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 Alpha and Omega 2 Cover
Alpha and Omega 2 Cover
A few years after their trip to Idaho, Kate and Humphrey are happily mated with pups of their own. But when the youngest, Runt, disappears, Kate, Humphrey, and the others must get them back while an all-alpha enemy pack lurks nearby planning mischief.

Quick Backstory:
Since my viewing of "Alpha and Omega" along with many readings of various fanfiction stories, I was highly amused to find that "Alpha and Omega 2" was not forgotten. I saw the beginning プレビュー clip on TheChriZ1995's channel, and saw half of it on YouTube after it came out (I still haven't finished, but I've watched enough...
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 Cover 写真
Cover Photo
"Alpha and Omega" is a 2010 アニメーション from Lionsgate. In a 狼, オオカミ pack in Jasper Park, an alpha named Kate and an omega named Humphrey are taken to Idaho and must work together to get back. Humphrey has a crush on Kate, but hasn't told her due to pack laws against the union of alphas and omegas. Will this adventure let him win Kate's ハート, 心 and lead to the law's abolishment?

Quick Backstory:
In late summer of 2010, I sit in a theater to watch "Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" when a プレビュー pops up for "Alpha and Omega." I'd lightly seen this プレビュー before, but not the full preview....
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Everyone’s bored now that their separated from the Balto characters.

Humphrey was sitting there… bored. Kate came up to him.
“Hey Kate.”
“Hey Humphrey.”
“I’m bored.”
“Me too.”
“Metallica stayed with Star, Kaltag, and the rest.”
“That’s a shame, because I want to listen to Metal.”
Humphrey got up and walked away. Out of nowhere, he heard a guy yell “NIGHMARE!!!”
“What the hell!?”
“And your nightmare comes to life!”
Humphrey entered the room where all the yelling was coming from. He saw a man with sunglasses on. However it was 9:00 P.M....
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The Alpha and Omega characters part with the Balto characters.

星, つ星 was out walking in drizzle.
“Damn, I hate rain!”
He got back tot the house. Master Chief was there.
“Bob, seriously.”
“Never mind.”
星, つ星 went in.
“I’m going to kill あなた rasta!” Kate 発言しました in her sleep.
In her dream, she was trying to kill these things that look like Grunts but she didn’t know what they are.
Kate jumped up.
“You ok?”
“I’m having dreams that I’m not 安全, 安全です now that Humphrey’s...
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Humphrey, Star, and Kaltag go to school again.

Kaltag, 星, つ星 and Humphrey got up and remembered they need to go to school.
“Crap, we didn’t go to school yesterday!” 星, つ星 said.
“We had driving school,” Kaltag replied.
“Do あなた think they’ll excuse us?”
“Probably, we’ll have to bring our slips.”
“Wait, but Humphrey doesn’t have one.”
“We got to make sure he could be excused.”
They got to school. When they got to school, they went to the office.
“Here’s our slips for driving school.”
“Alright あなた two are excused.”
“He was with us and we took him and…”...
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