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Years have passed since the fighting had occurred. The Capital has fallen. Faith in The Ancient Ones is fading. Edrain is a country lost to the monsters. Those that could escape, left to the bordering countries, taking the plague with them. And with the plague, a new rise of monsters. New abominations that would attack the people. And amongst the remains of the kingdom of Edrain, the Servants now overtake the land, and attack the few that were too stubborn to leave or had nowhere else to go. Within those years, technological advancements were made. More powerful guns were created, and even automobiles were starting to be created, but the beliefs of the old, though not as great as before, remained. But with the word of this new God appearing in the people's ears, the Ancient Ones ideas slowly began to die out, with only few loyal subjects. And the threat of a new evil had brought itself upon the world. What will you do in this new age?

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all


Crusader - Has the fighting capabilities of a soldier and the miracles of a priest. Their behavior makes them ignored by some cities, while magic users outright despise them and their poor use of priest magic

Knights - Slow, heavy, impossible to dodge. Best sword fighters and has high respect from the people

Pirates - Has quick access to travelling the seas. Capable of sword and gun combat. Always hunted by enforcers of order

Ninjas - Stealthy, good with swords and projectile weapons, highly likely to lose if outnumbered

Fighters - Refuse to use weapons of any kind. Capable of fighting and even killing with their bare fists. Highly respected by any fighter. Not respected by priests or alchemists

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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*Rosemary was prepared to shout more, ready to argue with everyone, no matter what. And yet, she lacked the energy. She felt as though there was no longer any reason to keep arguing, no reason to continue it. She could only fall into a sit, left with only her thoughts*
"Why!? Why am I always left alone!? I'm forced to see those close to me die or go missing, and yet I have to keep dealing with it?! When will this all end?! When can I finally see an end to this suffering?!"
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Judissia let out a sigh of both physical and mental exhaustion, her arms hanging at her side. She went and knelt down in front of Rose. Her placed her hand on the back of her head and pulled her into a hug. "..If you're gonna let it out kiddo...wait just a little longer. Keep yourself together, until we can get somewhere sa--" Safe..."Sheltered.." She said in search of a better word.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was silent, still, barely a breath coming from her. She just sat there, holding back tears of rage, sorrow, and confusion. She just sat there, at a loss for words, as she remained in Judissia's grasp*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Judissia had to bite back a few tears herself, hugging Rosemary a little tighter. Her jaw clenched, and she closed her eyes for a moment to bring her thoughts together. "C'mon...we've lost enough today. We need to get Tali to help while we still can.." Before they lost another one. Standing to her feet, she pulled Rosemary along with her, looking in all directions only to see the same thing: A stretch of dry colored fields. They were a [i]long[i] way from whatever they called home.

Leon and Leonardo stared down at Tali, and then looked at each other. They were both more uncertain about what they were going to do now than ever.

And whatever laid ahead for them all...they could only move forward to find out.

((Chapter End.))
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Jade, your chance is RIGHT THERE! 1年以上前
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*Enricho sat at the table, his head resting on the table, an empty jar of liquor sitting down next to him. Every night, he had been trying to find information on what was happening in Owensport, mixed with finding out where Oasis was. They said that she was dead, but he refused to believe that. There would've been a sign that she was. But it was clear that this constant stress and worrying was getting to him. He was exhausted all the time, barely able to keep himself cleaned and spending most of his time searching for facts. And it was clear to Ossiana that he was pushing himself too much. His facial hair had grown to be more unkempt, and the patch where his ear once was remained to hide the horrid scar*
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Click Click Click

Dull eyes shot open in fear, her body shuddering uncomfortably to the sound of the tedious churning of a key. Her left eye was unhealthily swollen, hues of green and purple upon the ugly bumps. The metal door not so far away was blurry, but she could clearly hear the daily profanity used by one of the guards outside, cursing as he struggled to open the door. Usually because he was using the wrong key. Her vision cleared within the small, humid room, the blurriness of a bad sleep fading from her constricted pupils. Instead, they intaked the reality of the blood-splattered walls that surrounded them along with perturbing drawings.

Wincing, the weakened body attempted to crawl underneath her bed but was stopped by the tight cuffs on her unshaven legs. She jolted back onto the stiff bed when she felt the heavy door ahead burst open, revealing the two broad-shouldered men dressed in white stomp in. Her weariness led to not be able to distinguish the faces, but she knew the taller guard was who she should be wary of ever since previous… encounters.

“Shower. Meal. Visitation.” One of the men read off from her chart brusquely. He flipped over the pages on the clipboard, raising a brow at how many scheduled lobotomies she had this month. As if the past six had no effect on her. Nevertheless, he shrugged carelessly. The patient began to tremble, tensing immediately when she felt the guards grab her arms and forced her to stand. She shrieked in discomfort hoarsely, her legs crossing to soothe the pain her entire body felt. Mercilessly, the guards dragged the frail patient out her cell after removing the binding. Her eyes adjusted to the new type of white lighting, her toes dragging against the floor of the noisy corridors. Recently she’d gotten out of solitary confinement after sixteen months, and she had learn by now how to shun out the mad yelling and crying from the rooms they passed by.

The brawny men and frail woman between them exited the patient’s block, ”Los Incurablés”.

After a couple turns and doors, the yelling shifted to running water. The corpse being dragged was tossed into the shower room after being stripped down along with an unwanted squeeze of her butt by the tall guard. The gaunt woman covered her breasts, cringing as she joined the other naked women in the large shower get sprayed with ice cold water by one of the male guards. Most of the time they weren’t given soap, and the girls were forced to tie their hair up so it wouldn’t waste more water. Access to fluffy loofahs and citrus-based shampoo was replaced by only tap water and occasional hotel soap. Natural scents replaced by chemicals and rotten cheese given for lunch at the asylum.

She barely had the chance to scrub away at her body, her movements stiff and painful. The water that lingered under her feet was more of a yellow color thanks to some other women using the shower as a bathroom. It no longer bothered her. Shivering with the other twenty mad women in the room, she awaited the guards to bring them their plain cotton dresses. The institution was too cheap to buy towels so they resorted to air drying them. She could tell it must’ve been morning because of the frigid cold sunrise usually gave, but she never knew if she was right because of the lack of windows everywhere.

As her bruising eyes looked around the room of naked women, they came in contact with a pair of familiar ones; a woman in her thirties of skin tone much more darker than hers. She had plump, but chapped lips along with dirty dreads with two strands hung loosely despite effort of tying her hair.

“Tsura…” The trembling woman whispered hoarsely, relieved to see someone she knew. She let her breasts hang freely, removing her hands to balance her way around others. And risking another chance of solitary confinement, the emaciated patient wrapped her pale arms around her friend’s bare back.

“N-Ni vizuri kukuona…” The short, obsidian-skinned sighed softly. Both their hands grazed at each others back, their fingertips touching the swollen bruises from the doctors.

“M-Mwana wangu an-anatembelea...” The hoarse voice replied after a long moment of silence. What she said should’ve been joined with a smile… But she couldn’t. To help, Tsura’s thumb pushed the woman’s lips in attempt to create a very crooked, ugly smile.

“Unapaswa kuwa na furaha kuwa bado anajali.” Tsura patted her pale, scarred cheeks. The tired women in front of her was about to rest her throbbing head on the crook of Tsura’s neck, but before they were able to make any other contact, the firehose ahead sprayed mercilessly between them – a little too close to their faces. Both women collapsed onto their knees, groaning in pain. The pressure was strong enough to reopen some of their wounds. The surrounding naked women varied with their reactions, some laughing and others crying. Some even asked to be shot at as well.

