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In the Country of Edrain, the towns and land was swept with chaos and destruction. People were filled with hatred and selfishness, attacking and harming others so that they may help themselves. In retaliation to their hateful lifestyle, the Ancient Ones, a race of immortal beings who pass judgement across the world, had decided to bring a deadly disease known as The Black Death, a plague that brought forth monsters. Animals were turned into nightmarish creatures, the dead were brought back to life in many shapes and sizes, and those greedy enough to only care for themselves were turned into demons, witches, or other such monsters. Humanity was left to fend for themselves, damning the Ancient Ones and living to protect themselves. However, a band of hunters have plotted to move across the country of Edrain to help those who need it. They only help in order to aid those who need it, and do so selflessly, in hopes of pleasing the Ancient Ones so that they may bring an end to the curse on Edrain.

Monsters - Each monster is different, and brute force isn’t the only way to defeat them. Strategy and teamwork will also be needed
Cerberus Spawns - Black dogs with red eyes with an eternal hunger that not even human flesh can satisfy, yet still pursue humans due to their hunger driving them mad.

Winged Demons - Humans that have done the worst deeds imaginable, turning their human form into that of a hideous demon that wishes for nothing but the blood of humans.

Deserted - Long forgotten corpses that have grown hateful for their abandonment, with their eyes on the palm of their hands, as their head has become nothing more than one large mouth.

Witches - A witch's appearance depends on their past human self. If they were kind and selfless, they have the appearance of a beautiful woman, but a hateful and greedy witch is ugly and murderous.

Silent Sea - The corpse of a whale long left to rot at the bottom of the sea, now brought back as a vengeful spirit to destroy the ships that pass through it’s ocean.

Berserker - Common criminals and murderers who have been imprisoned in their own mind, unable to grasp human sanity, and have been turned into mad warriors with a lust for fighting.

Gargoyles - Once the stone guardians of large cities, they have been brought to life by the Black Death, and have become the destruction of once mighty towns and the deaths of hundreds.

Flesh Taker - Massive skeletons that have been created from the many bones of their victims. Some are still incomplete, lacking the right amount of bones to complete their massive bodies.

Lich - An undead warlock that have returned as vengeful spirits for their wrongful death. They bring death and destruction, as their bodies carry the Black Death and their magic is as strong as that of an Ancient One.

Corrupted - Zombie like townsfolk that have been corrupted and are in the early stages of turning. They have already become violent and murderous, and no hope remains for them.

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms and has quicker attacks. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Flynn: Yes, well now you know. And I'll make sure you see one again.
Helga: I've always wanted one. *smiles a little through her sadness*
Flynn: There are instruments as well.
Helga: ..Instruments?
Flynn: Yes, that's what makes the music.
Helga: *gasps* Really?! I want the instrument!
Flynn: There's many out there.. Like the violin, or the flute, or guitar, or piano..
Helga: The flute and piano sound the most appealing..
Flynn: Yes. One you tap it, and the other one you blow on it.
Helga: They sound difficult.
Flynn: Not really. I'll teach you if we ever get the chance to stumble upon one.
Helga: Thanks.. You turned this.. date.. into something that I would actually enjoy.. *breaks off a tiny piece of chocolate and gives it to the clone of Wiezen*
Flynn: ...Helga?
Helga: Hmph? *turns to him*
Flynn: ..I know it's none of my business, but.. Sometimes the person you love can turn out to be the wrong one.
Helga: *slightly perks her ears*
Flynn: You'll drown yourself for keeping him afloat for too long. And I don't want that to happen to you. I don't want to see your world break down because of one man. Not every love story is-
Helga: ..Get out.
Flynn: Huh?
Helga: ..I said.. Get out..
Flynn: I..
Helga: GET OUT!!!! *an invisible force pushes Flynn backward as her eyes become slits* Out, out, out!!!
Flynn: *nods quickly* I'm.. Sorry.. *grabs his things and leaves*
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *growls as she watches him leave* As if I don't know that.. Hmph.. He'll come back for our date, right? *looks at the clone* He promised earlier we would have one. He knows what I said was not true. ..The Wiezen I know keeps his promises.
The clone: What. Ever. You say. My Helga.
Helga: *organizes the other side of the picnic blanket where her date was suppose to be sitting* He'll come back.. He'll notice me and compliment me.. *fills up a glass of wine for him when he returns, then sets it in his side. She then gathers the rats and spiders, leaving it as a plate in the center* Hmm, ah! *makes a candle appear in the center of the blanket, lighting it on fire with her finger* There. Do you think he'll like the touch?
The Clone: *nods slowly*

And then she waited. She waited and waited and waited. And it began to rain. The drops of water sprinkled slowly, then it began to pour. Yet no matter which weather, the nymph remained in the same spot as she watched the fire in front of her die, and her hair was now soaking wet as her eyeliner and mascara was running down her cheeks - not from crying, rather from the rain. She took another sip of her wine as she stared at the empty space while shivering and hugging herself.

