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posted by robinluv14
"Infinity? Are あなた in there?"
"Just a sec!"
I growled at myself. What kind of a person sleeps for 22 hours after a fight with kids barely her age? Me, apparently. I clasped my ベルト on. What's the point of having this? Especially since I barely use the tools in it, I thought. I shook my head and picked up a hairbrush. Again, a useless tool, since my hair was untameable. My hair! I realized with a sudden jolt that it was still charcoal colored. I fixed it to it's reddish hue in an instant. But I decided to leave my earpiece behind, just in case I ran into anyone on the way.
I slipped out the door and turned to find Slade's face 次 to mine. "Oh, god, don't do that! What do あなた want?" I yelled. "It's them again," he said. I rolled my eyes underneath the mask. "And they are doing...?" I asked.
He showed me a screen with satellite, something I'd stolen on one of my first "missions" with Slade. The team had スプリット, 分割 up evenly into duos to see where I might have gone, except the new girl, Zatanna, had come with them. The pairs were the Miss Martian and Superboy, Aqualad and Kid Flash, and Artemis and Zatanna. I wasn't surprised to find that Robin was alone. I also wasn't surprised to find that he was the closest to the workshop. "What's your point? Want me to stall him?" Slade gave me a look, that, even with one eye showing, I took to mean Just go. I raised my hands in a defiant surrendering manner and shot off through the opening in the roof.
Once I landed, a sharp object came flying towards me from the right. Instead of deflecting it, I simply caught it, and disabled it before it could blow up in my face. I threw the disabled batarang off to my side. "Hey, Rob."
He dropped down and walked up to my face. "Who are you?" he asked. No fear, no anger. Just straight questions. Which means he wanted straight answers. Who would have thought that a thirteen 年 old boy could be so serious if he needed?
"My name is Infinity... But most people call me Fin. Most people being me. Lemme guess- あなた want to know as much as possible without asking? I'll make it easy for you. I'll tell you. I've been working with this man, Slade, for as long as you've been working with Batman. I'm telepathic, and along with my powers of flight and over fire, if I get within 20 feet of another person with powers, I'll obtain their abilities. So now I can control water like Aqualad, I have strength like Superboy, and I'm fast like Kid Flash. Happy?"
He looked me over with discomfort and distaste. "No, I'm actually wondering why あなた aren't whelmed. I'm still trying to understand why I'm not whelmed. It's like I was expecting あなた to say that, exactly the way あなた did... Do I know you?"
I laughed quietly enough for him to hear me, but not for anyone else. He was beginning to trust me. That's when he asked the essential question.
"Why do あなた know me?"
I glanced up, but never told him. I never got the chance anyways. His earpiece beeped, signifying a message coming through, and answering, he said, "Hey Aqualad. What? No..." he trailed off and paused for a second, then continued. "No, I haven't found her yet." I nodded to him, he nodded back. "Yeah, I'll check in again. Yeah. Okay, bye." Off the communicator went. "Another question-" he began, but I shushed him.
"Not here. If あなた haven't noticed, we're standing right over where I live, which is where Slade lives, and he'll kill you. So, we might want to 移動する somewhere a bit safer to do Q&A."
"Well, if あなた don't mind meeting the team, and explaining yourself to them, I could take あなた to the mountain, but something tells me Batman's not gonna like that. I know a building that no one goes near, and it's got horrible radio waves. But I can't exactly get there-" I cut him off once again as I grasped his hands tightly and lifted him into the darkness of the night.
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posted by Candy77019
 "Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham."
"Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham."
によって 8:30, Nightwing had already handed the tips for the waiter.
"Umm, thanks for the...dinner," I thanked him awkwardly.
He smiled. "No problem."
Our 表, テーブル was によって a large window, where we had a nice view of Gotham City at night.
"So...you used to work in a circus?" I asked the crusader sitting across from me.
He nodded. "Yep. The Flying Graysons."
Suddenly, a bright light caught my eye. Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham.
"That's the Bat signal!" I exclaimed, pointing at it.
Nightwing stood. "Yeah, I have to go. See ya."
He was almost out the door when I grabbed...
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“How'd あなた know?” Robin asked as he helped Becca settle into her room at the mountain.
“About あなた being Robin?”
He nodded, hanging one of few pictures Becca had to the wall. She laughed a little and he moved to sit on the floor beside her.
“Please. Any good detective would have realized it, which proves I'm the only good one. Robin showed up at Batman's side not very long after Dick Grayson was adopted によって Bruce Wayne. Robin is a skilled 体操選手 and fighter. So was Dick Grayson. Robin can hack through any computer and is always on his toes. So was Dick Grayson. Robin was always able...
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It`s raining?I got up from the ebd to get ready I heard low foot steps and grabbed my shiruken and put them on his chest amimng for severe wonds.
It was Robin? I sighed
Okay you`ve officialy scared me for the day,
what`s up?
"Why does something have to be up for me to enter your room.?"
Good point,I handed Robin my shiruken and started looking for my dress and my shoes.
What ever あなた do don`t touch the-
Nice,here I took some bandeges out of my secret stash and put my saliva on his hand and wrapped it.
There now quit playing with it its poisened.
Play with tetsaiga または tensaiga,but leave that...
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