 [b][i]Click Click Click[/i][/b] Dull eyes shot open in fear, her body shuddering uncomfortably to
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Owensport, known as the country of power, and landscape for the greedy. Many roamed the streets, shops running off the thieving children, wagons of materials being transported back and forth every few minutes to deliver the goods that they possessed.
She remembered the words vaguely from when Oasis had explained to her what Owensport was like to her in a letter that she had written her almost three years ago now...

Ossiana reached into her pocket and pulled out that very letter for the ninth time today, quickly unfolding and reading over it once again. She sniffled hard, her long ears lowered as she read every single letter, and even read the words backwards as if it would help her decipher something. As if it would reveal to her where her daughter was. For an entire year in a half of the three years that had passed, she had done so every day, hoping that something would change with the results.
...But they hadn't.

She moved sluggishly through the kitchen, her eyes a bit red, and her stinger dragging on the floor behind her. Her body had finally reverted her back two years and a few months ago, though her autumn ginger hair remained. She felt tired, as she had been for the passed couple of months due to an ailment that had come over her, as well as the state of depression that lingered over her shoulders, making each step that she took feel as though she were wearing weights strapped to her ankles and legs.

She cringed some as the sound of Oriocho's cry came from the room that she slept in, and she let out a long, tedious sigh, sniffling again. She left the kitchen, not saying a word as she headed towards the stairs to retrieve the child.


"Are you sure that this is something that you yourself are comfortable with going through with this? I've heard that the human facilities are quite..filthy, inmoremannersthanasingleone."

"Yes, yes, Gildrit, I am quite sure of it. For it is but another task that was given to me as a priority from the Pandora. As of your perspective on filth, I believe that I have been around too much of it for quite some time. Just look at where we are." A soothing chuckle drifted from pale purple but smooth and soft plump lips, lightly fatigued orange-yellow infused eyes trailing across the variations of the splattered paints across the desks and floors that ranged from yellows, purples, greens, oranges and reds. The crayon and marker that marked the desks around the room.
Her perfect tone of white hair--which she had been asked numerous times by others if it had been dyed that color in which she responded every time with a smile and a simple "No"--was tied up in a messy yet somehow neat bun. Her skin was a pale but smooth shade of grey, the imprint of the thickness of her upper thighs able to be see vaguely from under the paint splashed apron. On the left side of her face was a tattoo that resembled leaves sprouting from a vine and it stopped at her neck.
Yet, as she looked around at the dishevelment of the classroom that she stood in, a warm smile came across her face. "However, I will have to tend to this mild mess before I depart of course. The children have made quite the canvas of the room."

"You almost seem to be rather pleased by that fact, Madam." The link that she had called Gildrit spoke once again, his light brown hair hand brushed over to the right, his goggle-glasses reflecting the white lights within the ceiling slightly, enough to hide his eyes. His short, oddly trimmed beard matched the color of his hair, and he was dressed in black rubber forearm length gloves and boots that, much like the apron that he wore, was protective against chemicals and bore a few special properties. Under the apron was a dusty tan coat tat reached his knees, the lime green pants that he wore tucked inside his boots visible.

The woman looked over at him this time when she spoke. "I would be speaking a fable if I told you that I wasn't in even the slightest. I enjoy watching them create their art out of the biggest of messes. And they are children, after all. I expect to have cleaning to do after they've gone home, especially when there are multiple of them that wield the ability to use magic. Without a mess to tend to, would I truly have been doing my job correctly?"

"Ah, a valid point." Gildrit chuckled, adjusting his goggle-glasses.

"How are the documents and agendas on our approaching date of open house for our Alchemy classes coming along?" She asked while letting her hair down from the bun that it was in.

"Excellent. I believe that I only have a fewmorestandards to look over and complete before evaluation and conclusions. But in all, Idobelieve that the older children will take a interest in such studies. The supply room has just recently been occupied completely with the ingredients that we were stocking from the previous year."

"Marvelous! Does that imply that our set date will be as available as we hoped then?"


The woman smiled at this. "Perfect. Once I am done with taking care of this, I will return to the orphanage. I left the children's afternoon meal within the deck ovens so they could stay warm until they got to them. Please ensure that they do get those. And Melanie hasn't been eating her vegetables, so be sure to inform Victoria of that."

"Madam...are you sure that you wouldn't like me to accompany on your trip? Asyourhumbleassistant and minor adivsor, I would gladly do so." Gildrit stated.

"It is quite alright Gil. I am believe that I am as ready as I will be today. We've been postponing this for the last week after scheduling our visit, and aside from that, you have much to do as it is with filing and documenting." The woman assured. "I will return in due time."

Though a bit disgruntled at the given answer, he nodded firmly. "As you wish, Madam Y'iel. I will ensure that everything is take care of."

The woman nodded as well. "Thank you, Gildrit. Your assistance is greatly appreciated as always."

(Madam Y'iel)
 Owensport, known as the country of power, and landscape for the greedy. Many roamed the streets, ショップ
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Yes, yes it does xD I'm glad the thought of 魚 stuck with you. 1年以上前
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"Samahani, siipaswi kuwakumbusha kwa umma..." Tsura whispered on the ground besides the woman that struggled to get up, heaving from the impact. But both of their hairs being tugged by a single guard to stand was enough to forget what was happening. He pushed Tsura to one side and the dull green-eyed to the other, warning her to keep her hands to herself before carelessly shoving the cotton dresses into their arms. The injured women accidentally dropped hers and groaned as she saw it get wet. They weren't going to get her a new one. Instead, she sucked it up and slowly bent down, her back trembling as she reached for her dress and shook the water off it. Shivering, she slid it on her emaciated body, yet without a gag at the mysterious substances covering it.

The women in the shower room were taken outside, some with restrictive cuffs and others with muzzles. They stood in a single file line, waiting for their hair to be brushed without any effort for less than ten seconds. The woman had lost Tsura in the line, cringing as the thin bristles tugged at her short curls which were not suitable at all for her hair that seemed... dead. The line continued down to hall, from being sprayed some sort of freshener to being shoved a mint into your mouth. This special treatment was only for visitation days, which was very rare. As the line progressed, she was able to encounter herself with Tsura again. Before exiting the doors to the entrance of the real asylum, her pinkie interlocked with hers. She shivered, nervous about outside. Not outside outside, but outside. Only to the reception... or rather, behind a bulletproof glass behind the reception.

Once exiting the doors, they took a big inhale of what they thought was fresh air. Occasional freshness from the wind of whoever entered the main entrance. They waited against a wall as usual for her name to be called, indicating their visitor was here.

"Maite Martinez. Seat 4."

"Lauren Bashi. Seat 8"

"Nekya Burrow. Seat 2."

"Erika Lancharaw. Seat 10."

The woman jolted with each name called, the remaining of her ears slightly perking. A few seconds of waiting turned into minutes and even hours. She watched the entire line cut ahead, her longing eyes watching families converse with one another. The pinkie she had interlocked with Tsura tightened when she saw a seat become empty, staring at the guard in hope.

".....Heel-ga? Marie Qua--"

"H-Helga Mourey Q-Quartz..." The woman said just above a whisper, luckily not being heard or else she would've gotten slapped.

"Seat 6." He raised a brow at her. "Been a while." He shrugged and continued calling names.

Tsura followed Helga anxiously, the chosen woman hurrying her pace until she was yelled at to slow down. Arriving to seat six, she immediately took a seat while Tsura stood idly besides her. Her heart raced, her quivering hands raising to put aside the mini curtains and make way for her visitor through the glass.

