ Messy dark hair, well built, tall

Equipment~ Steel Plate Armour. Black surcoat. Long Sword and wooden round shield(Painted black)

Family~ House バーボン, ブルボン is a noble house of England but are far from the best. They own a town in Southern England. Marcus is the youngest of three.

 House バーボン, ブルボン
House Bourbon
Character Summary~ Marcus is an above average honorable and dutiful man. He dislikes political affairs and would rather spend his time 読書 または honing is combat.
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Zoey Cunningham


Sunny disposition, tries to see the good in everything, high intellect over strength. Not innocent, but naive.

Chicago City Detective

Medium length dark hair. Pale complexion. Deep blue eyes. Thin build, and an average height.

9x19mm Hudson H9
 Tactical H9 with Flashlight attachment
Tactical H9 with Flashlight attachment

Daughter of Chicago's Police Chief, Zoey was always the loudest and most passionate in the police academy she attended. Yet with all that personality, she excelled in class, and graduated with honors. Though some say she became a...
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posted by Rogue475
 First Order
First Order
Darth Tiberian of Ren

Originally named~
Tiberius Sunno



ホーム Planet~

First Order

Rank in Faction~
Sith, Knight of Ren

Shadow Blade of the First Order

Tiber has learned to control his rage, the temper he was once known for. Now, having mastered the art of combat and of the force, he is virtually unmatched によって any being, save for Luke.

His face has always been masked, all that is known is what can be seen...
 Darth Tiberian
Darth Tiberian

A simple Blaze-Red Lightsaber
 Tiber's Blazing Red Lightsaber
Tiber's Blazing Red Lightsaber

His past is simply legend, myths surrounding his entry to the order at an early age. Since then, Tiber has become the fist of Supreme Leader Snoke, and the driving force behind all terror.