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Years have passed since the fighting had occurred. The Capital has fallen. Faith in The Ancient Ones is fading. Edrain is a country lost to the monsters. Those that could escape, left to the bordering countries, taking the plague with them. And with the plague, a new rise of monsters. New abominations that would attack the people. And amongst the remains of the kingdom of Edrain, the Servants now overtake the land, and attack the few that were too stubborn to leave or had nowhere else to go. Within those years, technological advancements were made. More powerful guns were created, and even automobiles were starting to be created, but the beliefs of the old, though not as great as before, remained. But with the word of this new God appearing in the people's ears, the Ancient Ones ideas slowly began to die out, with only few loyal subjects. And the threat of a new evil had brought itself upon the world. What will you do in this new age?

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all


Crusader - Has the fighting capabilities of a soldier and the miracles of a priest. Their behavior makes them ignored by some cities, while magic users outright despise them and their poor use of priest magic

Knights - Slow, heavy, impossible to dodge. Best sword fighters and has high respect from the people

Pirates - Has quick access to travelling the seas. Capable of sword and gun combat. Always hunted by enforcers of order

Ninjas - Stealthy, good with swords and projectile weapons, highly likely to lose if outnumbered

Fighters - Refuse to use weapons of any kind. Capable of fighting and even killing with their bare fists. Highly respected by any fighter. Not respected by priests or alchemists

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"No---no no--Oasis! OASIS! Come on, you're okay--we got you!" Eros said frantically. She reached Rosemary's arm out to take hold of the reins in a tight grip as their horse had started to run astray.

Oasis eyes were foggy, and her vision blurred out some. She could hear faintly the sound of the voices calling out to her, and she could still feel that they were moving.

Carlyle's eyes were wide, but she didn't dare to look back even once, holding onto Wulf and letting out a small squeal when she felt the horse that they were on give a hard buck.

"Oh fuck these guys," Leon turned around on his horse, holding the reigns in his left hand while a spell casting circle appeared in the center of his left.

"Leon." Leonardo said sharply to him.

"Yeah yeah, I know, quitcha bitchin." Leon growled, and this time, there was no incantation needed for the flurries of frost that began to burst from the spell circle and cover the ground behind them.

Some of the Crusaders behind them went sliding across the ground with their horses as they fell with a hard thud onto solid ice.

But another spear went flying at them, adding another cut to Leon's face.

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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked down at Oasis, trying to keep her awake as she looked at her. She could already feel tears starting to well up in her eyes as she looked at her, not even holding onto the horses reigns anymore as Eros steered the horse*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Leonardo grimaced at the additional cut on Leon's face and this time, he was the one who turned around, coin-sized yellow casting circles appearing at the tips of his fingers, electricity like aura buzzing around them.
"𝙏̶̅𝙝̶̅𝙪̶̅𝙣̶̅𝙙̶̅𝙖̶̅𝙜̶̅𝙖̶̅!!" He swung his arm back towards their pursuers. Five fangs of lightning scattered from the circles. However, only two had enough time to zap their targets and knock them off of their horses with the impact of the blast before a barrier shot up around the crusaders.

"And look who's talkin'?" Leon commented with a bit of snark, his attention switching swiftly to Tali, who was riding in front of him when she spoke.

"Nah ah, fuck ya barrier!" Tali snarled, yanking the lever that switched her gun's ammunition to the bullets within. The barrel of the rifle spun and charged its shot, and the moment it was ready she opened fire and the loud crackle of the shot echoed through the air. The bullet struck the barrier and pierced through it, blowing the limbs off of three of the Crusaders' horses with one shot and causing them to fall and tumble, and be smashed against the other side of the barrier and force it to disappear.

