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Years have passed since the fighting had occurred. The Capital has fallen. Faith in The Ancient Ones is fading. Edrain is a country lost to the monsters. Those that could escape, left to the bordering countries, taking the plague with them. And with the plague, a new rise of monsters. New abominations that would attack the people. And amongst the remains of the kingdom of Edrain, the Servants now overtake the land, and attack the few that were too stubborn to leave or had nowhere else to go. Within those years, technological advancements were made. More powerful guns were created, and even automobiles were starting to be created, but the beliefs of the old, though not as great as before, remained. But with the word of this new God appearing in the people's ears, the Ancient Ones ideas slowly began to die out, with only few loyal subjects. And the threat of a new evil had brought itself upon the world. What will you do in this new age?

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all


Crusader - Has the fighting capabilities of a soldier and the miracles of a priest. Their behavior makes them ignored by some cities, while magic users outright despise them and their poor use of priest magic

Knights - Slow, heavy, impossible to dodge. Best sword fighters and has high respect from the people

Pirates - Has quick access to travelling the seas. Capable of sword and gun combat. Always hunted by enforcers of order

Ninjas - Stealthy, good with swords and projectile weapons, highly likely to lose if outnumbered

Fighters - Refuse to use weapons of any kind. Capable of fighting and even killing with their bare fists. Highly respected by any fighter. Not respected by priests or alchemists

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*As Rosemary moved her horse in a faster state, she turned to catch a glimpse of the beast, already regretting looking back* What the hell is that!?
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Dunno, but I don't plan on havin' a conversation with it!" Leon opened his hand, preparing to have to use his magic if necessary, only for the casting circle that appeared in his palm to shatter. "Damn it, still not enough!"

"Fuck it we don't plan on fighting that thing if we don't have too!" Judissia said.

Or would have until her voice was drowned out by another loud, deeply pitched roar of the enormous monster behind them as it leaped up and snapped his jaws down on some of the bat-things that flew above. It shook itself off, it's attention falling on the scurrying group, and ground trembled some as it began to pursue them without question.

"Can you not just shoot it?" Leonardo asked Tali briskly after having to make his horse dash off to the left when a chunk of old mossy building crashed down.

"Oh yeah, cuz I totally have the damn time to aim and try to--WHOA!" Tali's sarcastic remark was cut short when her horse nearly slung her off completely with her sudden yank at its reigns to avoid some more of the falling debris. She hung on with a death grip, her rifle dragging across the ground until she felt someone grab onto her arm.
Wulf yanked her upwards with everything he could, and she used her feet to quickly scramble her way back onto her saddle.

"The buildings! Head through the buildings, maybe we can shake it or slow it down," Oasis called out to them, already breaking away from the group and her horse zipping ahead. "Follow me!"
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary did her best to speed the horse up to avoid the creatures attack. She gave a nod to Oasis plan* Alright. It's something, so let's go with it and hope for the best *With that said, she aimed her horse toward the buildings*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis led the group deeper into the depths of the ruins, motioning for them all to spread out some to even their odds. She maneuvered her horse across the rubble and mossy stone surfaces that were nothing more than memories of what used to be, which was then reduced to less when their massive pursuer, being around at least eighty feet tall, stepped onto it.
Her horse careened through the entrance of an old stone courthouse and sprinted down the isles, thousands of tiny circular yellow eyes blinking both diagonally and vertically at the same time as; she was emerged in streaks shadows and light while her horse dashed passed broken windows and the jagged holes in the roof and towards the misshapen entrance only a few meters in front of her.
It was only two seconds later precisely that she was exposed to the outside once more when the entirety of the already damaged roof was wiped with a swipe from the creature's head.
She shielded herself the best she could from some of the chunky rocks that had been lucky enough not be flung away with the rest, while all around her a bunch of furry, puppy sized link scurried like rats in all directions.
She had no time to process her disgust, and instead was able to snatch her horse around a sharp turn and out of the structure completely.

Tali, Leonardo and Wulf were fighting for their lives, having to speed around the larger chunks of the courthouse's remnants, meanwhile Judissia and Leon were to the far right, but close enough by to still be in the range of the Edrainasaurus.