The clone: Master-
Helga: I did not ask you to speak. Please don't.. *sniffles as the rain continues to soak her black dress*


Just for now.

I won't fail you, ever again.


I love you.

Our adventure.





Hang yourself.



Helga's eyes were slits as she repeated each word in her head, over and over again for what seemed to be an eternity, staring into the nothingness as the rain continued to pour and soak her.

1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga finally moved an inch from her spot, sniffing and wiping away what seemed to be messy mascara on her face. The cup, still full of wine for her partner, was now tipping over because of the rain. The rats and spiders would no longer taste good for they had lost the warmth in them. The witch just sat there.

Just for now.
Just for now.
Just for now.
Just for now.
Just for now.
Just for now.
Just for now.
Just for now.
Just for.. Just forever.

The witch leans back and rests her body against Wiezen's clone who remains perfectly still and seated. She uses him as a pillow to rest on and gaze at the stars from above as black tears began to slowly drip down her face.
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga finally perked her ears at the third call, but didn't bother to move only after a few minutes. She releases a sigh of fatigue, standing up from her position. The witch sniffed in the air, quickly distorting her face as she inhaled the smell of vomit and liquor. She made Wiezen's clone disappear before looking for where the voice came from.
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
An invisible force grabbed Buroa by the neck, making her drop Wiezen gently before she is lifted from the ground as she is thrown against a tree by the powers of a heartbroken witch. Helga emerges from the shadows, taking a step forward and revealing herself with the moon's light. Her hair was now droopy and wet, while her skin was now numb to the cold for shivering all night. She spoke in an emotionless voice, but it was visible the rage boiled within her soul. She just stared down at the warlock and didn't say a word, she was too angry to speak. Too angry to even react. She just glared at the Oni who she had just thrown across the path.

Helga: What. Did. You. Do?
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
The oni Buroa stood up and cracked her neck. She growled. "You dare accuse me of---GET OUTTA THE WAY!!" She jumped and pushed Helga out of the path of another streak of crimson lightning, but didn't dare leave Wiezen unprotected. She took the bolt of lightning head on this time, the molten orange of her horns returning as she held it at bay for as long as it was there. "Black magic..." She growled, the lightning effecting her only in a minor way. She held her hand out to the side and her club withered out of a deforming light and into her hands, noticing that the dropping rain was no longer making a sound when it hit the ground and surroundings. It was just...silence.

There was a hole in Wiezen's chest that began to spread, tearing open wider, his lifeless eyes widening as if he were about to scream as his body cringed. But a scream never came forth as his body writhed in agony.