In the midst of all of the commotion, Oasis's vision cleared briefly for long enough to see Rosemary staring down at her. She could hear the loud, crackling bangs from Tali's rifle too, but she tried to focus on Rose. Mustering up what strength she could, she lifted her hand and gave her a thumbs up to show her that she was at least still conscious.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked down at Oasis, and grabbed hold of her hand, holding it in hers as she spoke to her* Please, just stay awake, Oasis. I'll try to stop the bleeding and get you patched up, good as new
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis tried to focus on the sound of Rosemary's voice, the wound in her side burning as the breeze from the air while the horses ran blew against it. She let out an agony filled shout when the horse felt as if it hit a ragged bump that made it feel as if it were about to stumble. But even with that, she tried to push it out as a chuckle while clutching her side, blood seeping between the crevices of her fingers.

"O-Oasis, Oasis listen to Rose! Keep your eyes open and stay awake!" Eros said, taking one of Rosemary's eyes as her own to use and monitor what was going on around them. "What the--oh shit!"
She yanked the reins to the right, just barely evading running to Wulf's horse as the ground split in halves. "SHIT! Rose, it's that holy crap that their using! That fucking lady, you gotta--" And suddenly, Eros's voice disappeared.

"GET OFF OF OUR ASSES!" Tali yelled at the Crusaders behind them.

Judissia looked back to see that the remaining Crusaders weren't letting up at all. She bit her lip, cursing to herself. "Tali, bomb it!"

"What? Really?! Finally! I'm about to kill you mothe--"

"Aim for the where the ground is breaking and make sure you get some dirt in their faces!" Judissia cut her off.

"Dammit!" Tali switched the setting of her rifle, and she aimed it at the Crusaders at first before cursing to herself. "May not be as good as just blowin' them all to bits but hey--BOYS YA BETTER GET YOUR ASSES TO THE MATCHES CUZ HERE COMES THE BOOM!" She shouted to the twins and took her aim at where the ground was falling apart. Dirty their faces huh? "Mudpie." She took her shot, a flashing orb fire projecting from it's barrel.

In the next instance, the ground shook heavily, enough to make the horses potentially tip over as earth lifted, wild tendrils of fire stretching out into the air. And just like the previous one she had shot, a second explosion occurred; the reaction of the ground was like a earthquake surrounding a volcanic eruption, the flames from the ground bursting and lifting into mushroom clouds. The ground severed, shifting in a tremble that made it feel as if the entire landscape were to be shaking itself to pieces, chunks of rock being swallowed beneath the ground.
But out of the flames jumped the woman who pursued them, along with the remaining few Crusaders who must have only gotten through by the skins of their teeth, for they suffered from burns, but moved forward as if it were nothing.

"SPLIT! WE NEED TO SHAKE'EM!" Judissia yelled as the ground began to push in two different directions and separate the group. "Rose, we meet up at your old home ASAP!"
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary turned her attention to Eros as she held onto Oasis, doing what she could to keep her wound closed as she thought to Eros* I have to what?! What do I have to do, Eros!? *She waited for an answer as her eyes remained on Oasis, before her attention turned to Judissia* W-What? O-Okay then *With that, Rosemary took Oasis, holding onto her wound and splitting from the rest of the group*

*Enricho stood outside the gates of Owensport, his eyes looking over the city, the towering buildings, the noises of people coming from behind the massive walls that protected it. He gave a sigh, putting his hands into his pockets and putting on a face mask to hide his appearance as he made his way towards the gate*
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-Universe_COLA- commented…
Go away Enricho xD 1年以上前
Windwakerguy430 commented…
No, go in. Either into Ossiana または into Owensport. Whichever happens first XD 1年以上前
-Universe_COLA- commented…
または to hell XD Straight down Exit Hades and down Straight to Hell Boulevard South West. 1年以上前
Windwakerguy430 commented…
No. Not yet XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
There was no answer from Eros when Rosemary asked what needed to be done. But by the time Judissia had finished speaking, they were broke off from the rest of the group with Wulf following close behind with Carlyle.

Oasis was groaning, and cursing in wheezes from the way the ground was trembling and shaking her around some, which in turn causes her to turn the wrong way a few times to where the ends of the saddle jabbed her in the side.