It was him...

Helga's eyes immediately soften, her left swollen one lightly throbbing. Her heart sunk, but she wasted no time in sliding her hands through the tight hole at the bottom of the glass, waiting for the man in front of her to interlock his with hers.

"Hey mama..." A deep, with slight-emotion voice spoke from the other side of the glass. His piercing blue eyes wavered as it stared at the broken green ones across from him. It was no other than Wiezen Jr. He shivered invisibly at the cold touch of his mother's hands, tightening her grip. Staring at her, he could see how much she had changed. Aged. More obvious wrinkles now. More grey hairs. More... more of nothing like her. Broken. Lifeless. His fingers curled into his mother's, lowering his ears slightly.

Helga just... stared. Stared at the boy she raised into a man. As the same grumpy toddler who would never deny dessert. The only one who was conscious about his decisions. The quiet boy in the corner of the class, but with a mind that excels anyone's in it. The boy whose first ever toy was a stuffed squirrel. The little boy who preferred vegetables over fruits. Who enjoyed approximately 47 sprinkles on his ice cream. The man now that is her only contact. Last time he had visited was almost six months. But she didn't care. All that mattered was that he was here. "H-H-How a-are y...ou....?"

Ears twitching, Wiezen Jr. attempted a smile. "That doesn't matt--"

"How is... e-everyone....?"

"Everyone is well." He nodded.

Helga desired to know more. "W-Well? H-H-How is L-Lia with volleyball? Two with her m-magic? Elijah with h-his r-reading? Is Oswald s-still getting in t-trouble?" Her grip tightened on Jr. through the glass. "...H-How is your f-father? Has he cooked f-for y-you all r-recently?" Tears became visible within the woman's eyes, and the reeking smell on her side wasn't helping either.

Jr. gulped, but kept a serious expression. He responded with hesitation at first. "All is... well." He repeated. "Lia has improved on her spiking. Two, he's-- I mean she's the best one out of all of us. Elijah's improved in his book choices. Oswald can never seem to stay out of trouble." He attempted to laugh, but it was only a dry exhale of his nose. "And... and father made us your famous Quartz stew." He lied through his teeth. Zealia had left the volleyball team. He had no idea who Two was. And he had no idea where dad was.

At this, Helga's crusted ears perked. "H-H-He did?" Her eyes lowered some, a tear falling onto the table in front of her. She tried smiling through swollen cheeks. "I-I-I'm so... relieved...."

"I told you everything was going to be alright..."

"...W-W-Why don't they... c-come visit... me?" She asked sadly.

"Oh mother, you have no idea how busy all of us are. They would love to do nothing more but to come. I'm happy to tell them any message you wish."

"Y-You already know my answer.... That I love them... So much..." Her trembling lips frowned some. "...I-I'm going to get better. S-Soon. Just a few more years and surgeries.... I'll be able to get better. No more of a weird mother... They'll cure whatever I have..." Her frown deepened. "I m-miss you a-all... so mu-much....

"Your doing enough as it is, mama." Jr. told her. "We're doing amazing. Zealia can't wait to teach you a few skills she's acquired from her daily flights across fields. Elijah has a list of books for you to read. Oswald can't wait to cook with you again. Two's happy too. And papa is excited for your return.... whenever that is..."

"Six-sixteen years, s-seven months, and fifteen days – they estimated." Helga sighed softly. "...D-D-Did thee make sure he got my smoothie recipe? Can't imagine him living without it a-and he has to remember to a-add only one teaspoon of---"

"Yes, mother. He knows."

"Su-Suprise him with a Sunset Special for m-me..." Her stomach growled. They usually fed rotten meat in the institution, so being a vegetarian didn't really work out for her.

Wiezen Jr. nodded. "Are you sure you're okay, mom?"

The tired mother nodded. "I-I am now." She smiled... barely. "Knowing you g-guys are okay...." She sighed softly. "I have Tsura to keep me company." Helga stated, looking up at the standing mocha-skinned woman besides her. She rested her head against her hip and sighed again. "I-I was tr-truly lucky to f-find h-her...." She told him.

Jr. blinked, staring at the nothingness besides her mother. Who? There was nobody besides Helga. His eyes closed for a moment before he sighed in disappointment, removing his hands finally from hers. "Keep... Keep taking your medication mom..." He reminded her.

"I-I will, my l-love." Her palms closed into fists to keep the warmth she felt momentarily with her son. "I love you." She cried as she watched him stand up. And though her time was up, she remained seated quietly.
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*As Ossiana was making her way up the stairs, finding it somewhat difficult to do so, she felt a gentle hand place itself on her shoulder. Enricho, still tired and exhausted, could see the depression in Ossiana, and he spoke to her* Oss, I believe it was my turn today to care for Orio. You just go and rest, okay dear? *Through his tired eyes and the exhaustion in his face, he did his best to smile to Ossiana, doing what he could to cheer her up. He patted her shoulder, before making his way towards the stairs ahead of them*

*Rosemary remained sat under a tree, looking up at the sky, the gray clouds slowly covering the blue sky. Rosemary was dead quiet, not speaking a word. She had gone silent for a long time, ignoring everyone, even Judissia. She listened, but she never responded*
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It had taken Madam Y'iel only an hour and a half to clean up the mess of the classroom, and that was without using any of her abilities. She scrubbed the walls and the desks fiercely the moment she started, preferring to do things without the use of anything extra. She had made sure to ask Gildrit to retrieve a pair of disposable gloves before she started. It was only after she was finished with everything for the classroom that she finally went home to spruce herself up and ensure that she was fully awake.

With her, she carried a small journal that she jotted down in daily, something that she kept near her at all times and if not that, locked up somewhere where she was certain that it was at its most secure. By the time she was on her way to her destination, her hair draped down her back and just passed her waist, some of the strands curling together in partial twists. She no longer wore her long sleeved dress shirt and her just passed the knee skirt either: her professional environment clothing. Instead, she was wore a large black Sunday whose underside was a salmon pink, which was paired with a long sleeved leather-cotton shirt that revealed only sections of her waist and stomach, the rest being covered by a design of bronze that matched larger sleeves at her shoulders and the ones that curved over her hips. Her fitting leggings trailed down into her grey and black boots.
The entire attire was something that she herself had brought into creation in the time she spent indulging in her hobby of fashion and design.

Her ears perked as the sun met her skin and brought a radiance to it that almost made it seem as if she were vaguely glowing under its light. And now that she was finally set, she went on her way with knowing thoughts lingering to the front of her mind.