"Wiezen!" Another bolt of the lightening struck down towards Wiezen's body, but Buroa intercepted it, swinging her club with a roar and deflecting it off into the woods where it struck through numerous trees and drained them off life. "HELP HIM WITCH!!" She yelled to Helga, her voice roaring in a more beastly manner. Another bolt of lightning struck at Wiezen, but this time faster and with a greater size. She didn't have enough time to deflect this one, but quickly placed her free hand near the upper part of the club and managed to at least block it, though at the cost of her being thrown backwards across the air and sliding across the ground as she made impact.
Wiezen's bag tumbled across the ground and hit one the trees, while the large gourd landed closer to its owner. Another bolt of the lightning struck, but this time towards Helga. However, it was stopped in its tracks when Buroa threw her gourd just in time to stop the strike.
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *raises an eyebrow as she witnesses the events passing by, then glances down at Wiezen. She leaned forward at him, simply just observing the warlock.* You're not slow or stupid or crazy. I am. For giving you everything in return for nothing. For expecting such amazing things from you. Oh, correction, in return for lightning bolts. I hope you don't expect me to help you, honey. You're the mighty warlock, aren't you? You're the one who casted himself away in an hourglass. The one who summoned the demon to scar his lover forever. The one who does the impossible. So what is your plan now, hm? Wow.. This is quite a sight. You're hurt and I'm actually not crying. Not crying, or not killing myself to save you. This is a weird sensation.. Kinda feels good in the same token. Is this how Alzul feels? I did my hair for you, you know? I dressed nicely and you didn't even bother to glance at me. Not one second. You didn't bother to look back, leaving me on our date. Then why should I now? Hah. ..Our adventure, huh? *stands back up, she secretly places her hand on the hole of his chest and left it there for a few seconds, murmuring a few words as her eyes turned black* That should get you through it.. But just a little. *stands back up* Sorry, I can't and won't help him. He's on his own. My potions and spells might be off. Since according to him I fed him poison earlier. It would be a shame if I messed up on saving him, now would it? Don't want to feed him my messy potions. Oh, and don't worry, this disaster will last.. Just for now. *grins creepily at the Oni* I'll be off protecting those in need of me. *returns to the center of the camp and sets a purple forcefield that surrounds the perimeter of their settlement, preventing the bolts of lightening from cracking through*
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *looks at the Oni yelling at her with an apathetic expression, then rolls her eyes.* Blah Blah Blah.. *The appearance of Alzul didn't even seem to frightened her. She was aware of his presence all along. All hail King Alzul.. *watches as Buroa escapes* Aw, she looks like a bunny hopping through the fields. *Continues to maintain her forcefield up for a little longer before expanding it further out*
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *waves her hand sarcastically at her* ..Please do take care of him, better than I ever did! ...And tell him I'm sorry I betrayed him. *leaves a small message secured in Wiezen's mind* I can't care for you if I can't care for myself. You'll be better off with her.. And you'll start a whole new adventure.. *droops her ears slightly* I love you. And It'll hurt.. But just for now.. I'm sorry I failed you, but I am no longer strong enough to keep you alive. I feel as if my time is coming soon.. You're not stupid or any of such I said. You are what you have always been: Amazing, brilliant.. Handsome.. Devoted.. Strong... Loyal.. But, perhaps one day the stars will align for us to meet again, where we both are finally.. okay. *leaves the barrier up for the night as she walks around the perimeter of the tent, mostly staying by Rosemary's settlement.*
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (Rests in his tent, but still unable to sleep)

Rosemary: (Sleeps in a small tent)

Franziska: (Doesn't sleep in a tent, and instead, rests in a tree)
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga remains pacing around the camp with the barrier still up until she witnesses the crack of dawn. She undos her purple forcefield, clapping her hands around the settlement to wake everyone up.

Helga: ..Alright everyone! New day for us all. We'll be heading to the capital as in right now! *packs at the tents in one bag* And Rosemary, I have a surprise for you.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: You do? What is it?
Enricho: (Packs his things in silence)
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Flynn: *steps out his tent and packs it*
Helga: *turns her head toward Flynn* Thank you for opening my eyes. Now let's go! *drags Rosemary with her rather harshly*
Flynn: Wait, the picnic-
Helga: *looks back and sees that the picnic blanket is still set, along with the two glasses; one full and the other empty with a burnt candle in the middle* I'll leave it. I buried my first date there.
Flynn: Where's Wiezen?
Helga: With.. Someone.. Nothing that we should stick our minds into.. *glances down at Rosemary* Oh, and about your present, It's a building! Full of children your age! You'll meet lots of new friends. *expands her creepy grin*
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: (Gets a confused look) What do you mean, Rosemary?
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: You'll see.. *looks up at Enricho who's walking ahead of everyone* Do you mind if we make a quick stop in town before going to retrieve your money? It won't take much of your time.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: Fine. Let's go
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: Thank you..

** * **

The witch, the girl, the psychopath, the alchemist, and the hunter continued walking through the forest until they all heard the sounds of distant laughter and chatting. They were already entering the town after a few hours of walking. Helga grasped Rosemary's hand tightly, releasing a sigh.

