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kerrpunch57 発言しました …
hi swanpride
kerrpunch57 here how are あなた today?
i'm tori from omaha,ne
i now live in sacramento,ca
my お気に入り 食 is chicken sandwich
and my お気に入り drink is monster sugar free drink
so what's your お気に入り cartoon of all time?
i 愛 the get along gang i have the dvd from a long time ago.
bye now and happy weekend stay 安全, 安全です see あなた 次 monday 投稿されました ·2 日前
PrincessAyeka12 発言しました …
Life story is up. It’s no longer WIP. link 投稿されました 1か月前
PrincessAyeka12 発言しました …
Er, あなた haven’t 与えられた any リスペクト out for dress up contest for awhile. Because of this, I’m unsure who’s 次 in line to suggest a contest. I know I’ve once または is it twice? Should I think of something for 次 time? 投稿されました ·2 か月前
Swanpride コメントしました…
Ah...sorry I forgot the props. I will catch up on them as soon as I have time. I am not sure if あなた remember, but I suspended picked a theme as a win some time ago, because it became too complicated to keep up with the requests aside from everything else. But あなた are free to make a suggestion if あなた want. I might pick it up down the line ·2 か月前
PrincessAyeka12 コメントしました…
Ah, yes! I remember now. Sorry. No, I think we should continue doing what あなた said. I don’t know if I told あなた this, but I noticed that the Dollmaker “Roman Lady” was still usable. ·2 か月前
Swanpride コメントしました…
Good to know. (I am currently waiting for the new one not being a WIP anymore). ·2 か月前
PrincessAyeka12 コメントしました…
I saw that. I’m looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to using the new one. ·2 か月前