Carlyle constantly looked behind them, unable to stop herself from checking to see if the corrupted dino-like abomination of Edrain was gaining on them before it was too late while she and Tubby were still out in the open.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was having trouble moving the horse through the rubble, pulling a little too tightly on it to keep it moving as he tried to outrun the beast*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis felt almost as if she could feel the monster's hot, foul breath against the back of her body when it let out another roar, the hairs raising on her neck. She looked around frantically to spot the others, and Tubby and Carlyle was the first person that she saw. And then Rosemary, and then Leonardo, followed along by Wulf, Tali, and Leon. But she didn't see Judissia. She ran her horse closer to the others. "Where's Jud?!" She yelled to them.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary turned her attention up from the road, looking around for Judissia as she responded to Judissia* I'm pretty sure she's fine
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"She was just beside me just a minute ago," Leon was about to say, only to be cut off.

Oasis didn't hear a word that either of them had said, their voices being drowned out by yet another roar from the creature. She began to look around, looking back by chance to see that the Edrainasaurus was much closer than it previously was. But then that's when she spotted their missing member.

Judissia was further behind than the others, ripping the grotesque bug creatures off of her as they were biting at her skin and throwing them aside harshly. Her horse was nearly steered into a solid wall of concrete that was still almost whole, only to manage with getting out of the way just in the nick of time.
She leaned with her horse as she pulled it to the right, having to fall back for a minute or so when the creature's tail swung with a hard lash, knocking over more of the ruined structures of buildings. It didn't take her long to catch back up with everyone though, a grimace of pain her expression.

Oasis continued at the head of the group, looking back to see the creature leaning forward to pick one of them off. But with a sharp turn and the others following behind her, it rammed head first into a building, stumbling off balance and into another when it came out the opposite end.

"HAHA, YEEEAH!" Tali cheered. "WOO!"

"U-uh...guys.." Carlyle spoke up, seeing the creature recovering much faster than even she expected to.

Tali glanced back and let out a long groan. "NoooOOOO!!"

"We got a edge on it at least, keep goin'!" Judissia said, bite marks from small blunt teeth puncturing her leather suit and skin.

"I'm really starting to despise this place," Leonardo growled.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Yeah, try living in it. You grow to really hate this shithole *Rosemary spoke up as she kept her horse moving, hoping that Judissia was doing alright. he tried not to think of the worst of it and just kept on moving*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"C-Cap'm! That damn things gaining on uuus!" Tali said. "I got a shot, I'm t--Cap'm?!" She gasped when Oasis let out a agonized yell. "Cap'm what's wrong?!"

"Nothing, I'm fine! R-Reserve your resources!" Oasis replied through gritting teeth, clutching her lower back with her right hand. Her thoughts were moving fast through her head, options dwindling down quickly, her gaze moving to Rosemary suddenly. Her eyes held an apologetic look within them before she turned and glanced behind them again.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary's attention immediately went to Oasis, and she called out to her* O! Are you okay? We can't keep going if you are hurt this badly!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis's gaze went to the group once more after shifting between them and the damn thing that pursued them, and in that instant, the next thought that came to her head was a instant decision. She slowed her horse to their pace. "All of you, find that damn crown you here?!"

"Huh? That's what we're here to--" But before Judissia could finished, Oasis had already dropped further behind, her horse catching a pace with Rosemary's.

Oasis's horse eased closer to Rosemary's. "Keep going with the others, I'll...I'll try to make it back." And suddenly, she leaned across, grabbing Rose by the collar of her shirt and yanking her into a fiercely passionate kiss before she could respond.

Shock fell upon the group, Tali's mouth falling open and she seemed to forget the situation that they were in for a few seconds. Carlyle's expression mirrored hers, her eyes widened a little, but because of her not completely registering what had just happened.
Leon and Leonard were utterly surprised.
Judissia looked as if she wanted to say something, but she didn't seem as shocked as the others, and neither did Wulf.

"I love you," Oasis mumbled when she pulled away, and before Rosemary could stop her, her horse sped up again before she turned around completely, her horse running back towards the Edrainasaurus at full speed.

Judissia's eyes widened in shock. "What the fuck--OASIS!!"


"CAP'M!!" Tali exclaimed

"GO THAT'S AN ORDER!!" Oasis yelled to them, without looking back.