O-Orio? “You mean..Oa....sis..” Ossiana’s brows had furrowed some when Enricho had mentioned the name of their child, and for a moment, she had to really think about it. In fact, she had forgotten what she had been about to do completely, and only remembered when Enricho had patted her shoulder. Her ears lowered further as she watched him continue up the stairs, and slowly, she sat down on the step with a confused expression, her mind feeling as if it were fogged.”
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*Enricho turned to Ossiana at the mention of Oasis name. He opened his mouth, as if ready to say something, but no words came. He only fell silent before he went up the stairs to check on Orio*
*Then, as he was heading upstairs, there was a knock at the front door, followed by a voice, that of a young male*
Hello? I know you're home!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Ossiana’s eyes slowly drifted to the door, and she waited for a few minutes before she stood up sluggishly. As she passed by the living room chairs, her hand reached out and grabbed her ax, the blade of it being drug across the floor and scarring it deeply. She approached the door sniffling, the thought that she was no longer human slipping her mind once more as she grabbed the knob and accidentally bent it while pulling at the door for it to open.
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*As she opened the door, she was greeted with the familiar sight. His faint blue eyes, his friendly smile, and all of it held something that was very much disturbed. Lando looked at Ossiana and smiled before speaking again* Long time no see. Jeez, you sure have seen better days. You were a lot more fair when I first saw you, but now.... Sheesh. You've been getting enough sleep, right?
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"You. Managed to find someone to pick up your teeth for you after the last time." Ossiana stared at Lando for a long moment, not saying another word at first. And when it looked as if she were about to say something, she took a step back and slammed the door without much of a need to think about it. She turned away from the door and drug her feet as she started to walk back towards the kitchen, her shoulders in a slump.
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*Lando placed his finger on his chin in thought* If I remember correctly, your husband was the one who lost the duel- *He was surprised that she had slammed the door in his face. Anyone else who knew him would've pointed a weapon at him, before he knocked on the door again* Come on, Scorpion Tail. I'm not here to fight. I have a message for you and Enricho. I think you might want to hear it
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Helga felt the warmth of her palms drift into the nothingness, her eyes staring at her son leave the institution after he had filled out a few papers at reception. She raised them and inhaled his scent deeply, her ears lowering slowly. Two years she had gone without seeing no one else but Jr. Absolutely no contact with her family. The aging in her face and hair wasn't only due to the lack of sex passing the limit, but also the lack of comfort and love. She let the remaining tepidness of her hands vanish into her cold cheeks. Lifting her dull eyes, she saw that Tsura had left her as usual. Perhaps to get an extra jello without hair this time. The frail woman cautiously stood from the stiff chair, groaning while her hand instinctively went to her lower abdominals, crossing her legs to soothe the burning pain that came between them.
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*Oswald sat on the La Luna, his hands held tightly together, his expression dime, but his mind was racing with thoughts on the next destination for his ship. The La Luna was, for the time being, docked at a rather shady harbor, and he sat there, as if waiting patiently for something*
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Ossiana came to a stop for a moment, her head turning only slightly to look at the door. "Someone like you has nothing for us but the aggravation that you bring. Leave us be and get away from our home before I hurt you, boy." She hissed.


There was a shimmering light about a mile off from the facility that they held Helga in, and Y'iel stood where it had been, pinching off sprinkles of dust that had gotten onto the shoulders of her clothing. While doing so, she had a magazine with her that was dated to just three years back. She loved to read through the older ones, especially the ones that dealt with fashion and models, for they sparked her imagination sometimes. That, and well, she enjoyed them. And reading back to the older ones gave her a time to compare the newer additions to.
Something else that she had with her was a small basket the size of a purse in which its opening was covered by a soft orange cover. She believed that whenever there were occasions that she was...guided towards, it was always nice to bring a extra gift for whomever out of the kindness of her heart.

She inhaled through her nostrils, taking in the fresh scent of the nature around her, a smile coming to her face while she exhaled. While she was on her way to town, a few wagons slowed to ask her if she needed a ride, some of them insisting that such a beautiful woman like herself shouldn't be walking at all. Which flattered her of course, but all of them received the same answer.
She never had an issue with walking, nor did she think that possible beauty would ever put her above another. But even with walking, it didn't take long for that mile gap o close between her and her destination, and when she got there, she stopped outside, staring up at the facility for a moment. At the sight of it, her nose wrinkled some. And though a bit of uncertainty came to her, she still did not hesitate to march right through the door.
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
Immediately upon entering, the scent of nature shifted drastically to the smell of death – the stench of something rotting. Puddles of water were here and there in the white tiles thanks to the leaks that were never fixed from the ceiling. No one greeted Y'iel, not even the guards standing by the door, for it was too noisy to even pay attention to what was happening at their surroundings. Distant cries and shrieks were almost muted by the glass wall, but still audible. There weren't even many people in line, yet the whole facility seemed loud. Eerie ringing that had the person confused as to where it was coming from. The movement of everyone was very slow, from walking to coughing.

A lady with blonde hair sat behind the reception desk, sucking on what appeared to be a lollipop as she stamped multiple patient's folders with bold: UNKNOWN DEATH. She held a solemn, emotionless expression at some of the dark pictures that showed up every time she flipped the pages. Approaching her, basic elevator-like music played.
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Y'iel's ears twitched some at the sound of an uncanny ringing the moment that she walked in, though once she heard it for long enough it became more of an annoyance. Her nose wrinkled lightly on the left side when the stench of the place entered her nostrils. However, she managed to ignore it once she kept reminding herself that she had unfortunately smelt worse.
The white tiles to her seemed soiled and lifeless for the basis of their color. Or at least to her, they did. The rest of the noise that went on around her didn't bother her for the most. She was around children everyday, most of which were capable of making sounds loud enough to make the facility noises seem like a lullaby.
But the shrieks and cries were something that caught her attention, and her ears lowered. They were a little more audible in her sense of hearing,

Approaching the reception desk, she shook her foot after stepping in one of the puddles that she hadn't seen beforehand. Her attention turned to the blonde haired woman and watched as she stamped the folders with the bold words. There was a three second silence, or rather the remaining seconds of what it took to register all of what she had been witnessed already thus far, before Y'iel actually spoke.
"Um, excuse me. I'm here for visitation by the name of Helga Mourey Qyartz. Could you please show me where I need to go in order to see her?"
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
The lady held a finger up in the air to hush her for a moment while she finished stamping the 60th folder. She tossed them all in a bin before tugging the lollipop out of her lips with a sharp pop, the soft brown in her eyes finally going to Y'iel's. She looked her up and down, as if scanning what authority she had compared to the other visitors. Sucking on the lollipop again, she rolled her chair to reach another drawer labeled "Los Incurables", and pulled out a little over a dozen new folders. She flipped through them until finding the correct name, rolling her chair back to its original place so that she could face Y'iel again. Opening the folder, the first noticeable thing was a black and white portrait of the patient at first arrival. Then more photographs of Helga Quartz before and after trails and tests – disturbing pictures of body dislocation and rotting eyes.

The secretary licked her thumb and flipped over to the last page of the folder, her eyes reading the very small list of allowed visitors. Only one person was signed up, and it was no other than Wiezen Jr. Quartz. No written data about any other family members, just him.

"You ain't in the list, sweet-cheeks." She said, pushing her lollipop to the side of her mouth for a moment. "Are you relative or owner of this patient?"
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Lando gave a clear chuckle before he spoke again* Come now, I feel as though this may be important. It's about Owensport.... and maybe, something about your daughter. I'm not asking for a fight. I'll even leave my weapons outside if that helps ease your mind. But I refuse to leave until we have a talk

*Oswald looked out over the pier of the ship, giving a sigh as he thought to himself* What is taking Jr. so long to return?
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
A heavy paper bag appeared in the blink of an eye in front of Oswald with his name imprinted on it. Within it, were all the herbs and difficult ingredients to attain he had requested from his brother not so long ago.

"I got what you wanted." An apathetic voice was heard telepathically in Oswald's mind, which was no other than his brother. Then a swoosh was heard, and Wiezen Jr. was sitting on the very top of one of the ship's foremast.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Oswald watched as the bag fell in front of him, already grinning at the sight before he gave a nod* Good work, Jr. This stuff should work nicely. This should be everything we need to make the smoke bombs. So what have you been up to

*The group, consisting of Flynn, The Nithloraul, Ophelia, Reinard, and Kristoff, were making their move towards their next destination, in hopes of tracking down the fifth Servant, while in the hopes of killing another Terpitude*
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xD no! no one else knows about mom except lil wiezy jr. 1年以上前
-Universe_COLA- commented…
And plus, Sigmano isn't even with them anymore yet 1年以上前
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Just あなた watch! It will happen! 1年以上前
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"No, as a matter of fact I am not an owner of any sort. Perhaps more relative, depending on the perspective that your using for it." Y'iel answered. "However, I do believe that you have made a small error. I am very well much on the list that you speak of. Perhaps more so in the reserved folders than in your regular visitation log sheet. I have an acquaintance here who should be able to verify that for you if you wouldn't mind.


