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"Good morning dad,good morning Leah"
"You can just call me mom dear".Katharina looked at Leah and says "Good morning Leah!" she 発言しました this with a sweet accent,but it was full of sarcasim.Her dad looked at her and said:"Katharina could あなた a little bit nicer to Leah,she's your steph-mother"
"Yes dad,I'll try to be nicer to her".She trys to chance the subject によって saying "I'm going out to see what this small town has to offer"
"Don't come so late at ホーム dear,we still have to find a dress for your ballet party",said Leah with a sweet motherly tone.
"oke Leah,I'll be ホーム at 3 o'clock I think",Katharina...
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"My people. Sons and daughters of Helghan.... For many years, we have been a broken nation... Shunned, oppressed, and conquered によって those we sought to escape. ...Ten years ago, I asked for time, and that time was granted によって you. You, the strength in my arm, the holders of my dreams.... Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all mankind... An exodus for freedom. Helghan became that freedom... Our new world changed our bodies. At first, it weakened us, but in fact, we were growing... stronger. In the time あなた have 与えられた me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength, and I have rebuilt our pride!... Our enemies at ホーム have been re-educated. We have 与えられた them new insights into our cause. On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall be ignored NO MORE! Defenders of the Helghast dream, NOW IS OUR TIME!"
posted by Aerrow666
Jack Ferriman {born 1942}
he was born in mena. he was known as John Ferriman または Jack Ferriman.
Year 1949. Jack Ferriman went on the クイーン Mary.
Year 1952. Jack admit a murder at his School.
Jack Ferriman was sent to jail for 10 years.
he will be out of jail in 1962.
Year 1962. Jack Ferriman got out of jail. he went on the SS Antonia Glaza.
he met a little girl named katie johnson.
jack ferriman talk to the captain. he say"i hope nothing Evil happen on the ship"
Jack Ferriman went to dance with Francesca in the bedroom.
Jack Ferriman told the crew members to get to the gold.
chefs had put...
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USS Cyclonis went missing on 1918,March
We find USS Cyclonis near an island.
we find pictures of soilders on the ship!
me and the crew have ディナー at USS Cyclopis ディナー room!
we find a World War I Jeep on USS Cyclopis!
Me and crew found Box of ゴールド on the ship!
we were so happy!
so we ae trying fix USS Cyclopis!
次 day! we found Captain's room!
we were trying get USS Cyclonis back to a Miami!
Sep,1,2009 we were trying レポート the ロスト ship!
12:00 PM.
USS Cyclonis was starting to sink!
we fix the hole in the ship!
Sep,3,2009 9:00 PM we were taking ship to Miami port!
Sep,4,2009 we sink USS Cyclonis to bottom of the ocean!
posted by problematic124
こんにちは peeps! My main topic today has to do with Walt ディズニー and Universal Studios parks.
Okay あなた know how there's always this certain ride that has a looooooooong waiting line. But we still go on the line because Duh! The ride is awesome! So your in the line bored to death. And your with フレンズ and family (they feel your pain) and あなた want time to 移動する faster. Well I've got an idea, pick a partner from your group (preferably who can dance) and tell your group to clap there hands twice and repeat. Clap clap sorry don't know clapping sounds. And grab your partner and start dancing.
Now remember...
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Built in 1954, the majestic ocean liner Antonia Graza was the pride of the Italian Line. A vision of modern, sleek sophistication, the ship was nothing less than a work of art. Amenities provided for her passengers ensured that they would enjoy unrivaled luxury during their stay at sea; when guests were not unwinding in their spacious staterooms, they could socialize in one of the stylish lounges, enjoy sports and relaxation atop the liner’s broad decks, または take a refreshing dip in the stately swimming pool. The centerpiece of the Antonia Graza was its opulent grand ballroom, where couples...
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Many years ago, there was this mortal man named Mentor. This man mentor was not like any man. He had a gift that was very rare for other mortal man. Mentor was perfect, he was strong, he was very clever and he had a mind that no other mortal man had. Mentor had keen eye sight and he could talk to the birds and other animals. Many mortal men hated Mentor because he was very famous in his presents. They did not have the gift that Mentor had been gifted. One of the mortal men was named Nestor. Nestor was a son of a God and a King. His father ruled a very big city and Nestor was soon to a God and...
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Sep,2,1962 SS Antonia Glaza was going from New York City to London.

Sep,3,1962. SS Antonia Glaza was having party about 秒 年 of President John F. Kennedy.

Sep,4,1962 SS Antonia Glaza was going about 29 knots.

Sep,5,1962. The Crew of SS Antonia Glaza start to kill everybody on the ship, passenger Piper Johnson Escape the ship.

Sep,6,1962 Ships went searching for SS Antonia Glaza.

48 Years Later.


I was looking on Google maps! i find a ship on the map!

i say "oh my god, is that ship, i was on when i was 8 years old.

we go to the ship, we saw the ship come back to life!

i saw people having ディナー with another people!

i saw a singer 歌う Only あなた によって The Platters

i saw people getting cut in half によって metal wire!

i saw captain head been cut in half,
posted by nick_cross
The Exiled
Story setting:
Era: future
Character setting: witch and wizards, vampires, werewolves, phoenix man, humans
Setting: earth, United States
World setting: future, world war??, nations combine to make 3 empires: wizard empire, empire of man, world empire.
For centuries we lived harmoniously; we had two different worlds. Two very different worlds. Their world was lived freely and without secrecy. In our world, that’s what it was all about, secrecy. Don’t make too much noise, don’t seem so noticeable, and most important, under no circumstances, don’t ever get caught. For a while...
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This story is played after Damon got into the tomb and got the shock of his 154 年 young life.
He tried so hard to get into the tomb and when he did Katrhine wasn't there to be rescued.

