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posted by ashleys_1stFan
こんにちは verybody how are yous going? well i got some gossip on hsm4! that maybe zanashley will be back for another year! または maybe not i hope they do ive been hearing rumours of them leaving hsm but ive SEEN WITH MY OWN EYES them saying they will be back but who really knows? it could be fake interviews idk what do あなた guys think post コメント on what あなた think and want plz! anyways if it doesnt have the origanl cast im watching the movie but ill see if i like it または not if i dont like it i wont watch t anymore if i like it ill watch it but nothing can ever replace the ORIGANL HSM1 2 AND 3 CAST! so once again post コメント plz! this has been Tiffany Jo Allen peace to everyone!