Ossiana was already in the motion of turning around until she was brought to a stop again when Lando spoke, causing her to grit her teeth some. But his words brought around her full attention when her daughter was mentioned. She hadn't heard anything about Oasis, not even from her daughter's team nor the succubus that had come to their home as one of her acquaintances.
"You would be wise not to include my daughter in any of your...whatever the hell it is that you're doing."
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Lando gave a chuckle, knowing that he had gained her attention, at least for a moment, before he spoke again* I wouldn't dream of it. My business is with Enricho and no one else. And that is why I wish to speak with you two on the matter. You may hate me now, you'll probably continue to hate me even after out meeting, but you should know that if it means keeping anyone else from killing Enricho, you'll want to hear what I have to say
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Ossiana stood still in silence, staring at the door in thought. Unconsciously she reached her hand into her pocket, rubbing one of the earliest letters from Oasis between her fingers to calm her nerves. The corner of her right eye twitched in annoyance, her foot beginning to tap. "Then anything you have to say to me you can speak it through the door."
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
"Listen lady, I don't care who you are or where you may or may not be in these folders. If you're not in the visitation list of the patient, you're not coming in." The woman behind the reception replied with a careless shrug. "Buuuuuuuutttt, I mean..." She slid over an empty envelope on the table to Y'iel. "If you're willing to give a small donation to aid the ill here, I may be able to seek your rEsErVeD FoLdErS." She quoted sarcastically with an itching smirk. "Might be able to find a time for you to see her before her next lobotomy." The lady said, reading off of Helga's schedule.

* * *

"None of your business." Wiezen Jr. answered nonchalantly, cold as usual. He appeared behind Oswald without any magic dust remaining. "Pay up." He ordered, his hand extended for the bits his brother owed him for the herbs.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Lando gave a sigh before he shook his head, but then followed up with it* Well, can you bring your husband here? He needs to hear this too
*Just as they were speaking, Enricho came back down, his hands were placed in his pockets, and responded *Who's there, Oss?
*Though it couldn't be seen, there was clearly a snide joy in Lando's tone as he spoke* Oh, hey, Enricho. How's the ear?
*Enricho's expression shifted from exhaustion to one of annoyance. No anger, no worry, just annoyance as he responded* What do you want, Lando?

*Oswald turned his head to be greeted by the sight of Jr.'s empty palm, giving a joking sigh as he reached into his pocket, tossing a bag of coins into his hand* I swear, Jr. You're as stern as ever.
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1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
Jr. emptied the bag of coins onto his palm and counted each one, making sure they were real. Putting them back inside, he slid the bag into his pocket and raised a single brow. "I told you to stop calling me Jr." He reminded him for what seemed the 100th time. "You don't want stern? Go stick your head up Zealia's ass and bother her then."
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Oswald gave a sigh as a thought came to his mind* I see why you were named Wiezen Jr.. You sure didn't inherit any of mom's personality *He leaned back in his chair before he turned his head to him* Speaking of which, where is Zealia. And Elijah and Layla and Franziska? I know I allowed them to explore the town, but it's starting to get late.

*Franziska was out with Layla, taking enjoyment in their trip around the town, buying the necessary ingredients for tonight's dinner* Look at me, already a cook on Oswald's ship. I never thought the baby I saved would become the captain of the ship I worked on. He sure has grown up from the flirtatious young man he once was. It's like he has a different aura about him, don't you think, Layla?
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stop trying to set them up xD 1年以上前
Windwakerguy430 commented…
No. I'll set them up because it's the only mother-daughter relationship that still exists XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Y'iel stared at the woman behind the desk, squinting slightly. "A small donation? Well yes, I suppose that would be possible if it weren't for the fact that it would be in the greedy clutches of your hands." She said suddenly without even the smallest thought of filtering herself. She tipped her head to the side. "You expect me to believe that someone sitting behind the desk of a place like this pushing papers wants anything for a donation? Well I would definitely be aiding the ill, because you are most certainly one of them. However. since this is a matter of importance," The woman pulled off her hat by pinching it between her index and middle finger and held it upside down. She dug down into the sunhat and began to pull until a ten pound bag of gold emerged and she dropped in onto the counter carelessly.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I believe those papers read "The Incurables"." She said, already walking around the counter without any further questions for the woman. But oddly enough with the first corner that she turned around, she was gone completely, being nowhere to be seen.


"He claims that he knows something of Oasis's whereabouts." Ossiana scoffed. "It sounds more to me like a lie through the teeth of another shameless failure. You should have let him die in that desert from the beginning." She said, casting a light glare at Enricho.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Lando gave a chuckle as he spoke* Marital problems, I take it? I'm not marriage expert, but I think if you two just talk about your problems-
Get to the point, Lando *Enricho spoke, already reaching his limit of patience*
*Lando let out a sigh* Harsh as always. But alright. Now, I never claimed to know where her whereabouts are, but I know one thing for sure. She is more than likely alive. No remains were found by the Crusaders, no trace of her death found by that old coot priest in Owensport, and yet, she hasn't turned up in Owensport. Now, call it a theory, but why would Owensport let their captain go into that country alone. There was no soldiers found in that country except her platoon. I'm not saying that our "high and mighty king" Lord Wein just let her die, but I won't rule that possibility out either. That being said, I want to help you search for her. After all, I think you two owe me one. Sure, I took your ear, Enricho, but it was necessary to ensure that you are dead in the country of Owensport. As long as you stay out of sight, no one will come for you or your family and no one will kill me for lying to the "king". Now, I just hope you were all able to wrap your heads around all that. Knowing you, Enricho, it was probably a lot to take in
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
"Aww, it's really appreciated, ma'am!" The secretary answered jokingly and she took the bag of coins and slipped it into her own purse. She lifted her right shoulder and clicked on the red button of the walkie-talkie attached to her white blouse. "Bring in inmate 609 from Block D for visitation." She chuckled some before popping her lollipop back in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Helga was currently in cuffs being escorted back into her room until the guards besides her received the message. The woman recognized her number through the radio, her ears lowering slightly and her pupils contricting.

"M-Must be a m-mistake, I-I already had my visi--" Helga was cut off by one of the men shushing her with a simple raise of his hand. Obeying orders, they turned the other way and dragged Helga with them. The woman shuddered in confusion and fear. She wasn't aware of what was happening, and feared that this was just another trick only for them to drag her back into solitary confinement.

"W-Wait no, p-please, I--I don't w-w-want to be al-alone again, I-I've learned my less--" She was hushed again with a tug of her aging, flattened curls. To her surprise and utter uncertainty, she found herself back in the exit of the main entrance from the actual Asylum again, where the visitation part happened. The men waited with her until there was an empty seat, and forced her to sit down.

* * *

"I see you didn't inherit any of our parents' characteristics." Wiezen Jr. said pettily yet emotionlessly about Oswald being adopted. "You shouldn't be concerned about their business either."

