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Hey!! Hope あなた guys enjoy, this is my first QP fic!!! I just had the most spectacular dream about them and wanted to write about it, and I hurried a little because I just realized that Quinn is going to give birth 次 week! EEK! So I hope あなた enjoy this story!!!
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee. If I did, the storyline would continue off the others, they wouldn't focus on Rachel so much, and the 表示する would 移動する a bit もっと見る slower than it does now.

Note: I dreamed this before Quinn moved in with Mercedes, but I added that in anyway. Also, I'm sorry if they're OOC, または if something does not make sense,...
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(This takes place when quinn and puck are talking right after she tells rachel she wants to be alone during the finale)
He said, "I wanna be a good father to our baby."

"I can't tru-"

"Shh, yes あなた can. あなた can trust me."

"Remember when we were babysitting! That can't happen again, so we were great with the kids andd あなた would be the best dadd ever but- i-i." She could barely speak through her tears, the only reason she was crying was because she had remembered her feelings when she found out what he was doing, not sad just complete dissapointment.

"Yes, i will make sure that will never happen again!"...
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