1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary watched as Oasis continued to groan in pain. She sat her up and kept her from being jabbed by the saddle as she spoke* It's going to be okay, O. We'll be done with this soon and get you patched up. I knew we should've packed some medical supplies.
*As they ran from the group and deeper into the forest area, the noticeable screeching from before had come to a stop, no longer apparent*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis coughed some as she brought herself around to speaking with a dry chuckle. "Y-yeah...yeah..." Her eyelids drooped close some before jumping back open. She clenched her jaw for a moment, trying not to focus on the pain that she was in.

Wulf caught up to the side of Rosemary's horse. "We get Edrain. We go to the elder home of you. I can use needle and strings." He said dryly, his english not perfect clear enough to get the jest of what he was saying.

"Is she going to be alright?" Carlyle asked, her expression that of fear and worry.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary turned to see them as she called out* She's going to be fine. I plan on that! If what Wulf says is true, then lets pick up the pace. The sooner, the better *With that said, Rosemary picked up the pace of her horse and moved faster towards her old home*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Wulf drove his heels into the sides of his horse, causing it to let out a loud neigh and rush forward, keeping a pace only a little behind Rosemary's, his eyes glued to Oasis until he gave a growl and looked ahead of them.

Carlyle watched Oasis aura growing dimmer, shrinking some to where it was closer to her body and almost like a thick outline around her. She could see the sort of off-red color that was acquainted with pain through her perception, and she frowned some, hoping that they could go a little faster.

And as the group got far enough away, a sharp gasp entered Rosemary's mind, and Eros could be heard, but for some reason the volume of her voice was lower. "FUCK! Rose! ROS--" Her voice was cut out again, like thoughts coming and going just as fast as they arrived.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*As Rosemary was rushing fast toward the old home, she called out to Eros* W-What! Eros, what is it?! Say something!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Again, there was no answer from Eros, only a buzzing in Rosemary's head where her voice was supposed to be. Which was at least enough to signify that she was still there.

" okay...?" Oasis mustered out in a pant. "Hope...that doesn't're..walking out on" She chuckled at the price of agony, still attempting to keep her joking manner. To keep her eyes open. But the worry in her voice was evident, moreso than the worry that she had for herself.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosmary looked down at Oasis and placed her hand on her cheek softly as she spoke* Hey, O, you just take it easy, alright. We'll get you all healed up soon
*Despite them moving through the forest, they were unaware of the creature that prowled from behind, making its way towards them at a break neck speed*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis leaned her face more into Rosemary's hand, clinging on to the warmth of it, depending on it to help her keep her eyes open, though she knew that she couldn't get to comfortable. She had gotten used to Rosemary's body heat, especially when they slept together.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary picked up the speed, riding the horse harder and harder toward the cottage, not taking into consideration whatever was following behind them. The creatures heavy breathing could be heard, as well as its feet pounding against the ground as it was slowly catching up*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle's ears twitched some when she began to hear the sound of fallen branches snapping and trees bustling around, and the quick thuds of something large behind them. Her hearing was much more keen than the others, so it was no surprise when she heard whatever it was first and ended up turning around to see what it was.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*The moment she turned around, the noises stopped. Nothing was behind them. There were signs of footprints in the dirt and broken branches, but aside from that, nothing was there*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle's brows furrowed, her ears perked and twitching in confusion. Perhaps she had just been hearing things. No. And that's when she spotted the footprints that were there on the ground behind them. Her eyes immediately began to dart around the area. "U-um..I think we're..being followed.." She said to Wulf, a bit of uncertainty in her voice.

Wulf didn't hesitate to glance behind them, but when he saw nothing, his eyes returned to the road ahead. "We need to hurry."

"Hey! HEY! Answer me damn it!" Eros's voice popped back into Rosemary's head suddenly.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary's attention was brought to Eros as she shouted* You answer me! What the hell are you trying to say, Eros?! Whatever it is, it better be important!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Finally!" Eros exclaimed. "Listen and listen closely, because I'm not sure who went for who. But you need to stay as far away from that Crusader bitch as possible! I don't know how, but she's canceling out the brand. Whenever she gets close, I end up getting smothered to wherever when she gets too close. Got it?"

