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In the Country of Edrain, the towns and land was swept with chaos and destruction. People were filled with hatred and selfishness, attacking and harming others so that they may help themselves. In retaliation to their hateful lifestyle, the Ancient Ones, a race of immortal beings who pass judgement across the world, had decided to bring a deadly disease known as The Black Death, a plague that brought forth monsters. Animals were turned into nightmarish creatures, the dead were brought back to life in many shapes and sizes, and those greedy enough to only care for themselves were turned into demons, witches, or other such monsters. Humanity was left to fend for themselves, damning the Ancient Ones and living to protect themselves. However, a band of hunters have plotted to move across the country of Edrain to help those who need it. They only help in order to aid those who need it, and do so selflessly, in hopes of pleasing the Ancient Ones so that they may bring an end to the curse on Edrain.

Monsters - Each monster is different, and brute force isn’t the only way to defeat them. Strategy and teamwork will also be needed
Cerberus Spawns - Black dogs with red eyes with an eternal hunger that not even human flesh can satisfy, yet still pursue humans due to their hunger driving them mad.

Winged Demons - Humans that have done the worst deeds imaginable, turning their human form into that of a hideous demon that wishes for nothing but the blood of humans.

Deserted - Long forgotten corpses that have grown hateful for their abandonment, with their eyes on the palm of their hands, as their head has become nothing more than one large mouth.

Witches - A witch's appearance depends on their past human self. If they were kind and selfless, they have the appearance of a beautiful woman, but a hateful and greedy witch is ugly and murderous.

Silent Sea - The corpse of a whale long left to rot at the bottom of the sea, now brought back as a vengeful spirit to destroy the ships that pass through it’s ocean.

Berserker - Common criminals and murderers who have been imprisoned in their own mind, unable to grasp human sanity, and have been turned into mad warriors with a lust for fighting.

Gargoyles - Once the stone guardians of large cities, they have been brought to life by the Black Death, and have become the destruction of once mighty towns and the deaths of hundreds.

Flesh Taker - Massive skeletons that have been created from the many bones of their victims. Some are still incomplete, lacking the right amount of bones to complete their massive bodies.

Lich - An undead warlock that have returned as vengeful spirits for their wrongful death. They bring death and destruction, as their bodies carry the Black Death and their magic is as strong as that of an Ancient One.

Corrupted - Zombie like townsfolk that have been corrupted and are in the early stages of turning. They have already become violent and murderous, and no hope remains for them.

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms and has quicker attacks. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
The masked stranger stood there and let himself be attacked before his body molded into a melted clay like form, bringing Helga's attacking to a stop as his body hardened again, a grin coming to his face from behind his mask. "Nonsense is what your small brain revolves around, cow." He dispersed into a block of birds for a brief moment before reforming, his foot stepping on the back of the witch's head and pushing her face into the ground forcefully. He began to ground his foot violently as he spoke. "That poor li-ul bastard child. Constantly screaming oot for help in agony. Sufferin'. Wailin' while his wee mind is twisted and the skin upon his body is slowly torn little by little. And that woman, Emma, has quite the charm she does. She sinks her fangs into him. Curses him. Tell me, does that sound like nonsense to you?" He laughed. "And Alzul is goin' to make it his business to do woorse." His attention turned back to Macross. "Soo, tis yoor outlook? Come on noow, yoo're practically cravin' it. You can start by gettin' rid of the flies aroond us."

Macross didn't say anything for a moment. She narrowed her eyes down at Helga for a second or so before turning back to the stranger. She glanced back at Enricho and Sonni before turning back to the stranger.

"Oss don't listen to him! He's the one that's helping the fuckers who have Weiss! THEY'RE your enemies! Didn't you just hear what he said?!" Sonni yelled. "Listen to me damn it!"

"Ironic isn't it?" Macross spoke finally, wincing at the pain in her side. "This...just might be the way I have to go in order for you sacks of trash to stay outta my way. I'm tired of you people butting in anyways. A bunch of annoyances...and besides, Sonni. You're siding with the witch right?"
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga muffled on the ground for a moment before another snap was heard, and the stranger's leg had abnormally broken backwards, releasing the witch after a while. She stood back up and the first thing she saw was the eerie creature on her hind legs, patiently waiting on being used. But she didn't. She refused to even with the information given to her. She looked at Macross but didn't say a word. Whichever decision she was taking would result in a cycle of death. Instead, her eyebrows knitted and she suddenly made steel cuffs appear on one of her wrists, and the other cuff on the strangers' wrist. The cuffs adjusted when he molded and latched onto whatever he turned into.

