ヤング・ジャスティス Anyone Want to be in a ファン fic?

EclipseYJ posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 04:44PM
I'm starting a new fan fic called 'Land of the Dead' Where every human turns to zombies and Young Justice are mainly the only humans left on earth and they are trying to stay alive.

So I need to now everything about you and If you are willing to ..... KILL!!!!!

ヤング・ジャスティス 23 返信

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1年以上前 AislingYJ said…
Oh yeah! Totally! Can I post 2 OC's? Cuz I want to use Kat and Aisling...
What info do I need to give you?
1年以上前 GravityBoyYJ said…
i watch so much walkign dead sure XD
1年以上前 EclipseYJ said…
1年以上前 Mclovin_69 said…
Name: Willow Stevens

Hero name: Cyrus

Age: 15

gender: female

appearance: long brown hair and brown eyes, tanned skin

relations: wallys girlfriend and Beccas sister

Powers/Skills: can teleport, has some skill in combat and sorcery. Eyes glow light blue when powers are used and beams shoot from her hands.

hope dats enough though i think you know lots bout Willow
1年以上前 EclipseYJ said…
Can and will she kill?
1年以上前 Mclovin_69 said…
Name: Lucas Story

Hero name: Gravityboy

Age: 16

gender: male

appearance: shaggy dirty blonde hair and brown eyes

relations: Artemis's boyfriend

powers/skills: has many skills in combat and eyes glow orange when powers are in use, he can lift objects with gravity.

1年以上前 Mclovin_69 said…
Willow can when shes angry enough and Lucas loves zombies and klling dem XD
1年以上前 Scarlet_YJ said…
Name: Scarlet Adenfeld

Hero Name: Ember

Age: 16

Appearance: Shoulder length orange hair and brown eyes

Powers: witch that can control fire

Relationship: dating Steel
1年以上前 BladeYJ said…
Name; Blade

Appearence: Long blonde hair, eyes change colors... They turn blue when she uses lighting.

Age; 16

Personalilty; Loves Guns.. ecepcially the shotgun! And rifle! Also loves knives! Very snarky and loves challenging things. She is amazing with guns and comabt skills!

Powers; Controls lighting.. can't teleport and read minds.

Relationship: Dating Terror

What I'm willing to kill: Zombies and anything that moves! :D
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1年以上前 EclipseYJ said…
Cooleo merci <3
1年以上前 AislingYJ said…
Name: Aisling Carter
Hero Name: Tiger Storm
Age: 14
Appearance: short dark brown hair (always in a messy ponytail), blue-green eyes, solid build
Costume: purple and green bodysuit, purple/green mask, black belt, boots, cape that splits into "wings" when flying
Civvies: Purple hoodie sweatshirt, black Adidas sweats, black Converse Jack Purcells
Powers: Can gauge measurements like distance, time, speed, etc just by looking and taking a minute to think, because of this has an amazing sense of direction and can easily form a mental map and figure out exactly where she is; flight, ok at swordfighting, if stands really still, will camoflauge/turn invisible (but as soon as she moves she becomes visible again), very weak telepathy
Relationship: kind of has a crush on Jackson (Thunderblade) and daughter of Axxis from Kaos (evil organization I made up), best friends with Infinity

She might kill if she has to, a little hesitant though
Feels pretty insecure on the team because her powers are kinda weak (Fin makes her feel good about herself though)
1年以上前 MockingjayYJ said…
Name: Kat Eldean
Hero Name: Mockingjay
Age: 16
Appearance: Tan almost olive skin, long dark hair that she wears in a braid, gray eyes
Costume: Black bodysuit, gold belt, gold mockingjay/archer insignia, gray mask, black and brown boots, black bow and quiver, gold wings
Civvies: tan or green t shirt, black leather jacket, dark brown pants, hiking/combat boots
Powers: Archery, flight, can conjure fire when flying, can imitate anyone's voice/call
Personality: sullen, quiet, kind of sulky and brooding, basically like Katniss from Hunger Games (even though they're not related xP)
Relationship: None yet; sort of apprentice of Green Arrow but usually does her own thing (he just sometimes helps her)
Will kill any enemies, be it zombies or humans.
1年以上前 SpectralYJ said…
Name: Brayden Woods

