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posted by Kenzi133
1.) Sing a song over and over again

2.) Miss pronounce their last name and call them Miss\Mr (miss pronounced last name.) Such as Edler say Edward instead!

3.) Pass them notes and\or repeatedly call his\her name

4.) Tell other people not to hang out with your "mommy" because she is mean

5.) Talk like a baby and when they say stop say, "well EXCUSE me for my voice MOMMY!!!"

6.) Stare at them like a psycho and make them creeped out.

7.) 登録する EVERY after school activity that they are in.

8.) When they sit away from あなた smile creepely, pick up your chair, and sit close

9.) Embarrass them

10.) When they are not looking, sneek up behind them and say, "MOMMY!!!"