The creature tried to snap at her, missing and biting into the ground, the finger-claws around its head closing around as if it had gotten what it had sought to get. It's body slid across the ground, its attention shifting to the lone prey and it wasted no time initiating pursuit. It twisted around a corner a little to fast and the side of it's body knocked through the side of a building while it chased after Oasis now, being lead away from the others.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was shocked at what Oasis was doing, her intentions to lead the beast away from the others. She wasn't even going to try and ease the groups confusion as she watched Oasis run off. She just started to grit her teeth before she shouted* You better come back here in one piece, goddammit! *With that, Rosemary turned back to the group* Well don't stand there with your mouths open. Let's get that fucking crown and get out of here
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Nah--NAH!" Tali began as her horse continued forward. "What THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" She exclaimed. "The Cap'm's...the Cap'ms GAY!? When?! WHERE?! HOW!!?"

Leon whistled, his eyebrows raising. "Didn't see that comin', but okay."

"Not now." Wulf said dully as the group came back together finally. "But when finished, pay up." He added after a second of thought.

Gay? Carlyle held an expression of utter confusion, not seeing what everyone was so worked up about. "..What's a gay? Is that supposed to be some sort of status?"

This woman... Leonardo raised an eyebrow in question at Carlyle, looking to the others in question.
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Jesus, when are あなた gonna kill one of these fuckers. And don't make one of them be Oasis because Ossiana and Rosemary have had enough with losing people XD 1年以上前
-Universe_COLA- commented…
あなた can't tell me to kill someone and then say "Everyone but this person" XD 1年以上前
Windwakerguy430 commented…
I dunno XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a sigh before continuing* Okay, if you are done chatting, let's get this shit over with. You can discuss and question all this stuff later. For now, let's focus on the mission at hand.
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Rose is right, we need need to get this shit over with now before things get worse. From here on out it's either be killed or kill, if you can take a shot then take a shot." Judissia spoke loudly so that everyone could hear her.

"Sounds good." Leon said, glancing behind him for a split second.

Tali frowned, her worry for Oasis more than obvious. But she trusted that her Captain would come back, and kept moving forward.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded, and without another word, got her horse moving in the direction as fast as they could, not wanting to delay their mission another second*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
The group continued on their treacherous journey in search of the crown, going in the direction that the bat creatures had been going in. But the closer they got, the more monsters began to appear in all sizes and forms, reeling them back into situations where they had to once again fight off what attacked them, though not for long.

Judissia kept the group moving, avoiding having to tread through the hordes of Edrain's abominations that were too thick. But after they got to a certain point, they seemed to be ignored all together, which brought some suspicion to her thoughts. She motioned for the group to ease their pace, taking them into the shelter behind some ruins as more of the large dinosaur like creatures bounded across the area along with what looks like hundreds to thousands of other monsters. She pulled out her monoscope and started looking over the area.

Tali stretched out her rifle and started looking through her scope, to get a lay out things as well. "Man....I am not lookin' forward to this..."
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary followed behind the group, her tone more serious as she spoke to Tali* None of us are. But we gotta do it. We can run by them or we can kill them. That's our only options. We're too deep in this now, so going back without the crown isn't an option
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Well..yah, that's basically the gist of us being here dealing with all of this shit in the first place." Tali scouted out the numbers of monsters, her lips moving in a manner as if she were speaking but mute. "I was saying as in, we have no "options". Just an option. As in singular. Uno. No pathways. No way around this many either, and even though up to this point some of them haven't been attackin' us, there's no telling if these are the same. Aaaaaand that fat slobby thing that looks like somethin' out of that one book called "Sun Warfare" by Professor Walton just threw up on a car. And it melted. Neat."

"Heh, you read Professor Walton's work?" Leon asked curiously.

"Hell yeah. I like other things besides my gun ya know. The gun is just the thing I like the most out of all of those things." Tali shrugged.

Judissia rolled her eyes at the both of them. "Alright, so Tali basically laid down the grounds of what we've got. They're about five hundred and thirt--"

"Five hundred and fifty-three," Tali corrected.

"Alright then smart-ass."

"Nah, just good at math." Tali retorted.

