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Luigi stopped cold at the voice—it was Yoshi's voice, and it sounded like it came somewhere behind the multitude of expectant Toads. But that wasn't really what made Luigi stop.
Because how could he have heard Yoshi's voice behind the Toads when he was just directly to his left?!
Luigi strained to follow where he'd heard the voice, and found Yoshi behind the Toads.
"I—I—" Luigi's head spun, confused; bewildered. "A-why are there two Yoshis?!"
He looked at the Yoshi who was directly to his left, who looked just as shocked as he was, and he had the black hump on his back that the green plumber...
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Before anyone could even know it, the duo finally arrived in Yoshi's Island. It emerged from being a mere speckle among the waters to a mass of trees, mountains, and nature (which added もっと見る solid evidence to Luigi's theory).
As soon as the ship they were riding blew out its horn to depict the fact it was about to dock, Yoshi sighed with relief—as much as it made him happy being with Mario and the gang, there's no place like home.
"Luigi, we're almost there!" Yoshi called.
But Luigi didn't hear a thing Yoshi said—his face was buried in a waste basket; he was making moaning noises in it.
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Luigi and Yoshi were hidden inside the branches and leaves of one of the trees among 桃, ピーチ Garden. It was a perfect spot for confidential talks; while the one inside could hear sounds from the outside, people outside could hardly ever hear what would be going on from the inside—that is, unless they would think of going near, in which they wouldn't even dream of doing. After all, why waste time listening closely to the sounds within a tree?
"Okay, Yoshi, tell me again why we're here, hidden in the treetop?" Luigi asked Yoshi critically.
"Because treetops are perfect for pep talks," Yoshi explained....
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In the 前 chapter Yoshi, Mario, and Luigi finally managed to beat bowser, but is the war finally over? I don't think so, now lets continue the story :)

As our フレンズ celebrated the victory though 日 it grew darker. Yoshi thought it was a good idea to start a sleep over, but girls on one room. Later they all thought where it was a good place to start a sleep over, but in Yoshi's island of course. Yoshi wonder and wonder until he finally thought of a place. Yoshi thought it was a good idea to rest on the ビーチ party house, since it had lots of room and was a pretty place to be in. Later...
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When Yoshi and his フレンズ were having a good time, someone named Bowser had to ruin all the fun. Now Yoshi, Mario and Luigi have to Beat Bowser once and for all.

The story Now starts:

Yoshi: Now how are we going to get up there? Mario: Wait! there must be an item block here somewhere!!! Luigi: ok lets go!

As our フレンズ Try searching a item block they notice something silverish looking thing floating.

Yoshi: guys look at that! What do あなた think it might be?
Mario: we have no time to Loose lets hurry! and see if it can be something were are looking for!!!

They hurry and see what it can be

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"Thank あなた so much for saving me...Mario!" Princess 桃, ピーチ cried with joy after the main Mario Brother had defeated Koopa King Bowser and saved her for the nth time.
The キノコ Kingdom princess rushed toward her love, oblivious to the 秒 Mario Brother lingering about in the corner; for all anyone but Mario knew, he was all but invisible.
"What about me?" Luigi complained in a quiet aside.
Nothing came up—the princess and a handful of Toads were still focused on "their" hero.
Luigi grumbled. "I fought Bowser too, あなた know..."
Nothing again.
Giving up, Luigi sulked as he watched, with...
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1): Make Sure You've Gotten ALL 120 Stars. (Otherwise あなた Won't Be able to Follow Step 3)
2): Go Out Into The 城 Grounds.
3): The 大砲, キャノン That あなた Probably Would Have Seen While Playing Outside The 城 Grounds but couldn't use (because it had a grating over its opening) will now be ready for use.
4): Get Into The Cannon
5): Aim for the roof. Don't aim for the very top. But aim at the little flat bit at the sides of the huge spire at the 上, ページのトップへ of castle. Remember, Mario is a fast faller, so aim high.

6): Shoot Mario Out Of The Cannon.
7): If あなた managed to get to the 上, ページのトップへ of the roof, あなた will meet Yoshi. He will give あなた a special message from Shigeru Miyamoto to the player, give あなた a hundred lives, and he'll make your third jump sparkly

Well. That Was 7 Steps On How To Meet Yoshi In Super Mario 64. REMEMBER: This Does NOT Work In Super Mario 64 DS, Because Yoshi Is A Playable Castle, And To Unlock The Cannon, あなた Must Get All 150 Stars.
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