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  • Female, 27 years old
  • limerick, Ireland
  • Favorite TV Show: The vampire diaries.
    Favorite Movie: タイタニック
    Favorite Musician: テイラー・スウィフト#Music is my shining light, my favorite thing in the world. To get me to stop doing it for one second would be difficult!
    Favorite Book or Author: twilight and ファンタジー 本
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Nariko がについて私にリスペクトを送りました my images
Hello there! I see あなた like Itachi! Please if あなた want be a ファン of Uchiha Obito's spot! link 投稿されました 1年以上前
to0ota111 発言しました …
i am sorry but tobi is not obito または even madara when i check on i think he is ether izuna madara brother または sishiu itachi friend 投稿されました 1年以上前
Akishma について発言しました TOBI
when tobi broke in to get the kuubi from naruto's mum he got passed the code that only shinobi's from konoha knew. even pain couldn't get passed it and got detected. oh!!! well he could be :) i dont know i'm just putting the pieces together....and tobi--obito ....they have the same letters in there names?? zetsu could of cloned the right side of his body after the rock fell on obito?? 投稿されました 1年以上前
scourgestar55 コメントしました…
i used 2 think tobi was madara. now i think he's obito because of your ウォール posts 1年以上前
to0ota111 コメントしました…
no i think tobi is madara coz he 発言しました that when he meets sasuke and konan when he fought her she called him madara and after that is have 表示する his face he have two shringan eyes and obito was very small when tobi または madara fight narutos father 1年以上前
TheHeartsTears コメントしました…
I personally don't believe that Tobi is Obito, mainly because the eye that was crushed によって the bolder is Tobi's good eye. Also, he still has the eye that Obito gave to Kakashi, he's just blind in it. But I do see your argument and I'm open to other possibilities (totally spelled THAT wrong!). 1年以上前