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Review by oneshyguy46 posted 1年以上前
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S Club 7 back in 2001

S Club Tour and Album 次 year
The craze these days seems to be that a pop band should スプリット, 分割 up, and then a few years down the line come back. Take That did it, the Spice Girls did it, and it seems like S Club 7 are looking set to follow in their footsteps.

The 7 early 30 stars are planning on returning 次 spring for a 10th 年 anniversary. The band, which is currently touring with only 3 members, is set to perform across the UK as part of a comeback tour.

However, even though the band is called S Club 7, it'll only be 5 of the members performing on the tour, unless members Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens change their mind, and decide to 登録する them on the tour.

A 情報源 to the band said, "Rachel and Hannah have refused to 登録する the band on their comeback tour as they believe S Club has now ended, and with them enjoying success on television, they feel it isn’t the right time to tour.

The others (Jo, Tina, Paul, Jon, and Bradley) have all signed a contract which will see them tour across the UK 次 May-June time on a comeback tour, which will see them headline in London,...