"Anyway, I'm gonna make this brief. Stick close, kill what's in the way, and don't die. But...anyone who wants to try to turn back now, I wouldn't blame you." Judissia looked around at everyone, awaiting their answer,
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary groaned quietly to herself, ,as if she was growing impatient, the thought of leaving Oasis by herself getting to her before she spoke* I will, however. Now let's get to it. I'll kill any of the things that get near us
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Rose, pull your head together." Judissia said, more seriously than before. "This isn't just one of our everyday milk runs to grab some quick cash for the road. Even if our only option is to just go on a killing spree, the moment we're down there, we're surrounded completely by nothing but things that want to kill us. And there wouldn't be a need to die on your new bubble butt tamer now would you?"

Carlyle's cheeks grew red some, and she went to cover her ears but stopped when she reminded herself for the hundredth time that she was no longer with Bonnus.

Leon and Leonardo snickered, clearing their throats afterwards.

"So, to the plan then," Tali said impatiently. "I guess this would be the time for me to put the big guns to use if things go sideways huh?"
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary did her best to shrug off Judissia's comment as she spoke* I know this, Jud. But I also know we've dealt with far worse with less people on our side. We can do this. We have to do this
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Really? Cuz the closest thing that I can think of to being in a situation this bad is when we were in Camelynn, and that's lookin' pretty dim compared to this." Judissia retorted blandly before sighing. She turned her attention to the twins. "What about you two, you got anything back in the tank?"

"By the way you guys are makin' things sound, I don't think it'll be enough. But yeah, I think I have enough to give'em a run for their money for a lil bit." Leon replied.

"I believe that I have an abundance that hopefully will suffice too." Leonardo spoke afterwards.

"What about you Carly, you good?"

Carlyle nodded quickly. "Me and Tubby are ready when you guys are."
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded before she turned to Judissia* Just give us the word and we'll be ready to move
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"It looks like they're headin' towards the Capital Cathedral." Judissia took in a deep breath, giving everyone one last chance to turn back. "Alright, last call before its open curtains and guns blazin'. Anyone who wants to get a refund on their ticket speak or move forward from here on out with no regrets."

"Let's go already!" Tali spoke up, climbing up the side of her horse and back onto its saddle. "We're as ready as we're goin' to be with what we got."

Carlyle gave a sort of hesitant nod, not completely sure if she wanted to go now, but not backing away from what was going to surely be a rock and a hard place for them at the very least. She rubbed her hand behind Tubby ears to comfort her large companion just as well as herself.

Leon and Leonardo threw glances at once another, but they weren't backing down either.

Judissia nodded at everyone's ambition. But there was a glint of uncertainty in her thoughts. "Okay goes everything we've been working towards so far. Lets make it count."
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary unsheathed her new blade that Oasis had gotten her, prepared for the worst as she let the blade hang to the side* Let's get this damn crown and be done with all this already. The sooner we trash that thing, the better
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Judissia pulled out her sword as well and eased her horse form the area that they were taking cover in.And then the horse went into a quick trot, and she monitored everything around them in their immediate vicinity.

Tubby on the other hand, was whimpering, sniffing at the area around them and refusing to budge even a little.
"Tubby, come on, we can't let the others leave us. Tubby?" Carlyle's ears gave a small fidget, and she climbed over the mutant canine's head to look her in the eyes. "Tubby, what's wrong? Come on girl, we have to go."
But Tubby refused to move anywhere, whimpering continuously until finally she reluctantly went along.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary kept her blade held tightly, her eyes moving slowly across the landscape, trying to catch a glimpse of any creature in the distance as she thought* Eros, listen. Whatever energy you got, use it here. Tear any of these things to pieces of they get near us, alright? Don't hold anything back
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Yeah, gotcha." Eros replied. "I guess there ain't a time better than now to try this out then," There was a click in Rosemary's head, her vision becoming pitch black as if she had suddenly gone blind. It took a few seconds before the darkness filled itself with a dimmer but extremely sharper version of her own vision. On the outside, Rose's pupils had been swallowed by her irises, leaving only orbs of yellow within her sockets.

Judissia held up her hand up above her head for the others to see, three fingers sticking up. And then they started dwindling. Three.

Leon and Leonardo braced themselves, exchanging words in a conversation of glances and a nod.


Tali closed the chamber on her rifle and shrugged some of the stiffness from anxiousness out of her shoulders.

Carlyle flexed rubbed Tubby's side in comfort, taking in a deep breath.


