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Curves ENT. Is an up and coming publishing company that will be printing calendars and posters of モデル with custom vehicles. Follow @Curves_Ent | @_ThickThugga_ | @MIGMktg
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Barry lee cusick was born on January 27th 1979) he is a graphic artist. his work was published によって Mick Strawn the writer of behind the screams dream masters revealed and the production designer for dream warriors and dream master Barry lee cusick also has his own podcast darktower studios, he is also the creator of John Ringo the serial killer and writer of the short story the vengeful spirit, his biggest inspiration for his podcast is bill hicks,

お気に入り food) タコス Bell) McDonald’s)
KFC) ホーム cooking)
お気に入り actors jack nicholson) Robert englund) kane hodder) Danielle harris) james Jude Courtney) scout Taylor Compton) cast of smallville) cast of young Sheldon) cast of CSI:科学捜査班 Miami) jack Bauer from 24
also runs the フェイスブック group horror film fanatics and he is hugely obsessed with bill hicks
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