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PrincessAyeka12 発言しました …
Title: Regency ファンタジー
Theme: Create a 日 dress, nightgown または ballgown fit for a princess from the historical romantic period of the Regency era.
Doll maker: link
Princess: Any 投稿されました ·28 日前
Swanpride コメントしました…
Great...will have to wait two rounds または so, though. 次 I will do the redemption round and after this another winner has his pick ·28 日前
PrincessAyeka12 コメントしました…
No problem. ·27 日前
Swanpride コメントしました…
I suspected...it's nice of you, but I'll manage. ·18 日前
mhs1025 発言しました …
Hi! First off, I hope あなた had a great Christmas! Second, I've made a desiscion on the round I won. How about we do a New Year's theme? We can also include Elsa and Anna as a special treat. If the Elsa and Anna thing seems too complicated, we don't have to do it. Whatever あなた choose on that is fine with me. :) 投稿されました ·28 日前
Swanpride コメントしました…
Ah, I am very sorry, but I have to delay your wishes for a round. The Adobe Reader is about to shut down, hence I wanted to finish the 年 in some sort of redemption round. あなた are free to pick the round after it. ·28 日前
Swanpride について発言しました ディズニープリンセス
Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope あなた have a nice クリスマス celebration または at the very least a few quiet days to enjoy. 投稿されました 1か月前
wholahay_brown コメントしました…
Merry christmas. あなた seem like a thoughtful person ·29 日前