Helga: *glances at the others* I'll be quick, I promise.. *looks down at Rosemary* Follow me, little human! *leads her the opposite way to their destination which seemed to be a tall, loud building that ended the small town*
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: I don't know if I like this
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: Nonsense! *drags her inside the building and checks in with a lady on a counter, then looks back at Rosemary.* Helga needs to take care of things. So you'll be here for a while, alright? There are plenty of kids your age that you can be friends with. They'd love to be your friend! *pulls out a small vial from her bag* This is a potion. A teleportation one. You drink it, then think about wherever you want to be and it'll take you there. But this is for emergencies only, understood? Unless there's a monster attacking this town, you cannot use this for anything else. It has up to five uses I believe, depending on how big your gulp is. *hands her the potion* Keep it. Look! *points and a few children who are peeking at her behind a door* See how they want to have fun?
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: (Looks at their children, their eyes looking haunting and fearful) I don't like this place, Helga
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: You're just scared! Don't worry, I get scared sometimes too. But not any more, and nor will you.. *pats her head as she squats down and unexpectedly gives her a warm, tight hug* I love you, my little human.. You just need to stay here until I come back, alright? Can you do that for your favorite witch? I'm saying goodbye, Rosemary. But just for now.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: (Doesn't say anything, just not wanting to stay here)
???: (An woman comes out) Hello, I'm Lillian. I see you have a new child here for us
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *secretly sniffs the woman and denies the handshake* ..Good morning. Yes, Yes I do. Her name is Rosemary. *pushes her a bit towards the woman* She's really shy, but very nice with others. I must get going now..
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Lillian: Oh, of course. (Closes the door) Please, do take care, miss
Rosemary: Helga- (The door closes before she can say another word)
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *releases a sigh* Remember the potion is for emergencies, my little human.. *slowly walks away from the building as she returns to the others*
Flynn: Where's Rosemary?
Helga: The place where I should've sent her in the first place.. The orphanage..
Flynn: Oh..
Helga: Well, my job here is done.
Flynn: What?
Helga: I took care of what I needed to do, so I shall no longer be a trouble for you all, and Enricho will be able to get to the capital with no bothers and get his money.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: You left Rosemary at the orphanage?! (Stays up, a look of worry on his face)

Lilliana: (Turns from the door, her caring smile now turned into a sinister frown) Now, child, it's time for us to get to work
Rosemary: (Takes the potion and tries to use it)
Lilliana: (Snatches the potion out of her hand before she can use it) What is this? Some sort of witchcraft? (Violently slaps Rosemary, sending her across the room) There is no magic allowed in a place like this, you pathetic child. I guess you'll need to be taught more than I thought. Just like the other children here
Jade_23 commented…
First 日 of school reference tbh 1年以上前
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: Well, yes. Isn't that where you send children without parents? I can't care for her.. My time is coming soon and I need someone to watch over her who isn't me. -Ow! *suddenly feels an immense pain in her head* Argh..
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Franziska: Helga, what's wrong?
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *her eyes become slits as she hisses, glaring back at the orphanage* Ssshit.. That isn't the orphanage I thought it was. *quickly runs back to the building*
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Lillian: (Opens the door, as if she was waiting for Helga, with a smile) Hello, miss. May I help you
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *snarls at her with her slitted eyes* You will give me Rosemary back before I break your neck. *forces the door to open, throwing her aside*
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
(Once she does, a guard, with the Capital insignia on his uniform, grabs hold of Helga and keeps hold of her)
Lillian: Your Rosemary? Last I checked, you gave her up. Once you do, there's nothing you can do about it. She's property of the Capital now. She'll be made into a fine Hunter for the Capital. That is if we don't drive her insane from the training first. Not all children can learn to be Hunter's so easily. That's why we just let them die. If their no use as Hunter's, they are no use to anyone. Why else would they be in an orphanage? The Capital does pay quite a lot of money to keep orphanages like ours around Edrain up and running
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: HUNTER?! *thinks about Enricho for a second* ..I didn't even sign the papers, therefore she is not under the capital's system!!! She shall become no such thing! None of these children will!!! Not under your obedience!!! *looks at Rosemary who's in the corner crying, then notices the bruise* ..You.. Touched her? ..YOU SLAPPED HER?!?!

Helga, the woman known for her beauty and attractiveness, was no more. With her magic, she turned into a monster and freed herself from the guard. And this time, it was unrecognizable. Hideous. Grotesque. Terrifying. Her limbs creepily elongated twice the size, with claws emerging at the ends, and her back tore open and it twisted forward and made room for what seemed to be a long abdomen. Her gorgeous caramel hair turned black, and her face resembled the face of an old woman, more of her true age. The children in the orphanage began to scream at the scene. The rather disturbing creature sinks it's teeth on the guard's neck, biting his head off and tossing it aside. The monster began to crawl on all fours, rapidly crawling toward Lillian in attempt to bite her neck off.

