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  • Female, 29 years old
  • アメリカ合衆国
  • Favorite TV Show: Spartacus, Supernatural, Moonlight, Firefly
    Favorite Movie: The Mummy & The Mummy Returns, ターミネーター 2, Dylan Dog
    Favorite Musician: Sick Puppies, The Birthday Massacre, Brandi Carlisle
    Favorite Book or Author: Starship Troopers, To Kill A Mockingbird, A Farewell To Arms, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
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hatshep2 について発言しました Alias
愛 the quote for this club - "Out loyalties aren't flexible, we 愛 Alias, end of story." Its such a great inside joke for ファン about one of the best tv lines ever. Hilarious! 投稿されました 1年以上前
hatshep2 について発言しました X-Men: First Class
Loved this movie!!! One of the best superhero movies, hands down - although it doesn't hurt that I've been a rabid X-Men ファン since I was about 8. ;) Great casting, great character interactions, great handling of powers, and great story. Worlds above the sadly disappointing 前 X-Men movies, Marvel has taken their experience with Iron Man and Thor and finally figured out how to do right によって my お気に入り group of heroes. 投稿されました 1年以上前
hatshep2 コメントしました…
In revision, I just rewatched X-Men and X2 and realized that I didn't really give them a fair chance the first time around - they are actually pretty good and highly enjoyable. X-Men: Last Stand and Wolverine Origins, are a different story, however. :/ 1年以上前