Helga: Fine then, we'll do it this way. Now you have no other choice. Like I said, Take. Me. To. Him He will listen to what I have to say. Probably make fun of me, but unlike any other villain I met, Alzul listens!
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Is that wha yoo think? Yoo think that Alzul is goin' to listen to a cuck such as yoorself? The level of ignorance and naive that you produce is pitiful. Did yoo not think thatI came prepared? I'll mention that if I don't return then the lad dies, he does. Which means that I don' have go anywhere." The stranger's leg twisted back into place, his voice feeling with irritation as he spoke. "Such a sad attempt. But ah must admit that ah'm amused. Ah have no other choice, yoo say? Ah certainly have many. Think about yoor words carefully. Who is it that has noo choice in this situation? Yoo're at a loss. Yoo've left your offspring with a human, fatherless and unprotected. And now yoo're here." He chuckled. "This only means that yoo get to watch." His attention turned to Macross. "Well then?"

Macross furrowed her brow as she grabbed the pistol she had dropped. She rotated the chamber as she began to hum lightly as she turned to Sonni and Enricho. She looked between the two for a moment. "Someone told me to find my anchor. But anchors drag you down...and drown you."

Sonni stood up slowly. "Macross...what are you..." She took a half step back. "Listen to's not worth it...whatever you're thinkin'...we're sisters...we can relax...kick back with each other and talk about it like we always do. Right?"

"Close your eyes Sonni." Macross said, her arm lifting the pistol. "It'll only hurt for a second."
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: You're wrong. I left them in good hands!

Her ears twitched to the sound of a click!, and her attention turned to Macross aiming the gun at Sonni.

Helga: What the-?!?

The witch quickly drags the stranger with her in her cuffs, quickly standing in front of Sonni and Enricho. She glared down at Macross.

Helga: What has gotten into you?! Look at you!!! Look what you're about to do!!! *tilts her head back* Run!!! Run to the settlement!!! *she sets a forcefield upon them* And take care of my kids!!! Make sure Jr. gets his 12 hours of sleep! A-And braid Zealia's hair into two parts, she likes it that way! And Elijah needs to wear his hat no matter how much he refuses! And Jacob needs to be fed milk every three hours! I've got this, you're sister will be alright! I'll heal her!

The witch soon sets a strong forcefield that surrounded herself, the stranger, and Macross in the bubble. She pleaded the others to leave and to check on her children.
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"What?! No, hell no! Fuck no! You are NOT about to keep pushing shit onto us like that's the only thing we're here to do goddamn it!" Sonni snapped.

"Such a shame. I suppose my objective is complete." The stranger used the distraction to severe his arm with no hesitation what so ever, leaving only the limb to follow Helga as his arm burned into cinders. He dispersed into a flock of crimson and white crows before evaporating completely.

Macross watched after the man as he made his escape, her expression an empty canvas. "You...are really...starting to get on my nerves." She said, turning towards Helga. "And now he's gone. All because you like to try and get in where you don't fit. Ty podlaya suka blya. I ya terpet' ne mogu tebya." She spit at Helga's feet. "And just like that...." She lifted the pistol to the same side of her head that she had before.

Sonni's eyes widened, her heart already hammering in her chest. "N-No! Put it down damn it, don't you fucking dare!"

Macross's finger squeezed the trigger, but only a click was heard. "You've lost." She tossed it aside. "I...fucking hate you. You just can't seem to see that you're doing nothin' but makin' that worse. Maybe Weiss is better off with Emma than having to be targeted because of your shit. Ever think about that? And what, you really thought that bastard was really gonna just up and take you to Alzul? How fucking dumb can you be?" She paused for a brief moment. "How fucking stupid can you be?!?" She yelled this time, shoving her back against the barrier. "And what?! You were going to try and pull that "let me take his place instead" bullshit?! And then what?! He'd just slaughter everybody else anyways! Oh, did you think Emma was going to let you off easy too?! You're a fucking joke that's not funny at all, I don't need your help. Your magic. Nothing. I don't need ANYTHING from you." She turned her head, glancing at Sonni. "And what? The fuck do you want from me huh? Stop being dead weight and pick your shit." She growled harshly before turning back to Helga. "Move. I'm not interested in anything you have to say unless its you gurgling your blood after I stab you in the throat."

