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posted by suzyisbrute
質問 1.

Who created the series "SpongeBob SquarePants"?

A.Butch Hartman

B.Genndy Tartavosky.

C.Stephen Hillenburg.

D.Tom Warburton.

Question 2.

In there series "Tuff Puppy" what is Kitty's last name?





Question 3.

Who created the series "Fish Hooks"?

A.Noah Z. Jones

B.Butch Hartman.

C.John A. Davis.

D.Rob Renzetti.

Question 4.

In the series "My Life as a Teenage Robot" what is Jenny's real name?





Question 5.

Who created the series "Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius"?

A.Genndy Tartavosky.

B.Craig McCracken.

C.Lauren Faust.

D.John A. Davis

Question 6.

In the series...
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Last time Mason was crushing on Cindy Waters lets see what happens next....


Cindy:LIKE あなた CARE...FINE I WILL LEAVE....AND FOR THE RECORD.....I thought your braces were cute....(leaves)

Masondrak:Maybe Sierra was right....maybe I do need better dating advice....nah!she just 発言しました my braces were cute it's totally working!!!

(omg I get Mandark's system now lol!)

(Masondark picks up the phone and dials)

?????:WHO IS IT IM BUSY!!!!

Masondark:Grandad it's me stupid!

Mandark:oh あなた again.....

Masondark:Yeah....the plan is totALLY WORKING....

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Bella is in a movie XD jk it's fake
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Okay so most people probably think Ginger is a strange name's not my real name....okay all began last 年 when I first met Suzy(the 日 we discovered we both loved cartoons:)
so this is pretty much how it went....

(we were walking ホーム from our cheerleading class)

Suzy:Yeah dorky.(I don't remeber what we were talking about but I remember her saying dorky...maybe it was デクスター 〜警察官は殺人鬼 XD )

Me:Okay are あなた going to the dance?

(okay well if あなた know suzy...she's homeschooled so this is where she hit me thinking I was trying to rub it in her face and crap...then after...
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yup, good bye fanpop. my transition from ファンポップ to Deviant art is now fully functional. I am Dex3fan NO MORE! I am offically just Merliniachic of Devaint art.

I needed to do this....I'm sorry. I just---UGH! I don't even know how to say this without making people mad! I'm sorry ok?

I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad または anything..... I do care about あなた guys. its just......have あなた guys even seen me post anything in like,ever? I hardly even talk to anyone, または even go on! I might as well have already left...

I would've had to leave once Istarted highschool this 年 though anyway! i'm all in...
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I, still cannot believe that actually happened. Mandark キス me......its seemed impossible. But, I definitely liked it....(OH SHUT UP! ITS NOT GROSS!)

About five 分 passed after we had kissed, and neither of us muttered a word. Mandark expected me to say something, but I just sat there and stared at the sky.
I knew what he was waiting for,and I was still thinking about it.
Finally, he just uttered ".....well.....what was wrong with it?"


"I'm not stupid Dexi....or at least not as asininely dumb as あなた think I am. you've 発言しました nothing, which obviously implies something is wrong....
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First I need to say I meant Bella people not Bell!!!!!thats all

Okay あなた have been having a crazy 日 at much drama you:

A.Kick back relax and....sleep!

B.Play with a stuffed doll または two quietly that always calms あなた down.

C.Start my homework because Im smart and need to play with my brain.

D.Watch 星, つ星 wars 動画 あなた don't like it but the guy あなた like does!

Okay your totally obsessed with:


B.Saddle club.

C.My own characters made によって me and I combined them with my faves and role play on the computer!

D.Fashion shows on myStyle!

Your お気に入り subject in school is:



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