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Ok so I was in this really weird room that had like normal tiles, and carpet on the walls. In this one side of the room, there were these green boxes. They weren't big, and they weren't small または anything. Just a box あなた could stack about 2-3 videos(not DVDs) in. So anyways... I was in the room with these two people, a boy and a girl, that I didn't even know in real life. Just two ランダム twin siblings that were フレンズ with me in the dream. So we were in the room and we walked over to the boxes and we each picked up one and sat down. Mine had this big Q on it, but I don't know why. So I opened mine, and it had 草 in it. Not just 草 that was pulled out of the ground and dropped in, but actually 草 that was sticking up and seemed like it was growing. But then I saw these little spiders that were really cute and fuzzy. Then the boy went up to me and 発言しました that those were "Jumping Spiders." Then they all jumped out of the box and that's all I remember...