Judissia's hand became a fist, and she drove the heels of her boots into the side of her horse, sending it into a gallop.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary could already feel herself losing control of her body, and she spoke to Eros* You make sure to protect anyone. Don't let these things anywhere near us
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Yeah, I'm on it. You just make sure to keep this horse goin'." Eros replied. An odd feeling swept over Rosemary, one that felt as if she were crammed in her own body with another person. A feeling that couldn't be understood unless one were to have what she had, to have the condition that she did.
"Shit...I guess we'll have to settle for this," She mumbled. "As of now, I'm your arsenal. Locked, loaded, and ready to go. I don't know how much use that thing's gonna be, but keep that pistol ready to let loose too."

As the group sped out into the open, the tension within the situation could be felt from person to person, enveloping them in a state of wariness of their surroundings.

" see those things?" Carlyle pointed to the creatures that they were going towards. "Bite. Okay?" She felt more comfortable with the growl that she received in response. All around them, she saw nothing but the icky, empty dark auras of Edrain's aftermath, and a sort of queasy feeling washed over her. She ended up drawing one of her swords, her ears lowering in uncertainty.

"Holy shit--" Leon said suddenly, immediately taking Leonardo and Tali's attention. Within his hand, the amulet that they had been using to search for the page of their father's grimoire glowed with a pale, yet intense light, dark tick marks appearing within it that made its appear to be some sort of link in one way or another.

Leonardo's eyebrows raised in surprise. "What the...that's--"

"New...yeah.." Leon finished his sentence.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a nod, without any sign of it from anyone else, and spoke* Yeah, trust me, I'm prepared for anything, Eros *Her eyes tried to get a good view of the land before them, getting a look at the creatures that stood in their line of sight*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
" least we hope we are." Eros zoomed Rosemary's vision in some, her sight targeting some of the creatures that were smaller than the Edrainasaurus and Greater Wraiths. There were ones that bore disturbing human features, half of their heads or faces missing while they either drug themselves across the ground on what appeared to be elbow-like limbs with only a slimy, tongue looking mound of flesh dragging behind them from the end of their torsos. And even those were of considerable size compared to them.

"...Anyone else feel that?" Judissia asked, her horse feeling like it were to be trembling. She stood up on her horse some and looked around them.

Coming from a 45 degree angle towards them from their right rear side was something unable to be explained with words alone were at gaining on their heels, coming from their left in entire herds--stampedes. Dull looking blunt horns jutted fro a mask of flesh, skinned limbs and appendages that resembled that of a horse dangling from the front of them where a thick, bloody mucus oozed. Their bodies were a contorted mash of pale, rotting skin in which veins that seemed to wriggle underneath were visible along with its rib cage. The way it moved itself was similar to how a gazelle did so, but in a much more sloppy, violent manner.

"They're coming right for us!" Carlyle cried out.

 [i]" least we hope we are."[/i] Eros zoomed Rosemary's vision in some, her sight targeting s
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary already let out a groan* Damn, things never go easy, do they? Alright, Eros, you know what to do
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Any of'em get close they won't be gettin' away." Eros replied grimly.

But that wasn't it. Screeches filled the sky above, the bat creatures from before circling around the area, some of them swooping down and swiping up the Mynxes, dragging them back into the sky to be torn apart immediately by the rest. Some of them were being picked up and carried along through the sky towards an unknown destination.

"Tali take those things out ASAP!" Judissia yelled to her, looking overhead only for a split second before yet another problem fell into their laps. They had now entered the presence of all of the other creatures. Some of them ignored them, others began to attack. The Mynxes crashed into the horde as well, their horns being rammed into the heels of the Edrainosauruses and the Greater Wraiths, setting off a cycle of chaos as some of them began to go into a full on brawl to the death.

"ShitshitshitSHIT!" Tali pulled her horse's reins frantically, barely able to keep herself out the way while fumbling for her rifle until finally, she made a sloppy shot that still counted, blasting off the few that were heading in their direction.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary could only watch the scene unfold. With Eros in control, all she could do was watch and have faith in Eros*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle hung up to the tough skin at the ends of Tubby's ears as the monstrous canine smacked some of the wraiths and Mynxes out of their way, biting and throwing multiples aside.
She let out a frightened yelp when one of the bat creatures snagged her by the back of her shirt, her grip of Tubby's ear enough for her to stab it through the chest. She flopped back down on Tubby's back, kicking the creature's corpse off and into the Mynx stampede.

