Silver the Hedgehog

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  • Male, 28 years old
  • Favorite Movie: Back to the Future (Never saw the sequels.)
    Favorite Musician: 音楽 that makes people feel high.
    Favorite Book or Author: Peterotica (LOL jk)
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ayeismei 発言しました …
The infamous NASA Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the antichrist at its head. 投稿されました 1年以上前
ayeismei 発言しました …
This is the first preparation for the plan for humanity because what they want to do is destroy the beliefs of all Christians and Muslims on the planet.

To do that, they need some false "proof" from the far past that will prove to all nations that their religions have all been misinterpreted and misunderstood. 投稿されました 1年以上前
ayeismei 発言しました …
What is important to understand in the first step is that those earthquakes will hit at different parts of the world where scientific and archeological teachings have indicated that arcane mysteries have been buried. によって those types of earthquakes, it will possible for scientists to re-discover those arcane mysteries which will be used to discredit all fundamental religious doctrines. 投稿されました 1年以上前