* * *

Layla blinked, a small hue of red hitting her cheeks. "Mooooooom..." She whined, her bushy brows furrowing some. "I already told you I don't like him." She said, already accusing Franziska of her attempt. "You just like him because he's the only one that likes your apple pie." She muttered, kicking a rock. She was still mad at Zealia rejecting her offer to join them on their small trip, saying it was best if she left it at a "mother and daughter" day.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Franziska turned to Layla, a grin appearing on her face* I never asked if you liked him *She giggled before replying* And last I checked, you loved my famous apple pie just as much as he did. It's nice that someone has some taste on the ship

*Oswald gave a sigh* You really had to go that low, huh? *He stood up from his chair before continuing* And it has to be my business. Anything could happen to them. It's only natural to worry about them
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
As Y'iel walked the hallways of the facility, there should have been an expression of no longer wanting to be there on her face, as it usually would have been with anyone who entered such a place. And though the filthiness of the place was something that she was concerned with, she continued towards the section of the facility meant for visitation, taking heed of the signs that were either crooked, missing letters that had peeled off, and some in which she had to improvise completely and take a chance with.

But if there was one thing for certain, everywhere that she was seen in the facility while going for her visit, eyes followed after her, for she held a light that radiated from her. The moment she entered into the place where she would be doing the visitation, her eyes wandered around the room, and every time they were about to land on Helga they seemed to move around her. That is, until they pierced into the dulled green of what seemed like the only person there that was having a visitation. Or at least for the moment. The outline of her irises glowed visibly with autumn and gold, but it couldn't be told ifit were to be from the light, or the actual glow of her eyes.


"All of that just for you to claim that you would like to help us find our daughter, who you assume is still alive after entering one of the most notorious countries known for some of the most vile creatures. Which is based off of an assumption because of the fact that no traces were found. In a place where everything eats everything." Ossiana said bitterly. "What would helping find our daughter do for you? If anything, I am starting to become more and more fond of the thought of killing you right about now."
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
Helga didn't have the energy to react, for she was too tired and drained with the day yet to be started. But she knew surgeries were going to book her entire day after this. All she wanted was to rest and eat. Rest somewhere that wasn't a rock-hard piece of metal. Eat something that wasn't spoiled or had visible mold and hair. But knowing that her family were okay and together allowed her to keep the little sanity she had left.

Throughout the years, Helga's vision and other senses had worsened through aging. It took her a minute to even see someone in front of her. She expected Jr. with some more news, but when she saw it was a woman, her ears lowered some. "O-O-Oh... s-sorry m-ma'am, th-this is a mistake." She said with her throaty voice. She winced as she stood up again, her body going through an unwanted spasm of lingering pain. The witch figured they had misplaced her, but before she could walk away, the same guard shoved her back down on her seat. On impact, the witch shrieked at the excruciating pain between her thighs. She couldn't even cuss or yell out anything. Her cuffed hands attempted to hug her waist, her eyes lifting weakly again to interlock with Y'iel's. "I-I-I think they accidentally mixed up the v-visitation th-thingy... Y-Y-you can ask the reception l-lady for help..." She said just above a whisper, her fingers without nails lightly tapping themselves awkwardly. She looked around for Tsura, but she wasn't there.

"Uh... It's literally only us three in the ship." Layla reminded her mother. "Not a very good ratio to compare your apple pie. Even though... It's pretty good..." She muttered quietly.


Jr. Shrugged. "Let them be gone like our parents are." He replied. "But if you're that curious, Zealia's probably at mom's boutique. She took over that place. And finally moved away from here."
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Y'iel was silent as she watched the woman be shoved back down into the chair that she tried to stand from, her eyes narrowing to the guards before going back to the woman. To Helga. Her eyes softened some when she spoke. "I do not believe that there was any such accident, nor do I see it as anywhere near necessary to speak to that woman sitting at the front desk. You are Helga Quartz, yes? There is no mistake. Just a belated meeting that has been due for a while now." She said, placing the basket that she had brought with her onto the table until her eyes went to the guards.
"I would like some privacy with Mrs. Quartz, also that these filthy imprisoning chains be removed from her for the occasion. This is not a prison, now is it?" She gave them a warm smiled after her request.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Lando gave a sigh as he continued* Why in the hell would anyone want to go in that country, or stay in it. Listen, I'm not saying she's still there, but don't either of you find it odd that no body was found. Edrain isn't a country of predators that kill for food. Their horrid demons. They kill because they want to kill. I thought two regulars of that country would at least know that. You two really have been living a good life for too long. You forgot the most basic thing. And, as for why I want to help?..... I have my reasons. Let's leave it at that. But I know that no one else is offering to help you two, right? Not even old friends have come to your aid. I have connections that can be of some assistance. Don't act like you at least want an answer. It would at least be better to know right away she was dead rather than her be missing all together.

Right? *Franziska chuckled* And it's not always us three. There's Zealia and Elijah and Junior at times. A ship is no ship without a crew, after all
*As they turned the corner, they were both unaware of the young girl that passed right behind them, not noticing the two. The girl that carried a sword with her and an expression of hate and anger*

*Oswald gave a shake of his head* You'd think she'd at least stay on the ship for longer to help us out. But whatever, I never said I'd force anyone to stick around
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
"Y-Y-Yes, that's me, I-I think..." Helga mumbled quietly.

The guards looked at one another, then at the woman. They seemed to lack... Emotion. Pity. They lacked any empathy possible.

"The inmates' record shows aggressive behavior. We can't risk a woman like you falling victim to her brute." One of them commented. "Also no liquids, sharp objects, or food allowed as gifts." They reminded her before leaving to complete at least one request from her."

Helga's fingers went back to tapping each other, her eyes avoiding the woman's. She sat there awkwardly, the heavy silence weighing her down.


"Crew? But mom we're not--" Layla blinked as she watched the little girl run besides them. "--huh? Should we be concerned? Why is someone letting a child run around with THAT?"


"You're just sad that you're alone." Jr. Commented truthfully.
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Jade, あなた do know who that is, right XD 1年以上前
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Nah man I'm smacked so u gotta give me some help 1年以上前
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I'll スマック あなた in a good 秒 XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Franziska chuckled as she waved her hand to dismiss Layla's words* Oh, just ignore it. At this point, anything is possible in this country, dear.

*Oswald gave a sigh as he leaned his arms on the beams of the ship* It's a fact that humans cannot live by themselves. Guess I'm living proof of that. I just thought I'd at least have someone with me to help find my sister. But I can't just pull the others out of their usual lives to help me out
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Y'iel watched as the guards let them be and went off on their way, and she waited until she no longer saw them before her attention averted back to Helga. Her eyes searched over her features, and she suddenly pulled out the magazine that she had brought with her. She flipped through it quickly and looked back forth between some of the pages and Helga before pulling out a note that had been left there.

She closed the magazine after muttering something to herself, and at the snap of her fingers, one of the cuffs on Helga snapped open. "Here," She pushed the basket across the table and towards her. "I brought along a few choice items that you liked," She paused at her own words in thought, and altered her words some. "That I was informed that you have a liking for, that is. A few varieties of chocolates, some in which I took upon myself to gather from the further ends places for the occasion. I also retrieved some cookies from sources that I am more than sure you would love."

A warm smile came to her face. "But where are my manners," Her hand outstretched out to Helga. "I am Madam Y'iel, or, by word of my students, "Ms. Teacher"," She chuckled some. "And more importantly...known by many many more, as who they knew so well as Wiezen is pleasure to finally meet with you again."