"We need something..that'll keep them off of our asses," Oasis spoke up some, moving to try to sit herself up, only to cringe in pain. "If we can get further into Edrain....then we can lose them. There's a good chance..that they know what's in here. But so do I."
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a nod to Oasis as she responded* Already ahead of you on that, O. My old home is real deep in this place. They wouldn't dare go this far in there. The problem is the kinds of things we'll run into, but it's no doubt safer than those bastards chasing us. And if I see them, I doubt I'd be able to control myself
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"We see them again, let me out. It's getting crammy in here, and I will crush them." Eros growled, her voice boiling with anger at the thought of Oasis's wound.

Oasis gave them both a pain ridden smile, but nonetheless a smile. "Don't worry...I'll be there with help you handle them. I won't let any of you have to pick up my slack... because of a few scratches." She had started sweating again, her leveled breathing becoming unstable again for a few seconds. "So...we're going to your old home, Mary? Where you used to live with Mrs. and Mr. Quartz and the others?"
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked down at Oasis, taking note of her grin, before she answered* Yeah, that's right
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis thought about it for a moment, using the conversation to distract herself from her wounds. "I never heard much..about your old home except from what my father told me..." She said. And then she spoke in a lower voice. " day we could take it back as our own huh?" Despite the condition that her wounds but her in, a fire was lit within her eyes, a fire of fierce compassion.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked and noticed that Oasis was slowly starting to get better. She gave a nod as she responded* Yeah, that's right. We will take this place back. We'll take the whole damn country back if we have to
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
And with that, the group continued on with Carlyle looking behind them every few minutes out of paranoia of them being followed by whatever it had been from before, or worse: That crusader woman and her followers. She didn't understand why things had to come down to death. The way she saw it was that both of their priorities was to stop evil was it not? And they weren't bad people, she and the group. However, they were treated as such, and sometimes it confused her when she thought too much about it.

The further they went into Edrain, the more air seemed to fill with tension, and the more creatures within began to show themselves, some of them peeking from the trees. But it wasn't until they finally got inside of the massive ruins of the country that things would began to make their presence known.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*When every moment Carlyle's attention returned to the path in front of them, the pounding of something's feet continued, and it was getting close enough now for it's heavy breathing to be heard. Even felt against Carlyle's back. But no matter what, whenever she turned around, the creature was no where to be seen*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis began to try to lift herself up the further they got, shifting more and more as the pain in her lower back began to become more of a sharp burning, like a hot poker being jammed further and further under her skin until it hit bone. She began to mutter in agony, gritting her teeth some but trying to keep her composure. She clutched her side harder, her breathing picking up.

Suddenly, while they were going through the ruins, Wulf yelled out, "BEHIND YOU!"

And the moment Rosemary turned around, she would find a pale grotesque face staring back at her, it's pale skin leathery with clots of blood under diseased sockets of feverish yellow. The middle of its forehead seemed to have some sort of opening slit that resembled a upside down cross. It's mouth was sitting agape, some of it's sharp teeth leaning to the right. It's head sat between the shoulders of a frail body, and the way it was crouched on the horse made the bony knees of it's long legs stick out.

((Wrath Wraiths))
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 Oasis began to try to lift herself up the further they got, shifting もっと見る and もっと見る as the pain in her
Windwakerguy430 commented…
I sure hope Jade's eating when she see's this 1年以上前
cosmic_fusions commented…
i was enjoying me some california rolls 1年以上前
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Well not anymore XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary's expression turned to shock before she reached for her blade at a quick movement, pulling it out, knowing that doing it before the creature struck was her best chance at surviving this encounter*
*As the group was distracted by the new creature, the original one continued to breath down the groups neck, picking up speed to catch them*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
The Wraith's long, thin fingers wrapped around Rosemary's elbow as the blade was swung at it, letting out an estranged Eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh sound that sounded as is it were blended in with sloshing saliva before it went to yank her off the horse completely.

However, the arm that Eros controlled reached back and snatched the creature by its throat in a crushing grip. "Stop squirming and fucking die!"

Meanwhile, Carlyle was more than sure now that something was behind them, feeling the hot breath of whatever it was breathing down their necks.

