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posted by ichigocat
To make a Pokemon Sprite, first make sure あなた have the program 'Paint' and get that up. Now あなた need to get some real Pokemon Sprites. Go to Pokemonelite2000.com and look at the 上, ページのトップへ left corner and click on sprites. Go to Diamond and Pearl sprites male. Then あなた can try female. (There are もっと見る boy Pokemon than there are girls)Click on a Pokemon and click on 'Alt' and 'Print Screen' at the same time on your keyboard. Now go to paint and paste it. Use the bow tool to go around the sprite on the window あなた copied. Then click on undo and then click paste. Do the same thing for the 次 Pokemon....
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We all know how to sprite, right? Well, I'll tell あなた a few tips I've picked up.
Tip 1: Save the file as PNG. The pixels will look better.
Tip 2: Recolor the shading correctly, even the mere outlines
Tip 3: Make the shading of a Pokemon.
Tip 4: Use the most 最近 sprites, unless a category in a Contest tells あなた to use a different regions one.
Tip 5: Be creative, but try not to clutter them
Tip 6: don't say it can beat Arceus, または blah blah- no. These aren't even REAL.
Tip 7: It's a good idea to have an idea of what あなた want your sprite to look like, but not having one is okay.
Tip 8: Don't save your sprite as JPG.
Tip 9: No matter where あなた get your sprites, be sure to make the background of it white.
Tip 10: Enjoy making them!
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 the リンク あなた need are underlined in red
the links you need are underlined in red
To get the most out of pokemon spriting, make sure あなた do these things, so あなた get exellent sprites every time!

1.Always go to www.pokemonelite2000.com, for good sprites. But sometimes, when あなた fill the black box around the sprite, it actully ruins the sprite. To ensure this does not happen, make the window small, hold the 'alt' key and press picture screen(PrtSc). Then paste into your paint document. But make sure your not on the A symbol on the side, as this will prevent it from pasting.

2.Always recolour your pokemon. To do this, clik on the inkdropper, and clik on the colour あなた want to change. Than get the inkdropper and right clik on the clolour あなた want to cahnge it into. Than get the rubber and hold the right clik and go over the colour あなた want to cahnge.

3.When あなた clik on the cut icon, あなた will see two icons, at the botton. always clik on the bottom one.

 the アイコン with the red ring is the one あなた must select
the icon with the red ring is the one you must select