Eros stood up on the horse that she and Rose rode, balancing herself on it's saddle. She clenched their fists tightly until they started to tremble and morph, their fingers fusing together into a meaty slosh of skin which then spread up to her elbow before extending into grotesque blades of bone and muscle. She slashed her arms out horizontally, cutting clean through the first band of wraiths that came her way and proceeded to dismantle more.

"...And here I thought she was the normal one... Leon thought to himself, his attention immediately snatched back to what lied around them before he ended up dead. He maneuvered his horse in a curve, using his magic to send projectiles of ice shards through the bodies of whatever got to close, the ice cold enough to leave them frostbitten from the inside out.

Leonardo tried to stay in close distance of his brother, evading tails, Mynxes, and leaping toad monsters who's bodies were inside out. He conserved his magic, a field of lightning buzzing around him and zapping anything that tried to grab him by surprise. The loud bang from Tali's rifle caused his ears to ring again.

All around them, the chaos around them grew more and more chaotic, the number of monsters becoming thicker. The buildings that were still standing began to fall, some of the larger monsters among the horde knocking them over and making the groups situation more dire.

Judissia did her best to carve a path from ahead of the group when Tali couldn't, swiftly changing the course of their direction when they needed to while still defending herself from the products of Edrain's curse.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary herself could only watch the fight from the inside of her own psyche, calling out to Eros as more and more creatures arrived* Are we even close to the damn crown?
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Dunno, lets just hope that we are!" Eros replied quickly, trying to remain focused on what was around them, killing off what could she could. Slowly but surely, she could feel that they were starting to be overwhelmed.

"Tali get'em off our asse--" Judissia didn't have enough time to finish speaking before she felt the air be knocked out of her, sending her flying backwards off the horse and to the ground to be dragged along as she gripped the reins, her sword clattering across the ground and far out of her reach.
The bat creature that attacking her clawed at her, cutting the side of her face some while trying to drag her away from the horse and up into the air to be torn apart.

But Wulf came to her rescue, his horse galloping with all that it could. He grabbed the bat creature by one of its wings and yanked it backwards, stabbing a knife through it neck and severing its spine, leaving it to flip flop through the air and be left to tumble across the ground. He reached his arm out in attempt to reach Judissia and pull her back up, but just before their fingers touched, more of the bat creatures swept down and scooped him off of his horse completely.

"WULF!!" Tali screamed, swinging her rifle around to aim, only to watch Wulf's body be torn asunder right before her eyes, blood spraying out and splattering across her face. "No---NNOO!!!"

Carlyle's eyes were wide in horror and shock as she watched Wulf's body be ate off of, the creatures of the sky ripping him bit from bit like piranhas at bloody raw meat. The sound of his screaming bought a heavy bubbling to her stomach, her stare unable to be taken from the scene.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was silent inside of Eros as she watched Wulf be torn apart by the creatures. She did not say a word, yet Eros could feel her anger and despair boiling in her body. It was a violent and vicious rage that was consuming her mind, and it was becoming hard for Eros to keep contained as she fought off the creatures*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Tali's eyes stung with tears of anger as she looked back repeatedly at where Wulf had been, watching his horse be snatched away from the ground just like he had been. In the next instance, she was firing her rifle repeatedly, barely even giving it it's proper time to cool down as bursts of pressurized steam blasted from the barrel. The long blade on the end of it flipped out like a switchblade, and she started swinging it madly out of sheer rage, almost taking one of the twin's head off in the process.

Carlyle returned her attention ahead of them stiffly, her eyes still wide from what she had just witnessed, the image of it replaying in her mind already.

Rosemary's anger fueled that in which had already been rising in Eros, and in turn, it also seemed to fuel the power that the brand brought them. Eros clapped her blade arms together, and the flesh molded together, twisting until it formed into some sort of cannon with numerous small holes that resembled large pores. It began to spin before the openings began to spit out bone shards, casting them out like bullets and into everything that caught her eye, mowing down whatever got in their way whether it was close or not.

Judissia finally managed to get herself back onto her horse, her left sleeve dangling from the rest of her suit until she tore it away. "Carly snap the fuck out of it before you die!" She yelled, pushing forward with only one of her throwing daggers.