Ossiana half listened to Lando speak while the other half of her mind was tugging her towards either the living room chairs or her and Enricho's room and to a bed where she felt that she would sleep for days on end like she had last weak. She felt more exhausted than she ever had in years. Lando had been right when he said that she wanted answers, of course she did. But by him, she was far from convinced.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Lando kept speaking, hoping to either convince them or to at least strike a nerve and get a laugh out of it* Listen, I'm all the help there is right now. I have my reasons for helping you, but I feel like saying it before we reach an agreement would be a waste of time. Do I expect you to trust me, not one bit. Do I expect you to like me? I honestly hope not. But you should at least accept the help that is offered to you when you can get it

(Okay, off to work)
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
Helga quietly watched Y'iel pull the note out through the glass wall, recognizing the magazines she had been sponsored to be in years ago. "A-Are you a f-fan of my work?" She asked with a little perplexity as to why she had the magazine with her in the first place. But then she sunk into her chair a little, letting her wet, tangled locks hang loose to cover most of her face out of shame. Some may say she looked nothing like she did in those photographs. The patient began scratching at her fingers rather than lightly tapping them out of anxiety. And when she felt the presence of magic unbind one of the cuffs, she jolted some out of shock and awe. It had been almost three years since the last time she had used magic. Seeing it in the facility was a taboo now, despite herself being a witch.

She watched her slide the basket towards her, recoiling a little at the bump when it came in contact with the wall separating them. Oddly enough, she slowly leaned her hand out the small hole within the glass and gently grazed her thumbs across the textured fibers. Pulling back, she smelled her fingers and lowered her ears some, bringing her knees up to her chest until she realized that was a bad idea for the recent surgery she had gotten. At the mentioning of chocolate and cookies, her head tilted very slightly, puzzled. She'd forgotten the taste of them. The smell. The texture. She'd forgotten how to make them. So many times she baked chocolate chip cookies for her husband. It went from her doing it every day to... never again. She realized that all the things she loved doing stopped, and never continued ever since the moment she stepped in here. From being picky on how she bathed to now being sprayed water once a week for less than a minute sometimes. From singing around the mansion to barely being able to speak anymore. From reading witchcraft almost everyday to forgetting how to write her own name sometimes. From crying of happiness to... not crying at all.

Her eyes lifted again, and she saw Y'iel extend her hand out to her when she began to introduce herself. There wasn't exactly a way they could shake hands, but she slowly raised her own and placed it against the glass. She tried giving an effort of a smile when she mentioned being a teacher, but she couldn't. Her lips no longer lifted that way. At her last few words, her fingers pressing against the glass slowly bent into her palm. Her face felt more numb than before, her face muscles not being able to react to create an emotion. She knew someone by the same name. But she wasn't him. She couldn't be him. Her eyes slowly looked around them, then back at Y'iel. "......are you real?" She asked, as if on the verge of crying. A painful smile attempted to wiggle into her lips, but failed. "....s-s-sorry, I-I don't know what's real and wh-what's n-not anymore.... n-not an-anymore...." She sniffed. "Y-Y-You look so... real... speak so real... Act s-so real..." Helga sunk into her chair some, putting her free hand back into the cuffs for safety. "S-s-sometimes i can’t control m-myself when it's n-not real, so they tie me up like a ba-balloon so that i don’t f-float away." Her ears lowered softly, squeezing her eyes shut for a long moment before opening them again, seeing that the woman was still there. ".....a-a-are you g-going to disappear too?"

* * *

"I... don't think we should ignore that mom. Sure, anything happens here, but we have some power to prevent stuff like this. I mean.... Would you let me run around like that with a knife?" Layla turned to face her mother, occasionally looking at the direction the little girl went in.

* * *

"What makes you so sure your sister is still alive?" Wiezen Jr. finally asked. "She might as well be as dead as our parents." He shrugged.
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"Little girl".................. No XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Oswald gave a sigh as he turned his eyes to look at Jr.* If I don't have hope, then what else do I have, Jr.? Just a giant ship with no destination and no direction. I can't give up until I know myself

*Franziska shook her head as she responded* There are a million bounty hunters nowadays, Layla. You're probably just seeing another one of them. Best not to get involved in that sort of business
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Am I...real?" Y'iel tapped her chin lightly with one of her sharp fingernails in thought, starting from there rather than anywhere else. "It depends on what you see as real. But yes, I am a part of the woven fabric of reality." A small frown came to her face. "And here..all I see are those who have fell out of harmony with what is real. You have been here for far too long. I am most definitely a fan of your work, for you are definitely a beauty to behold. Some of the clothing I have made myself has been inspired from some of your earliest work all the way down to the latest. You figure has been one of the starting points of my own work if I'd have to say so myself."
While Y'iel spoke, there were odd shifts within the air around her, the hues of dull light created by facility seeming to brighten. The small frown that had appeared onto her face still remained, seeing Helga's pain so visibly through her own eyes having her think. And with her thinking, her lips began to move again.

"Am I going to disappear, you asked?" The image of her began to fade, and she smiled. But her smile became much more clearer in a sudden flicker, and her finger suddenly curled under Helga's chin and lifted her face. She was now behind the glass. "That also depends. It depends on whether I would like to go or stay. At this moment, I would like to be right where I am." Her hands were toasty in contrast with the appearance of her skin, warm enough to feel as if they could clutch the coldest of hearts and bring warmth back to them in an instance.
She studied over Helga's features more clearly now that the glass wall that had been separating them was no longer an issue. She was quiet while doing so, her lips pursing gently in perplexity.
Her hand lowered down and took Helga's into it gently, shaking it softly to make up from before. "..What have they done to you..poor soul.." She said in a low voice of sympathy.

She reached her hand through the glass behind her and pulled the basket through and setting it in front of the broken witch, flipping the lid open for the delightful aroma of the baked items she had packed to release into the atmosphere. With another snap of her fingers, Helga’s other cuff broke open along with the one she had put back on herself.
“Tell me, Helga. Why have you chosen to rot yourself away within the walls of this...this atrocious facility? The children, the triplets they are, I believe. And the young prince of Edrain, they desire to see you. Do you not desire to see them?”


Ossiana let out a dreading sigh of tediousness, pinching the bridge of her noes between her fingers before shaking her head. She retrieved Orio from Enricho’s care, knowing now that she wouldn’t be getting any sleep anytime soon. “Take care of our decision.” She muttered, leaving the situation to him and dragging herself sluggishly towards the kitchen.
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
Helga immediately stiffened when she felt a finger under her chin. She winced at the simple act of her head being raised to interlock her eyes with Y'iel's now on the same side. Although, she remained quiet, enjoying the aura of warmth her shivering body received with her presence. Her stomach growled as soon as she inhaled the delicious aroma more clearly some. Longing eyes stared at the basket, but she couldn't. She couldn't eat before a surgery or else she'd get in trouble. Her basket will be stolen and distributed to the greedy guards and doctors. The patient's eyes looked around again in fear they would get caught, and she would have to pay the consequences later. "P-P-Please.... yo-you cannot be w-who you say you are, be-because y-you're supposed to b-be with the kids r-right now... C-Cooking for th-them and t-teaching them a-a-and..." She gulped her tears, relying on Wiezen Jr.'s fake message. "B-B-Being a father..." She choked on her crying, the saltiness of her tears aggravating her recent lobotomy on her left eye. She sniffed, attempting to avoid the boogers that slid down her nose. When she was asked why she was still here, she looked away sadly. Her heart sunk when she was asked if she wanted to see her family. She could've asked the same question to her. The obvious answer was more than anything.

