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HI ! Dude 投稿されました 1年以上前
Shadowlover2011 発言しました …
MUSA IM SORRY!!!! I promise i will NEVER be mean to あなた EVER again! I regret my behavior and i'll do ANYTHING to be your friend again!!! 投稿されました 1年以上前
starXxXshadow コメントしました…
i think she joind deviantart 1年以上前
starXxXshadow コメントしました…
sorry if u dont know me but u two were fighting over shadow フレンズ r important then a char thats not real i used to have the same pro with my friend and relized shadow is a char thats not real human and we got over it 1年以上前
Shadowlover2011 発言しました …
*SIGH* Well, its just me now. Two of my Best フレンズ has left FanPop. My Best フレンズ were あなた and Moonlight. Musa, even though we fought ALOT over Shadow, i thought of あなた as my sister. Moonlight left because its almost Summer and she wont b back untill a few years. And あなた left because of ME. If i wasnt such a brat, you'd still b here right? If u can find it in ur ハート, 心 2 4give me, I'll b here.If u don't answer me in 5 MONTHS, I'll leave FanPop just like 2 of my closest friends. 投稿されました 1年以上前
sonamyshadrouge コメントしました…
She quit cuz ya 2 were fighting? but pleas dont go cuz u dont know why she left maybe becuz her mom または something is not really ur falt that she left 1年以上前
Shadowlover2011 コメントしました…
IT IS! DX 1年以上前