Wulf's eyes narrowed as he glanced behind them again to see what was chasing them this time.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Nothing was found as they turned, but each time they turned away, the creature felt as though it was getting closer*
*Rosemary watched as Eros' arm grabbed hold of the creatures throat. She used this to try and break from the monsters grasp as she spoke to Eros* Tear the fuckers throat out, Eros!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"You don't have to tell me twice," Eros's grip began to increase rapidly around the creature's throat, holding it at bay as it tried to lunge forward at them, it's long arms outstretching for its hands to try and tear at their eyes, and then trying to grab for Oasis. She was a little surprised at how strong the damn thing was, but the moment she saw it going for Oasis her only thought was to end it.

And then the creature let out an ear piercing shriek, grabbing Rosemary's head before it's neck was snapped and its body flopped across the ground after its fall.

Wulf looked around them as shrieks like the wrath wraith had let out tore into the air, immediately taking notice of the wraiths that peeked their heads around the corners, hissing at them and watching them from where they were. Waiting for their time to strike. And he also began to take notice of what was behind them.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary watches as the creatures body fell from the horse and onto the ground, before taking notice of the others that were around them. She gritted her teeth in anger as she thought* Don't hesitate, Eros. Kill all of them if they even get near us
*The creature that stalked them from behind remained hidden when they turned, but continued its pursuit as they looked away*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Don't worry about it, you just look after Oasis. Any more of those lanky little bastards that come our way are gettin' shredded." Eros responded.

"H-hey..I can still fight too!" Oasis stated firmly. "As long as I can still breath...I can still fight."

Carlyle finally drew one of her swords when the Wrath Wraiths started to follow them. She knew that she didn't want to have to hurt anything, but if she had no other choice to in order to help her new comrades, she would.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded to Eros, and with that, she continued to ride her horse forward, moving toward their destination as fast as they could*
*The hidden creature continued to chase the group, hiding from them when they turned around. Only now, as the creature was close to Carlyle, it's hand reached out to grab her*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle's ears were perked to their fullest potential now that she was watching the wraiths venture closer and closer to them. She stiffened some when one of them looked to be about to lunge at them, but never did. It was until she glanced back to see if any of them were trying to attack from behind did she have to look twice, gasping when she saw the hand reaching out to grab her. She swiped at the hand with her sword, the blunt end up her blade slicing off the tips of its fingers.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
The creature stepped back as he was slashed, and finally, if only for a moment, Carlyle caught a glimpse of the creature. It was.... hard to describe. Its flesh looking rotted and stretched, covered in hole, it's elongated tongue unable to remain in it's mouth. That was all she could make out before the creature disappeared again from her vision*

 The creature stepped back as he was slashed, and finally, if only for a moment, Carlyle caught a glim
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle's eyes widened when the creature that stalked them finally flickered into view. Even the brief glimpse at its disgusting form was enough to give her even more of a reason to want to get to somewhere safer. "U-uh guys! Guys, we have another problem!" Carlyle exclaimed, gripping her sword tightly and turning her body to where she could search for the creature.

"What's..what's going on back there?" Oasis asked in a manner that sounded more exhausted than when she had be speaking previously. She began shifting and trying to lift herself up, grunting in pain while keeping her side in a clutch.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary turned behind her to see what Carlyle was talking about, unable to see anything behind them, before she turned her attention to Oasis* Oasis, please, you need to rest for now. Let us worry about whatever the hell's attacking us
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis looked up at Rosemary, some variety of a frown coming to the corners of her lips as she managed to get a good look at the things that were around them, only to notice that not only that the others weren't there with them, but they were getting closer and closer to being completely surrounded.
She managed to pick herself up enough this time to rest herself against Rosemary's shoulder, her eyes darting from left to right while she breathed a little heavily just from the small motion of trying to get herself up straight. "W-we;re..being boxed in.." She breathed out to Rose.

"Hey, stop trying to push yourself so hard O!" Eros said. 'We said that we would take care of it, okay? Don't you trust us?"

