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  • Favorite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Favorite Book or Author: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games
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HFU 発言しました …
Hi 投稿されました 1年以上前
team_tonks について発言しました Damon & Elena
So I've only watched the Delena scenes of last episode, and I see the sire bond is broken but Elena still shows kind of romantic feelings for Damon (I mean she's like staying in a relationship type thing with him) so basically that means the sire bond didn't affect her emotions right?i'm confused lol 投稿されました 1年以上前
DamonsGirlxo コメントしました…
あなた and me both , honey. I can't wait until the whole sire bond thing is resolved. 1年以上前
delenasalvatore コメントしました…
Well, the sire bond never influenced how she felt about him - only certain things she did. I am hoping that with Elena's humanity (and the sire bond) 'off', then it will finally clear those things up, and Elena's 愛 for Damon will be confirmed as true. 1年以上前
badg1rl コメントしました…
I have a strange feeling, I think Elena will hurt Damon again :´´´( 1年以上前
team_tonks について発言しました Damon & Elena
こんにちは guys! I was just doing my 読書 for one of my uni courses and saw this. So describes the differences between Delena and Stelena ;)
Passionate 愛 -- state of total absorption with each other, mood swings between ecstasy and anguish
Companionate 愛 -- affection felt によって two people whose lives are deeply intertwined
Passionate “heat” > companionate “quiet glow” (e.g., Walster & Walster, 1978)

See the difference! :D 投稿されました 1年以上前
loveofdelena コメントしました…
wow!! your totally right!! 1年以上前