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What is your favourite Fenrir quote?

1 answer | my answer: Fenrir didn't have that many lines but for me, it...

Who is weirder Luna Lovegood または Neville Longbottom?

14 answers | my answer: I think neither Neville nor Luna are strange または wei...

Which Harry Potter book is your お気に入り and why???

19 answers | my answer: My お気に入り book would have to be Harry Potter and...

What is your patronus on Pottermore?

24 answers | my answer: I got a dolphin!!!

What's your お気に入り QUOTE in Harry Potter?

8 answers | my answer: My お気に入り quote would have to be, "After all this...

What are some pretty indian names?

3 answers | my answer: There are many pretty and wonderful Indian names, L(デスノート)...

What hair product does Shah Rukh Khan use that makes his hair so shiny?

1 answer | my answer: I looked online and I found that Shahrukh Khan has...

which is u r fav character among these?

9 answers | my answer: It would be a close call between Raj and Rahul, but...

I'm looking to buy a new violin is this a good deal I don't have a good quantity of money to spend.....

1 answer | my answer: That is actually a very good price, since mine was...
Harry Potter ファン

Is the Mirror of Erised in もっと見る than one Harry Potter Movie? Does Severus Snape see Lily Potter in the mirror and what movie of the series is it? Is it in a special extended cut?

1 answer | my answer: The Mirror of Erised is shown in the 1st movie, and...