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  • Male
  • I think I'm getting the fear.
  • Favorite TV Show: That Black Rectangle
    Favorite Movie: DVD Blu-Ray in IMAX 3D
    Favorite Musician: My ハート, 心 beat
    Favorite Book or Author: Kama Sutra
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BlindBandit92 がについて私にリスペクトを送りました my comments
I could not send msgs to you. Your connection is off man. I kept trying to send msgs.

10:59:55 PM (29926357) TouhouBattler : solved
11:47:56 PM (51927308) SakuyaIzayoi_> I can't send msgs to you
11:48:56 PM (51927308) SakuyaIzayoi_> I cannot send msgs to you
11:49:01 PM (51927308) SakuyaIzayoi_> dude read this
11:52:51 PM (51927308) SakuyaIzayoi_> dude can あなた see this? 投稿されました 1年以上前
BlindBandit92 コメントしました…
11:50:43 PM Me: dude 11:50:48 PM Me: I couldn't send msgs 11:50:53 PM Me: for a time 11:50:56 PM Me: it didn't wanna work 11:51:03 PM Me: anyways I saw your msg and it's k 11:51:09 PM Me: go ahead and do your engagement 11:51:18 PM Me: we'll play some another time I agree. 11:51:32 PM Me: あなた gotta fix your hookup 11:51:40 PM Me: something is wrong on your end 1年以上前
BlindBandit92 コメントしました…
something is wrong on your end. 1年以上前
BlindBandit92 がについて私にリスペクトを送りました my comments
Ready? 投稿されました 1年以上前
BlindBandit92 がについて私にリスペクトを送りました my comments
Sorry bruh my net was down but I can do it today though. Oh btw I started playing GOF so we can play that as well. 投稿されました 1年以上前