Helga: Thou shall not get away! I will tear your limbs apart and eat you and use your skin as a pillow!!! HAHAHA!!! *laughs maniacally as she continues to crawl forward*
 Helga: HUNTER?! *thinks about Enricho for a second* ..I didn't even sign the papers, therefore she is
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
(The guards take out a set of pistols and aim at her)
Enricho: (From a hidden spot, he shoots the pistols out of their hands, disarming them) (Helga had better get out of there fast)
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *The monster ignores Enricho's appearance, and instead she grabs Lillian by the neck with her claws, then stabs her against a pole and begins slowly choking her while staring deeply into her soul.* YOU DO NOT EVER GET TO LAY A FINGER ON MY LITTLE HUMAN, BECAUSE I'LL BREAK ALL OF YOURS!!!! *Lillian's fingers begin to twist and bend in abnormal ways until they were torn off, making her scream in agony* YES, YES! HOW DOES THAT FEEL? BEING THE ONE THAT IS HOPELESS AND BEAT?!
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: (Watches the scene in horror, her childlike innocence seeming to fade in her eyes as she sees what Helga does)
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
The creature finishes off Lillian by shaking her neck in her jaws as if she was some sort of chew toy, ending by being thrown through the glass window. Helga glares at the other guards, her look enough to scare a few away. As Enricho shoots others, she quickly crawls up to the guard that tries to touch the children, where she immediately sticks her giant hand through his chest, ripping his heart out and eating it herself. She swings her long arm around, tripping over the remaining and killing them by breaking their necks.

Helga: ARGHHHHHHH!!!! *pants heavily as she slowly converts herself back to her beautiful and attractive witch form* Idiots.. *looks at the other kids* If i were you, I'd run before more guards come and take you away. *glances at Rosemary* ..Let's go, Rosemary. *looks at Enricho* We're done here..
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: (Stares at Helga in fear)
Enricho: (Can only look at the violence around them)
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: What?! *glances at Rosemary* She laid a finger on you, what else was I suppose to do?! Let you be dragged and taken away from me to live a new adventure with a troll?! *grabs her hand and drags her out the building with the hunter* We'll find somewhere else where you can stay. Enricho will take care of you while I'm gone.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: (Pulls her hand away from Helga, giving her a different look) Don't touch me! You.... Monster! You didn't have to kill them! But you did it anyway! You killed them without thinking about any other way! You're just a monster!
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: Pfft, yeah, and this monster just saved your ass! *glares at her with slitted eyes* And it was about time you realized what I was. You're staying with Enricho, whether you like it or not.. Or else I'll eat you in your sleep if you try to escape, got that?! *calms herself then looks at Enricho* I'm leaving. Keep my side of the money. And don't let anything happen to her. And.. I'm sorry for using you. I still love you.
Flynn: What?! You can't leave, your my tutor-
Helga: *glares at him* You can stay with me if you can find me, which is highly unlikely for a pathetic alchemist like you. *looks back at Enricho, lowering her defenses a little* Take care.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (Before Helga is able to leave, Enricho grabs hold of her hand, but rather in a rough way that one would expect from him, it's in a caring way, barely keeping his grip on her hand) Helga. Remember when I said that we needed you in this group? You know more about the world than any of us. You said you'd wish for me to stay in this group. I still don't fully trust you, not after what happened, but I trust you enough to stay in this group. Now I need you to trust me so you may stay in this group
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: I..I can't.. I, I just can't.. You don't understand, he wants my he- I mean, I just need time for myself. Understood? I'll be back. I just don't know.. When. I'll contact you everyday if you want, but I can't handle this right now, okay? Please let me do something for myself this once.. I can't even handle being in public while looking like this.. I feel a burning sensation in my chest.. I'm just so angry, I could kill anyone at sight right now.. My magic is darkening for the acts I've committed.. I let everyone down, and I just need time to think about things, alright? I need time to heal.. I'll be gone.. But.. Just for now.. *releases herself from his grasp, then kisses his exposed forehead* ..For Good luck..
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: Alright. Take care then (Let's go of her hand and let's her go)
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: *smiles at him while releasing a sigh* Thank you.. I have enchanted your swords, and now they are indestructible in case you need repairing.. *lifts her eyes at the others, then lowers them at Rosemary* Goodbye.. *turns around before expanding her arms and disappearing into thin air*
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: ..... (Turns to the group) Come on. We can't stay here. We're heading to the Capital now
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Flynn: *lowers his eyes with a sigh and grasps his bag of potions tightly, then slowly nods* Yes.. Let's get this finished.. *follows behind Enricho and the group*
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (Starts walking to the Capital, not saying anything)
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Please! Just this once, I NEED this favor! I can't just sit around idly while something like this happens! And neither should you all! Because chances are, if things are going to be as bad as I've already seen then we're all gonna get dragged down into it whether we like it or not! So what the hell!?" Buroa exclaimed. "You people are really starting piss me off! I DID NOT come all this way and take all of these precautions coming through The Rift, THE RIFT FOR CHRIST SAKE, just to here some bullshit excuses about Oni law!" The Rift was a portal that was built a very long time ago by the ancients of her kind to get from The Cave and back faster, mainly with transporting things such as oni soldiers or prisoners that they used to keep. But ever since The Rift had been broken in a tussle with a beast made solely from the Black Death, it became infested with a bunch of mindless but ferocious ogres who attacked anything they saw on sight. It also was a free way for some Oni to get to towns where they would live around humans of sorts. Ever since then, barely anyone used it anymore. And The Cave was mostly just that, a cave. But when you venture further inside, you would have the easiest access if you were to be an Oni. The Cave would lead to the forests that mostly only the Onikind inhabited. Until a big part of their race got screwed over by the Ancient Ones, so they had their fair share of corrupteds and many other creatures that they would end up hunting for food. And now she was on the other side of the rift trying to persuade them in helping her keep things balanced and safe, and they wanted to talk about conduct and laws.