Sonni wanted to say something, but she could only splutter out broken fragments of words. But as soon as she found what she wanted to say boiling at the tip of her tongue, she felt a hand on her shoulder. And then she heard Bonnus's voice.

"Let them be..." Bonnus said in a whisper before leading her and Enricho away, even if they refused. She was only there for a blink of an eye before they were gone.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (Sighs) *It seems that there's no way Macross will trust Helga. Not after what happened*
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga only remained in silence, even with Macross yelling at her. Her ears drooping as she slid against the barrier and sat down, burying her head within her arms, trembling slightly as tears began to swell in her eyes.

Helga: Forgive me Weiss... But I promise I'll make it up to you.... Somehow...
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Macross clutched her side and turned away from her, letting out a silent groan before kicking the barrier. "Open it. I don't have time for this. If you wanna sulk then you can sulk by yourself." She said sharply, covering her mouth for as she coughed blood into her hand, the crimson seeping from between her fingers. She inhaled a gulp of air letting out a shaky exhale. If she still had the mark, she would have held better against him. I could've taken'em...I could've taken"em. She repeated in her head. "Get rid of this stupid fucking bubble."


Bonnus had taken the others back to the place that they had decided to settle down. She let out a sigh as well, her eyes closing as she held Sonni in her arms, sensing that she was both angered and confused by what Macross had said to her.

Sonni shivered some in Bonnus's embraced, her eyes watering. Dead weight.... She gulped down the words that wanted to fire off into air, feeling as if she almost choked while doing so. "What the fuck Oss...." She mumbled to herself silently.
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1年以上前 The_Real_Dio said…
Crazard taps on the barrier to get Helga's attention and when he does he opens his robe to drop several hundred dead flowers onto the ground, and rights on the barrier with his blood "Friend?"
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Blackmore: (Places his feet on the table, his massive black boots revealing both dried mud and blood from use) So, you're saying that the man you followed was a hunter
Soldier: Yes sir. That's right
Blackmore: Well, I guess we found the guy... But why didn't you try and stop him?
Soldier: Uh... W-well, sir...
Blackmore: You just decided to leave and give him enough time to run off?
Soldier: Uh... Sir, you see
(Before the soldier could respond, Blackmore grabbed the soldier by his face, and lifted him off the ground with ease. He swung the soldier down and smashed him through the table, followed by smashing his body repeatedly into the floor until he was badly unconscious, and he threw him to the side of the room)
Blackmore: Alright, men. Let's move on. I want to find this piece of shit as soon as possible
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga ignored Macross and kept her head buried in her lap. She wasn't going to pop the bubble until things were fixed. But then her ears perked and she raised her head when she felt a tap against her barrier. The witch turned to the mysterious Lich, and her eyes scattered when she saw all the dead flowers that fell from his coat. She would've picked them up and fixed them, but she couldn't bring down her barrier. Instead, she just forced a smile at Crazered and nodded in somewhat confusion and appreciation. She offered him a seat outside the barrier, but her attention went to Macross for a moment and the frown appeared on her face again.

Helga: Forgive me but I am not bringing the barrier down until we fix things between us... And until things settle down... You hurt your sister... And your lover... I want us to talk for a while as I heal you.
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
" fix. We're way passed that point you son of a bitch." Macross said through gritting teeth. "And not only are you naive and stupid, but you must either be deaf or have one of the worst cases of selective hearing that I've ever encountered. I told you that I don't need your fucking "magic", or whatever you wanna to call it." Her glance went to the lich for only a brief moment before going back to the witch. "And if either one of them is "hurt" then tough luck for them. Not my fault Sonni can't handle somethin' as simple as staying the fuck outta the way. Everything's not all sunshines and godsdamn rainbows and they're just becoming weights. But frankly, you should mind your own damn business. But oh I forgot, you're to much of a fucking leech to do that." She sneered. "I've got nothin' for the likes of you, and I sure as hell don't plan on talkin' to you about shit. So I'm gonna say this again, let me out of this damn thing." She repeated impatiently.
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
The witch received the insults but didn't say anything im exchange. Her tired, strained eyes were just glued to the ground as she spoke. When she was done, she answered softly and casually.

