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 The REAL Goodbye to Batman...
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This Young Justice OC'S!!! 写真 contains スペースシャトル, スペース ・ シャトル, アニメ, 漫画, マンガ, and コミック.

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Name: Ciel Norrian.

Alias: Harmonian.

Appearance: 6'0 tall, purple eyes, white hair.

Gender: Male.

Civies: Usually a white t-shirt and jeans will due, an occational ジャケット aswell.

Hero-Suit: Blue tailcoat, a top-hat and black jeans.

Weapons: He carries around a spoon. And a pocket ナイフ he carries around in civies. And a (A spoon XP) And with his power, (see powers) can make a weapon.

Skills: Fair 歌う voice, extreemly agile.

Powers: When he sings a special chorus, he can create または repair items such as..... a ネックレス made of pearls, he sings "Build it up with silver and pearl, silver...
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Name : Jesse Bennett
Alias: None
Powers: Healing Magics, combat
Occupation : Healer
Weakness/Limits : Unknown
History:Jessie Bennett came from a long line of pure-blood healers. Her race is unknown, despite how human she looks. Her 与えられた name has been forgotten. She came to Earth much like the Man of Steel. But she was found によって a traveling caravan in an Arabian desert. She grew up among them and immediately took a fondness to medicine. によって accident, she found out her inhuman abilities when she was five in a dangerous situation. Almost immediately, she was sent away, to America. She spent almost...
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Okay don't be hating on me for this, I'm not trying to start a fight. I just think that we'd all be better off if we at least read these and thought about them, even if just for a second. I'm gonna say this right now: these are not cut-and-dry rules. によって no means am I forcing あなた to follow them, and there will be exceptions. These are just suggestions, on how to make your OCs well liked and better off. So, with that being said, in no particular order, here are 15 suggestions for making good OCs.
1. Ask yourself if making a new OC is really necessary.. Don't contribute to the overcrowding unless...
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 Octavia Rurik
Octavia Rurik
Name: Octavia Rurik
Age: approx 227; looks 22
Species: warlock (born of warlock parents)
Specialties: healing and defense spiritual magic
Weapon: none
Likes: swimming, singing, lanterns
Dislikes: disease, tyranny, spiders

Name: Dmitri Rurik
Age: approx 180; looks 18
Species: warlock (born of warlock parents)
Specialties: defense and elemental spiritual magic
Weapon: a long black scepter topped によって a glowing crystal orb (colors shifts with type of magic used)
Likes: birds, playing the violin, headphones
Dislikes: a lot of things

Background: Dmitri and Octavia are the youngest children of Wilhelm Magnus and...
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