Yep. あなた betcha. Manatees are British. Just think about it:
1. Their name gives it away: "Man-a-tee" または "a man who drinks tea" または "British dude". It's clever the way they tried to fool us but we caught on pretty gosh darn quick.
2. They have big British guys.
3. They 移動する British guys leaving the buffet line at a "biscuits and crumpets" all-you-can eat diner.
4. They pass gas when あなた tug on their fingers...if they had any. Like British guys. They don't have fingers. Just "mittens".
5. When they drive their cars and pull into a gas station they say "Bloody well clean me windscreen!" which is British for "Hi! My name is Bob and it sure is a great 日 for meeting fine neighbors like you!" Most people don't realize that manatees have a thriving automotive community underwater because most people don't ever see manatees driving. That's because--like the British--manatees drive on the wrong side of the road and ofter wreck their cars right before scuba divers with cameras can get pictures.

There will be additional fact-filled 記事 coming in the 次 few weeks.

Right after my 記事 about "Edward and the Vampire Manatee from Heck".