Helga: We haven't fixed anything, so I'm afraid I cannot open my bubble... I want you to let your emotions out and tell me what I did so that I can fix my actions in the future. If I hurt you it was truly not my intention. We've been friends for a long time and I'd hate to just throw away a valuable friendship...
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Macross ran her fingers through her hair and began to tug at it for a moment. "Fix it? Fix it she says," She murmured to herself. "There is no "fixing" anything." She said with a snide snort of a forced laugh. "And you, how many times have I heard that come outta your fucking mouth?" The shot sharply from her tongue. "Fix your actions? Yeah, right. Let me ask Wiezen about that. Let me ask Weiss about that. Emma. Don't get the point yet? I'm not going through this shit with you anymore! Is it really that hard to understand, or are you just that damn stupid? You want to know what I'm feeling? Alright, let me spell it out for you. I. Fucking. LOATHE, you. I don't like you. I want to KILL you. That's not a concept that's hard to understand, get that through that unbearably thick skull of yours! Whatever used to be there ain't there anymore, that got screwed up too many times. So yeah, fuck you." She snapped. "You wanna go bug somebody, go bug that little pussy Flynn. Now OPEN, it."
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: Flynn sacrificed his eye for you... For you to be happy with Enricho and have a new start... How come you don't see that? You're putting aside your family that you've harmed greatly. And family is all you have in the end.. You're right... I haven't done much to fix any of my actions... B-But I'm trying... It's not easy to focus when you have seven children to take care of, especially alone; two of them missing and in great danger. I'm trying, I-I really am... But I'm sorry... I want to fix things between us and do something right for once... I don't want you to pity me... But as you can see I don't really have any support right now... I lost my friends. My husband... My sister... And they were all my fault... I can't keep on repeating the same mistake...
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Oh, ooooh." Macross started laughing hysterically. "So he really is the dickwad that brought me back to this supposed life? Oh, this is hilarious, Flynn lost a fucking eye." She spat. "The first thing he's ever done that wasn't for his goddamn self, the useless little bitch. I've lost limbs, eyes, my LIFE. Buroa lost her dignity, her horns and her pride as who she was. Wiezen died. Enricho's on the run. And the first thing you want to try to praise is Flynn losing a goddamn eye? Fuck that guy. Just because you two are ass buddies doesn't mean I'm joinin' in." She said flat out. "The family that I've harmed greatly? There it is again, the hypocrite. Add that on to the list!" She shook her head. "You even decided to take another little kid like the dumbass you are, and you're just going to screw his life over just like with Emma and Weiss. Even if I could pity you, I wouldn't. And I don't." She spit to the side. "How about you do me a favor. Get rid of this barrier and get the fuck outta my way. I've got more crucial things to tend to. And you are not about to keep me here."
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: You're right... About everything I've done... But I hope that one day perhaps you'll look past that and remember... That I'll always be your friend no matter what... I am so... Deeply sorry...

The witch slowly stood up, her hands trembling. But she walked past Macross in the bubble and began to roll it back to the settlement as if they were both hamsters.
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"Again, poshel na khuy, witch." Macross pushed against the opposite side of the barrier for a moment, not planning on going back with her until she remembered something. She dug down into the opening of her grieves and pulled out a vial of holy water, some of it gone from her hunt before. But it should've been enough. She pulled the cork of with her teeth before splashing it against the barrier, weakening it enough for her to get out. She threw the vial aside, clutching her side as she went to grab her bag that, luckily, Sonni hadn't decided to pick up when she left.
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga snarled in pain when she felt the holy water against her barrier that immediately weakened. But she didn't try stopping her this time. Instead, she just released a tedious sigh and turned back to her, then swirled her finger and shot a beam of healing magic into her which quickly began to work in her deeper wounds. The witch awkwardly scratched her arm and turned back, then made her way back into the settlement.