"He,little brother how are you?",asked Damon drunkly to Stefan.
Stefan looked at him and shooked his head.
"Damon あなた have been drinking to much"
"No way, come and 登録する me!"
Damon 表示中 with his hands that Stefan should 登録する him.
Stefa walking towards Damon and looking concerned.
"Not the'what are あなた doing with your life'face!,
Don't be such a baby;come on, here take a bottle".
"No, thanks I'm good, but you're not",Stefan...
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Chapter One:True Tragedy,
a 年 Ago, 16-year-old Twins Peter & Marie Are Always Close As Twins Since Birth, Peter Falls In 愛 With a Beautiful Older Woman Tracy, Peter Was Deeply In 愛 With Tracy & Kept Their Relationship a Secret Until One Day, Peter Was In ホーム "Peter Can I Talk To あなた Alone?" Tracy Asks
"Sure" Peter Says They Walk Into His Room, Peter Shut His Door, "What is It?" Peter Asks, Tracy Looked Guilty, "I Don't Wanna See あなた Anymore" Tracy Says Peter Starts To Look Sad & Was About To Cry, "Why?!?" Peter Yells Sadly, Tracy Seems Real Guilty About Something She Did,...
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Aerrow IV {1878-Living}
Justin [1877-2003}
Cody J. {1912-Living}
Dark Ace {1885-Living}
Rettondini J. {1919-Living}
George {1891-1999}
Betty S. {1905-Living}
Ford J. {1860-Living}
Aerrow II {1855-1998}
Washington J. {1960-1880}
Betty W. {1820-Living}
Billy R. {1870-2007}
Suzi T. {1919-Living}
John F. {1912-Living}
Aerrow V {1918-1997}
George {1900-2007}
Max {1865-Living}
Reo War {1878-1955}
Max War {1877-Living}
Bobby {1849-Living}
George Jackie {1850-1987}
This is True 一覧 of Real Cyclonians!
Please Contact me at 500-978-664, my new number
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HMHS コンドル was going to New York.
The Ship have Gold!
The Ship was sent to New York to drop off $500,000,000 of gold!
At 5:00 AM.
Ship power starting to die out.
the ship power go out,
Piper was going to bathroom and doors were shut lock!
water came into pipers bedroom
piper was talking to Aerrow & Finn!
Finn was trying get out of his room and he died in the water,
Aerrow was holding on wheel of ship
Ship sink at 5:17 AM.
The Ship go to deep of Atlantic Ocean,
1710 years after,
A Person named James J.
he find a Ship wreck,
he go to check the wreck, he find A Air skimmer on the ocean floor,
he found aerrow clothes,
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Source: SS Andrea Glaza
"We're here Damon",Katharina looked beside her and saw that Damon had fallen a sleep.
"Damon we're here,weak up"
Damon opend his eyes and grabbed his head,"It hurts"
"That's because あなた have been drinking to much"
She stept out of the car to help him get out.
"Lets get あなた inside,where it's warm"
Damon's head fell on Katharina's shoulder,he could smell the blood flowing inside her,"You smell good,I'm hungry"
She tought that he was just joking so she said:
"You had to much wisky for one day"
Katharina opend the door and went inside,"Wow; big house あなた got here,lets put あなた on the sofa"
After putting Damon...
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Do i look like a toy to you?
'Cause every boy I get tries to play me.
Every guy I get wants to break me.

And I think that its plain to see-ee-ee
That あなた never really loved me---
And when For good it was good bye..
Not a single tear ran out of ur eye.

Tonight was the night
My worst nightmare came to life
You were right there によって my side
bringing my worst fears alive.

I cried my bloody tears,
I faced my deepest fears,
All for あなた my dear..

That night I'd toss and turn
Cuz I had just learned
That it was the end.
That its all pretend.

Stupid lies,
F-a-k-e smiles,
dumb jokes.
A lot at sake.
A huge mistake.

You brought...
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Nurse Piper was Talking to Nurse Alex.
Years later,
RMS Atlantic was named the largest Ships in history!
Nurse Kim was getting her things in her room,
Nurse Piper and Nurse Alex share a Big Room on the ship.
A German Mine hits RMS Atlantis,
Nurse Piper say"come on, Alex, the ship is sinking fast,"
Nurse Alex say"oh my god, we must get to the lifeboats,we should get kim,"
Nurse Kim was on lifeboat 6.
The Ship sink in 18 minutes!
年 1929.
Nurse Kim died at Age 39 in her sleep.
年 1971. Nurse Piper Met President Richard Nixon,
年 1991, Nurse Alex turn 100 years old.
年 2011. Nurse Piper Died at Age 120.
年 2013. RMS Atlantic Wreck was never found.
1000 years later. RMS Atlantic Wreck was found in 年 3013. the ship was raise out of the water,
The Ship was back in service.
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Source: Cyclonian Flag