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1. Intercontinental Championship Match - Dolph Ziggler © vs. Kofi Kingston went to a no contest when the members of Nexus attacked. Nexus assaulted Ziggler and Kingston, announcing that no matter who the 7th member of Team WWE was, it wouldn't matter.

2. Divas Championship Match: Melina defeated Alicia 狐, フォックス © with a snapmare driver to become the new Divas Champion. After the match, Melina was berated and attacked によって Michelle McCool and Layla.

3. Handicap Match: The Big 表示する defeated CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joseph Mercury following a big right hand to Gallows and a chokeslam on Mercury. CM...
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Wrestling Entertainment

The news is out, who is doping up
I was very shocked it wasn't Batista
Matt Hardy and MVP, what a combo
They take away the tag team titles from Douche and Domino
All those wreslers busted for steroids
Now they which doctors to avoid
John Cena won't have to watch his back
Because Randy Orton was taking the crap
Great Kali speaks in a language I call Orangutan
The doofis with him translates his slang
Chris Masters likes attacking the men from the rear
They announce the Silver Back is here
Hornswaggle is the クルーザー Weight Champ
This causes Jamie Noble menstral cramps
Kane has cracke ribs from several attacks
The Stone Cold Stunner is now back
Rey Mysterio is back trying to make a statement
The billion dollar industry of Wrestling Entertainment