Carlyle heard Judissia, but her mind barely registered a word that she had said. Her heart thumped in her chest hard enough for it to feel like something was punching her insides.

Leonardo and Leon utilized their magic now more in attempt to prevent the group from losing another life, Leonardo's lightning striking down the bats from the sky, leaving them to fall with trails of smoke drifting from their crisped corpses while Leon focused more on what was on the ground level.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Eros' could hear no words. Not the groups words, not the sound of the creatures. All she could hear was Rosemary shouting in anger* Kill them! Kill them all! Don't stop until they are all fucking dead!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Eros's eyes glowed grimly within Rosemary's sockets, mirroring the anger that they both felt. She turned and smacked a lunging wraith into the ground with the phenomenon that was the weapon that she wielded.

Judissia tried to look passed all of the creatures, trying to catch sight of where they were. And when she spotted the ancient looking church that they were closing in on, the heard the voice in her head immediately become irritated.

But suddenly, Eros snapped out of her rage, and it was replaced by an odd feeling of solitude. An image flickered before her eyes, within their vision, and suddenly she screamed, the weapon that she had constructed disappearing as she clutched her head. And then came a fear unlike she had ever felt, and it rippled through Rosemary's body and throwing her back into control. "R-Rose! We need to turn around NOW! Fuck the crown, we need to LEAVE!"

"T-Tubby!" Carlyle exclaimed in a stammer as her companion acted as if she wanted to stop and turn tail, whimpering noticeably. And honestly, she couldn't blame her.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Fuck that! *Rosemary spoke as she reached for her blade, holding it tightly, her teeth gritting as her anger only grew more and more* We aren't gonna let all this go to waste. Not this fighting, and not Wulf's death. We'll kill everything in this fucking country if we have to. If you aren't going to fight, I'll do it myself!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"No! Don't be a fucking idiot Rose we need to GO!!" Eros insisted. "If you think that one death is bad then what about the entire fucking group!? If we all die here then Wulf dying is for nothing either way! Something's here and we're not suppose to fucking BE HERE!"[/i]

"We're almost there, keep pushing!" Judissia could see them getting closer and closer, trying to ignore the ringing of the voice in her head.

The twins began to fight harder the closer they got out of desperation, the situation worsening. Leon took note of the arrow of the amulet starting to spin in a blur now, as if it couldn't decide which direction was the correct one.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was silent, finally. She was furious, barely able to control herself, but just barely. She gave a heavy groan, before snapping at Eros* You better be fucking right about this, Eros! *With that, she tightly grabbed the reigns of her horse and shouted* Everyone, we need to turn back. There's no way we can reach this damn crown. It's too dangerous to keep going
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"No! No fucking way!" Tali shouted furiously, disagreeing completely as soon as Rosemary spoke of turning around. "I didn't come all of this goddamn way just to turn around. We are getting that fucking crown! We're getting it RIGHT NOW!"

"Turnin' around? Isn't it a little to late for that?!" Leon said.

"NO! SHUT UP AND TURN AROUND!!" Eros yelled in a quivering voice.

"There it is!" Judissia called out to them. "We can't turn around, not when we're this close! The option for that has come and gone, there's nowhere to go but forward!"

"Rose fuck them, turn around and GO! We need to leave, and we need to do it RIGHT NOW!"
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was shocked at Eros' response, and she couldn't help but shout at Eros* The hell I am! I may not be able to convince them, but I refuse to run away!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"The hell with all of that! If we don't go now--"

"GO GO GO!" Only five meters or so were between them and their haven, and Judissia wasn't backing down. Neither was Tali or the twins. With their morale building into a boil, their last chance of escaping the the reign of the monsters around them pushing them onwards.

The wide doors to the old cathedral rattled as they burst inwards and smacked against the wall, the group and their transportation flooding in, debris falling from the doors and the corners of their hinges and sprinkling the floors. The atmosphere of the link was a heavy gloom, the walls dimly lit even with the chunk missing from the top of it.

Judissia brought her horse to the stop finally, sweat from her anxiousness sliding down her face, panting some.

Tubby knocked off a little from the top of the door frame as she skidded into the Cathedral, and almost immediately, Carlyle leaned over and began to vomit, unable to hold back the lurching in her stomach any further.
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