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Opinion by amarumgratia posted 1年以上前
fan of it?
Priestesses Kikyo and Kagome between Naraku and InuYasha
Introduction: Why the Title?

I gave my 記事 its タイトル based on the 質問 as to link InuYasha, Naraku または Onigumo? My 記事 タイトル originated from: Kikyo: Naraku and InuYasha's Obessession. The current タイトル SUITS/スーツ this 記事 better than the former タイトル even though the アンケート 質問 I took is asking me who is further obsessed with Kikyo. I also chose the word devotion because it describes InuYasha's 愛 for Kikyo much better than obsession. (IF あなた read, and much more, finished this article, you'll understand why I did not call InuYasha's 愛 for Kikyo an obsession.) I 投稿されました this 記事 in this Section because The Final Act in the InuYasha series finalized the story that left InuYasha ファン and non-InuYasha ファン alike bewildered, ecstatic and joyous. I think もっと見る people would be able to see this 記事 if 投稿されました in this section since The Final Act is the latest InuYasha episodes and, of course, the finalization of Ms. Rumiko Takahashi's InuYasha series.