"It w-wasn't s-safe for the children if I h-had stayed... I-I'm n-not safe for th-them... I would not have t-taken care of them, I couldn't.... They would've b-been b-burdened to take c-care of me..." Her hands began to pick at each other again out of anxiety. "You told me not to follow you... But I would've... I would've followed you until the end of time... B-Because... You're worth crossing o-oceans for... I would've gone back into Kalte Holle and offer my soul to have you back. But.... I knew you wanted to leave... a-and I cared about you beyond a-all rationality and wanted you to have everything you want, no matter how much it destroyed me, and..." She paused to stop melting into the mess she already was. "All... All I wanted was to get you b-back, but I never stopped to consider what you wanted, a-and clearly we didn't want the same thing...." Her eyes lowered, and she stopped talking for a second because she knew she made no sense. "Y-You didn't give me a chance to s-say good bye... or to apologize.... But knowing you'd be free and in peace after years of quiet suffering dulled my pain of losing you so suddenly.. But... it wasn't enough to stay. I-I couldn't care for them... I pushed them all away because I was pushed away... a-and... I...." She had to stop again, not sure where she was going or if she was making any sense at all.

"I th-thought.... I-I thought being here w-would help me b-be good... fix everything I-I had wrong... Good enough to care for my family... Good enough to prove... you... wrong..." She sniffed again. "Am I.... just doomed to be the person I am right now? I-It c-can't be t-too late... I n-need to be a good person... I've ruined so many things and been the source to so many problems, but I'm trying to be a g-good person here... I know I was selfish and easy-going and careless and s-self-destructive, but under all that, deep down, I can be a good person... I want to be a good person... I need to know I'm a good person to get out of h-here.... This place... this place makes me a better person... Jr... Jr. encouraged me to stay h-here... S-So I can be a b-better mom f-for him... I j-just... I just needed help to be a good person..." She hugged herself some. "A-And once I'm good... Once I make up for everything... in sixteen years and seven months, I'll be able to be good... a good mom..." Just a good mom, because that was all she had left to be. "...g-good person..." She paused again and frowned when she looked back at Y'iel. "S-Sorry... I'm rumbling... B-But a-are you.... r-really him? Wiezen? Am I talking t-to him? C-C-Can I talk to y-you... P-Please... Tell me you're h-him..."

* * *

"And how exactly will you know yourself about her status? You have no sources." He reminded him dully. A little dark, but he helped keep logic and rational in the ship.

* * *

Layla scratched her head, looking at the empty direction ahead where the girl had gone before frowning. She finally sighed. "Alright..." She obeyed her mother and turned the other way.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Franziska gave a nod before she spoke again* Trust me, Layla. It's for the best to just not get involved in those kinds of matters

*Oswald crossed his arms, expecting something like that, before he gave an answer* I was told that she was with a travelling party of some kind in this very country, so I at least have it narrowed down to this part of the world. As long as I keep that in mind, hopefully, finding her won't take too long

*Enricho gave a nod as they went into the kitchen, before his attention turned back to Tiger, who was still outside the door, waiting patiently, or pretending to, as Enricho spoke* We don't take help from hitmen
*Lando gave a sigh, and then responded* You two really are just a could of Edrain regulars. So stubborn and never willing to take a helping hand when you got it. Very well. I just hope your daughter, wherever she is, has more patience and understanding than you two do. I mean, with the ear, I could probably find her in two minutes if I have the right kind of magic user, but eh, what do I know, right?
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Ossiana carries the not as little as before Oriocho into the kitchen, watching as the child wiped at her eyes sleepily and opened her mouth wide to let out a yawn, many of her new pointy chompers revealing themselves.
It had taken some time—around two weeks— until Orio had gotten used to her appearance. And during that time frame, Ossiana had had to deal with stings and bites while Enricho was away. That is, until her own skin started hardening, which took her another few weeks just to remember how to use. Even now, she still hadn’t gotten use to having to be what she was again. Physically, she was, but mentally, not so much.
She placed Orio on the floor, since she had already cleaned it more than once today. And Orio was capable of walking. In fact, at the age of three the child was capable of doing a lot of things, most of which made her job slightly more difficult.

Oriocho yawned again, watching her mother drag her feet across the kitchen to retrieve a pot or two, and she knew what that meant. “E-eat eat!! Food!” She exclaimed, now rubbing at her eyes to rid them of their dreariness.

Ossiana paused for a moment, looking down at the child. A finally, a small smile managed to break through the stony expression of the depressed mother. “Yes...exactly. Go on Orio, your high chair awaits you.”


Y’iel listened closely as Helga spoke to her, her curiosity peaking when she was told that she was supposed to be with the children. And as Helga went on, a frown of disappointment began to grow into her face, especially when she began to tell her how much Wiezen meant to her. And how Wiezen didn’t even give her a chance to say goodbye before he left. But she kept herself from speaking, focusing more on listening instead. And it wasn’t until Helga was done that she spoke.

“I am he. I am Wiezen. But not all of my memories are, and you are speaking to is who you see before you.” Y’iel answered her last question. “I want you to know that you have my honesty. And I will tell you that the help that you seek is not here.” She said firmly, her frown still present. “You being here has done the opposite of what you have been wishing for. It has been breaking you further than you believe you were to began with. Those years you believe that you will gain your freedom after, sixteen years and seven months, yes? They will be years wasted. They will not return your freedom. They do not have any agenda of doing so.”

She paused for a moment, looking to the basket that she had fought with her for Helga. And then a smile suddenly came to her face. “This is not where you belong. I would like to speak to you more, Quartz. But not here. Because here, your mind will remain under their taint. This place does not teach you how to be a good mother, nor a better person. Here, you will never be able to be safe around your children again if the people here have anything to say about it. And it is never too late for you to accomplish that for yourself, not anyone else.” She removed herself from her seat on the counter and brushed herself off. “There is much more that you must know, but that will not be able to be accomplished from this filthy hut of a building. It seems that you were not the only one that was selfish and inconsiderate.”

And then she outstretched her hand. There was a twinkle of gold, blue, and autumn within her irises, and the corners of her lips pulled back into a classy, slightly toothy grin that graced her face. “Come. There are many things that the Pandora would like me to show you, to teach you. You’re going to come with me, Helga Mourey Quartz, and I promise to you that you will see how worthless being programmed here truly is. Your time of suffering has been overdue for quite some time.”
1年以上前 cosmic_fusions said…
Helga's lifeless eyes wavered as it stared at Y'iel's outstretched hand, her crooked ears lowering some. She looked behind her, at the entrance of the real facility, then back at the woman in front of her. "B-But wh-what if you get caught?" She asked, not caring what consequence would be put on her, but rather Y'iel. What about Tsura? The patient asked herself mentally. "W-W-Where w-would w-we go? Wouldn't I-I be a burden to t-take care of? I-I don't have wh-where to go if w-we leave...." Her ears lowered more when she remembered her house disappearing from existence. "W-What is a" She couldn't help but ask so many questions. At the realization she was being annoying, her hands immediately went to block her mouth to avoid any more questioning. Her cold, trembling hand with no nails and half a pinky missing slowly landed onto Y'iel's. She still wasn't sure if this was real or not. If she was dreaming. Or hallucinating. "my pills..." She mumbled some. She hadn't taken them this morning, so perhaps all of this was just a result of her head messing with her again. But... at the same time, everything looked so... real. She wanted it to be real. Her eyes left their interlocked hands before landing on the woman. The blue and autumn in her eyes comforted the frail patient. It already made her feel like she was home. Because he was her home. "...i missed you..." She said just above a whisper before she gave a small, hesitant nod.

* * *

"There has to be some way to lure her to you." Wiezen Jr. said, flicking a coin up and down his thumb. "I mean, two years of you searching has done nothing. Bring the prey to you." He shrugged some.