Hero name: Spectral

Age: 14

gender: male

appearance: light blonde hair, that fades to black, brown eyes

relation: Evelyn's (Kid Flash's sister) boyfriend

powers/skills: "phasing" and becoming very dense to some degree of invulnerability.

personality: hardly jokes around, quiet but when he talks he uses overly formal emotionaless voice.
Willing to kill anything.
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1年以上前 DeltaYJ said…

Name: Delta
Age: 12
Appearance: Black/Brown hair, blue eyes, acrobat figure
Civvies: T-shirts and jeans, vary simple stuff (she was always tried to blend in
Weapons: Gun, darts, chemicals. (she caries it all in her utility belt that she wears across her body like a sash)
Personality: Immature, teasing, can be serious, loves to trick and troll people, can be sensitive, vary mood swinigish.
Secret: She claims she has no powers, but she can actually sees peoples past, present ,and future. She never talks about it, and hates the power and tries to the best of her abitly to ignore it
Relationship: Brant Key
Facts: Was a Cadmus experiment
Past assassin
Her boyfriend was a assassin too
Fin's and Robin's sister by DNA (because of Cadmus)
Has a evil side named Toxic, that takes over her body, rarly comes out but its is always inside of her
1年以上前 Black_Robin_13 said…
Name: Salem
Alias: Quick Silver
Age: 15
Power: Technopathy sword master
Personality: shy, loner, family-oriented
Appearance: Black hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, skinny, 5'2', silver leotard, black leather jacket, a ninja-to at her side, a black messenger bag, and a whole ninja mask. Always has her laptop, Epsilon, with her.

she will kill but only as a last resource.
1年以上前 MercyYJ said…
Ummm, even if I am 99% AGAINST the idea of killing would I still be allowed in it?
1年以上前 EclipseYJ said…
You can still be in it but would you feel different if it were a zombie about to eat your brains?
1年以上前 InfinityYJ said…
HI. I want in. yeah, I can kill... lemme just type my stats in a different post...
1年以上前 InfinityYJ said…
Name: Infinity (Fin)
Age: 13
Powers/Abilities: controls the four elements, prefers fire, flies, mental telepathy, absorbtion*, martial arts and acrobatics, phoenix
Appearance: long black hair, bangs hanging in left side of face, blue eyes (always hidden), really thin
Personality: immature, likes to troll people, a little stubborn and headstrong, can be ticked off really easily, sensitive towards her siblings Delta and Robin
Other: loves her iPod and singing, has an uncontrollable rage issue that turns her into her phoenix side, is oversensitive to her past and whenever it's brought up she won't talk, has a boyfriend, Nathan Stone, but they rarely talk and its questioned if they were ever really a 'thing', has been constantly targeted by Shadowchild (Jessica), Mindwipe (Brennan), and Redstream (Chelsea)

*absorbation power: she can absorb peoples powers as long as they're in a 20 ft radius, but she can't always use them and often times she doesn't.

1年以上前 Mclovin_69 said…
hey if you need more characters Phoebe i have tones more but if not thats all good
1年以上前 EclipseYJ said…
Hmm I will have to think about it but thanks Mc_l :)
1年以上前 MercyYJ said…
Name: Mercy
Age: 16
Powers: Immune to burns, pyrokinesis
Appearance: Straight, shoulder length orange hair with gold highlights, blue eyes, freckles, average height
Personality: Immature, curious, fun-loving, can be caring and serious when needed
Other: Hates the idea of killing (and if she did she would feel horrible), afraid of heights, knows several languages, denies her past, loves foreign food
(if you need anything else just ask!)
1年以上前 EclipseYJ said…