Oasis let out a sigh. "Of course I do, with every last inch of me I do. I's hard to sit by and do nothing.." She went to reach for her sword with her other hand only for the realization of being a limb short dawned on her again, and her eyes lowered briefly.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked down briefly at Oasis before she spoke calmly to her* We all gotta do our part, Oasis. You've done enough already protecting us. Let us return the favor, alright?
*The Stalker continued to pursue the group. It's physical body was not there, but the blood from it's severed fingers could now be seen, staining the ground as it continued it's chase*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis looked at her with a vague longing in her eyes, giving a nod as her answer and looking down at her wound for a moment. It was only then did she remembered something, "Mary..take my pistol off of my hip and put it to some use." She said, knowing that she wouldn't have any use for it at the moment herself.

Carlyle's eyes followed after the blood, the shape of the creature painting itself from a dusty, unpleasant looking aura. And with keeping in mind that where the Stalker bled from was where she had sliced off its fingers, she was able to give herself a way of watching its movements.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a nod to Oasis as she reached for the pistol. In reality, she wasn't sure if it would work, since she never cared to use guns, and was probably a terrible shot, but as she pulled out the pistol, she immediately recognized it as one of Enricho's, the engraving in it, the stained steel that covered it, she couldn't mistake it. But she kept the thought to herself for now and kept an eye on their surroundings, holding the gun tightly*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis's body stiffened some suddenly, and she cringed, her jaw clenching until she heaved out another huff of steam that burned the ends of the horse's mane and caused it to almost sling them off. She coughed a few times, more clouds of hot air flowing from her lips. "Hey, how [i]f-fuck[ING/i]...far we?!" She coughed between her words while trying to get all of her words out.

"We have more company rear us." Wulf said dully as his horse caught a matching pace with Rosemary's. His eyes cut over at Oasis, and he knew that things were getting worse in more ways than one.

Carlyle kept her eyes on the bleeding Stalker,ready to fend it off if it tried to attack again. But then her attention was detoured by one of the wraiths jumping at them and grabbing on to the back of the saddle. She watched in utter disgust and horror as it's began to open up, flaps of skin peeling away from its face and opening to reveal some sort of beak like skull. But before it could, finish, she swung her blade at its arms, cutting them clean at the forearms and sending it tumbleweeding behind.

Trios of wraiths ran to attack the group one at a time until there were dozens of them attacking from all directions.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary's gaze turned from one thing to the other, taking not of Oasis' worsening state to the creatures that began to surround them. She was no longer sure if separating from the others was a good idea any longer, but she kept her attention on the creatures for now, prepared to kill any that got close*
*The Stalker continued it's pursuit, finally revealing itself as it chased the group, the blood already giving it away. It moved fast toward them, even knocking a few of the wraiths out of it's way in an attempt to get toward the others*
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle's ears lowered when she saw the creature behind them still trying to get to them. She looked both ways, and them all around them, noticing that they were surrounded. She felt something bubbling inside her with the anxiousness that swept over her. "What do we do?!" She asked, panicking some. Her hand swept her second sword from its place--cutting a few strands off of Wulf's mohawk in the process, and slashed at an angle at another one of the wraiths.

Wulf flicked his wrist, the snapping of some sort of mechanism being heard before four sharpened mini harpoons of led slid down his sleeve, and with the unseen pull of some sort of triggering mechanism, they flew from his arm and stabbed into a few of the wraiths that got to close. " "We keep going." He answered Carlyle blandly, turning and then yelling to Rosemary. Or rather talking loudly, enough for her to hear him. "I have a plan."
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*As Rosemary watched everyone try and fight off the wraiths, her attention was brought to Wulf, and she gave a nod* Aright. I'll take anything at this point. What's the plan?
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"We travel longer into city. Use ruins as advantage, kill off many at a time." Wulf responded. "I have useful weapon."

"Yeah...sounds good..." Oasis groaned, panting some as they road with their pursuers on their heels. She felt herself fading out of consciousness and stuck her finger inside of her wound, causing her to jolt up and grit her teeth.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a nod. She was never a tactical person, so she went along with whatever plan was available* Alright, sounds good to me. Let's go and get these damn things off us