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posted by lightingjolt1
sonic been gone all most a 蛾 no one seen
there blue hero add gone and why
and the think is shadow was gone as well
oh were my sonic shout ANY ROSE
he not yours ピンク hedgehog 発言しました a voice coming
and he never be yours AMY ROSE coming out of
a flash was a little hedgehog no もっと見る then age 11
who are あなた 発言しました angry AMY ROSE
don't even think about rose 発言しました a deep voice
shadow looking dawn at the little hedgehog
are あなた ok my baby boy 発言しました shadow worry
yes I am ok mommy 発言しました the little hedgehog
mommy shout shock AMY that right rose
said shadow I am little lighting mommy
blush shadow aww little lighting...
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posted by RageTheHedgehog
Sonic the hedgehog the fastest hedgehog alive travelling through green 丘, ヒル zone at Extreme speed basically just did a huge jump through Marbel zone and pinged through the casino with ease but stopped and gazed.
"what the heck is that"
sonic say's whilst looking confused at a colorful explosion and a spike red dude comes flying out and fall's at sonic's feet unconscious
"what the,whats happened to this guy?"
he begin's to wake up and look's up with a defeated hurt look in his eyes at sonic looking down at him in confusing.
"hey im sonic-sonic the hedgehog"
the fallen hedgehog say's nothing as...
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posted by chaoscontroll
ttp:// to 登録する my elite group of sonic based super ヒーローズ where あなた will ask me for what mission あなた will be 書く about me あなた and other team members doing its like justive leauge または the avengers または X-men 次 class but a sonic version with us as the ヒーローズ obviously im te leader chaoscontroll a human with permanent chaos powers but i want hedgehogs fox's everything
登録する please 登録する but please make sure あなた ask me before あなた post an 記事 its gonna be amazing we can write a whole series of Mobiuns Elite with side storys spin off's solo storys everything guy's if your still the same sonic community あなた used to be then あなた should 愛 this