"We do not have any benefit, nor interest in assisting people who can assist themselves. We--"

"Save it! To hell with you cowards! If you decide to give me a hand with this, then thank you. If not, then go fuck an ogre!" Buroa said, drinking from her gourd. "At least I know that my real family will know what's at stake and back me up on this one." She said, turning and leaving. Returning to the mountains where The Rift was located, she walked through the barrier and within minutes, was finally back down into mountain's lower forests where she first went to a town of stone to pick up something to eat, having go through the process of waiting for the guards to open the barrier Afterwards, she walked a few minutes out by a pond that was filled solely with enchanted sake that healed wounds up to a point. Beside the pond was a safe cottage like structure that she had taken the liberty of putting up to three layers of barriers seals around since it was where she had left Wiezen to rest, keeping intruders out. Since it she was the owner of this cottage, despite not being there in over a hundred years, she could walk through freely. She entered inside and immediately went to Wiezen's side as he laid there on a hammock of sheep skins and soft pillows stuffed with a yak's fur. She had already laid in in the pond of healing sake twice. Once the sake healed those wounds, not even poison potions could reopen them. She sighed, taking his hand in both of hers gently for a moment, looking at him with eyes of care and worry. "Come on Waterworks...." She said almost silently. "You can make it....and I swear we'll have as many drinks as you want...." The hole that had been in his chest had widened immensely by the time she had made it here after the incident occurred, but at least it had closed some compared to then, now that he had been put into the pond and all. And his cringing wasn't as bad as it had been before either and she could say the same about his breathing. But there were moments when he had stopped breathing completely, and even his heart stopped beating.

Wiezen's breathing was heavy, and he was sweating a lot. But as he rested over time,
he was gradually healing.


"Filth.." Alzul said as he held the heads of two witches out in front of him, one being a willing dark witch that had served him, the other being the head of a more....forced "good" witch who was...not so willing. Both of them considered traitors on his behalf, both slaughtered in their homes. But it all came to terms because as much as she struggled, he still got what he had wanted, and her body was fed to a few deserteds that he had kept starving for some time. Instead of sending someone to do it, he wanted to handle it up close and personal. "Whelp, that's that." He laughed for a while and then starting to whistle as he walked through an awaiting portal. Everything was almost complete. The "project" or rather...experiment, was already one step away from being finished. Not only that, but he had picked up a few other....accessories along the way. The portal closed behind him with a loud clapping sound, leaving only his laughter to drift in echos.
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The witch reappears back into the woods, but not the woods she was just in. Rather, the familiar woods where she met Enricho and Rosemary. Helga seemed to be carrying something, something that she held with care of love. It was a record player who, one whom she stole it from a restaurant and killed the waitress to do so. She quietly hummed while walking back home. And when she did, she had encountered a mess of a house done by a berserker. She rolled her eyes and released a groan at the sight of her house in pieces. But no matter at all, she just fixed the house back up as if it was brand new. The witch settles the record player before fixing anything else.