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 Things Cat Does
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Saw these and thought of Cat so...enjoy!!!
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1AM, Twan's command post.
Twan stood infrond of a 表, テーブル inspecting maps of the city.
Suddenly a throwing 星, つ星 land only inches away from his hand.
Bothe Twan and Boris aim there 銃 at the ceiling.
Is Thad how あなた greed old フレンズ now?
Ceschire sais in a playful tone we she climes truw a ceiling window, taking back her throwing 星, つ星 and sits down on the 表, テーブル crossed legged.
Twan sigeds in relieve. Bohe him and Boris put there 銃 away
Damm Jade can't あなた just use the door あなた scared me half to death.
Nowe were is the fun in thad? She 発言しました in the same playful tone.
I geas your rigt.
Its good thad...
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 Cos Tyler is my fave' SHHH!
Cos Tyler is my fave' SHHH!
((So here's a drabble I wrote..because I think these two would kill each other if they got the chance.))

"Shut up Blade, I'm obviously もっと見る appealing!"
"Excuse me?"
"Face it!"
"Men, and woman, obviously want me もっと見る than you."
"No, but あなた know what I think?"
"Nothing! Because あなた don't have a brain--so あなた can't think!!"
"I think, you're jealous."
"Of who? You? Don't make me laugh, Stevenson."
"Yes, I think you're jealous that I have もっと見る of a chest than あなた do."


Anya walked into the empty parlor, just wanting some food, but all she discovered was a red faced blonde. Her hands were planted on the table...
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