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Read this interview its from penshoppe photoshoot #NIAN ♥♥♥ they 芝居 like a married couple ♥ link 投稿されました 1年以上前
delenaluv コメントしました…
when was this interview done? 1年以上前
delenaluv コメントしました…
just readf that it was a few days b4 the スプリット, 分割 rumors started and it 発言しました that they were holding hands & very sweet with each other so once again i'm luck WTF...this just leaves me evem もっと見る confused!! 1年以上前
delenaluv コメントしました…
it had 2 be the beginning of may if it 発言しました that it was a few days b4 the rumors started. WTF can happen in a few days that u go from being lovey dovey to breaking a 3 年 relationship? and the problem is we can't get a straight answer from anywhere. it's like there's 3 sides to this story!! if only the would comfirm または deny 4 their ファン sake but i know it's their business & their right 2 their privacy but at a certain point u know ur ファン r invested in ur personal life & would 愛 2 know the truth 1 way または another , but i guess that's our problem NOT theirs!! 1年以上前
Ian said: "We would do some serious damage IF WE WERE SINGLE." #bloodynightcon_europe 投稿されました 1年以上前
delenafan91 コメントしました…
he 発言しました it today 11.5 1年以上前
delenafan91 コメントしました…
Well both Ian and Nina go to the cw upfronts 次 Thursday so maybe we get some pics :) 1年以上前
loveofdelena コメントしました…
awsome!!! 1年以上前
Ian called Nina his girlfriend and girl last con Spain Nina weared Ian's had in Miami and not forget who Ian talked abou Nina in Spain and Carina 発言しました they make each other happy how can this change in one week !? 投稿されました 1年以上前
loveofdelena コメントしました…
i agree. i think that if they have broken up, someone has または something has forced them apart. i refuse to think that they broke up, because they both wanted it. 1年以上前