Once there, she didn't make eye contact with anyone. She just dragged her tired feet back to the tree where she had left her children. She thanked Flynn and slowly crouched down besides her kids. They all looked gloomy in a way. But they were happy that their mother had returned. Now if they could only get their father to do so too. Helga remained still for a long moment before she continued the process of feeding all five of her children, mostly Jacob since he was the one who needed to eat the most.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (Sitting under a tree, with his eyes closed, deep in thought as he waited for Macross to return)
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Macross clenched her teeth when she felt her wounds starting to heal, her expression contorting more and more into one of anger. But she calmed herself, for she would only find a witch, kill it, and find a potion recipe that could undo it. She remembered Wiezen saying something a while back about a potion that he had been given that re-inflicted injuries. She wasn't going to accept hep from her, she refused to. And then she would find that masked stranger and they would finish what they had started. That's what she felt. A lack of empathy and sympathy, and a lust to fight. She picked up her bag and slung it around her shoulders, picking up the pistols that had been left alone on the ground, telling herself that she would return them to their owner. She would have to pass by them whether she liked it or not. She strapped the holsters around her waist before starting on way, cursing.


Sonni's gaze had tore itself away from the fire when Helga had arrived, only to be disappointed when she saw that Macross wasn't with her. She had seen it coming of course, but the bit of hope she had shattered away some. But she said nothing as she sat next to the warmth, her head leaning against Bonnus's legs, and her gaze went back to the fire.

Bonnus, who was standing up, remained silence as well. Her fingers stroked Sonni's hair, to keep her calm, sensing the emotion that was swelling up within her lover. Her ears twitched simultaneously, her expression soft but her eyes solemn.
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga remained quiet herself as well, which wasn't a surprise. The only thing she had left was her children. Well, most of them. What was wrong with her? Why did she keep screwing up? Why did she keep ruining things? Thanks to her she had lost the ones she loved the most. Wiezen and her sister. Her two oldest children. A sigh escaped her lips. Oh how much she just wanted to drive the sword through her body, but she knew she couldn't. At least not yet. Perhaps when her children were older and could care for themselves she would. Her eyes closed and she inhaled deeply. She was hanging onto unrequited anchors. Anchors she fantasied as if they were still alive and well.

Do it for him... For her... For them...
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Bonnus took in small breath of air, letting out a sigh a little afterwards. Her attention was then turned away from the fire when Sonni had started talking to her.

"Tell me..." Sonni began, her gaze straightforward as she spoke. "D-do you think that Macross would hesitate to kill me if she thought that I was getting in her way?"

Bonnus didn't answer, her fingers coming to a stop from stroking through Sonni's silky hair. She turned her head and looked down at her for a moment before she answered. "Don't be ridiculous. Whether she would or would not, I will not allow it happen." She spoke softly.

Sonni took her eyes away from the fire and instead looked at the ground, only nodding at her words. I guess I'm suppose to take that as a no..., She thought to herself. Or maybe it was her lack of understanding perhaps. If that pistol hadn't bee empty, then Macross would have killed herself without second thought. And that's when she started to wish that she knew what was going on inside her sister's head.
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga picked up her gurgling human baby and cradled Jacob closely, placing a small kiss on his cheek as she unbuttoned her shirt once more. She lifted her left breast for easy access and winced once more when she felt the baby suckle on her once more. A low sigh escaped her lips and she held her baby in a comfortable position, gently stroking the little hair he had.
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Only a few moments later did Bonnus's ears perk slightly as they caught the sound of a few scuffling leaves. She felt one of Sonni's arms wrap around her leg and very slightly clutch to it, and she understood enough. "Everything is going to be alright..."

Macross had came through the same way that Helga had, her lips in a flat line, Her eyes scanned the area vaguely as she unstrapped the holsters from around her waist that held Enricho's pistols. She stared at the belt for a moment before dropping it to the ground. "Hey, Enricho. I brought your stuff back." She said frigidly, not looking in his direction.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (He picked his weapons up as he looked at her) Thank you, Macross. But we should be leaving now. I have a feeling that something is wrong, and we shouldn't be here when whatever is coming this way arrives
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Macross stared at him, something building into a boil within her eyes. But she didn't say anything through a long pause of silence before she finally spoke. "There's somethin' that I've never actually took the time to think about, but now that I actually do, it irks a certain nerve. Never really considered it to be true in my mind, but piecing together the puzzle, a question comes to mind."

Sonni glanced over, her attention now switching from the ground and to them as she began to pull herself to her feet, using Bonnus as support that she didn't necessarily need physically, but mentally felt as if she did.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (Looks over at Macross) What might that be, Macross?
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
"There's a blind spot in my memories that I've only been having a vague remembrance of." Macross's stare had no waver as she looked up at him because of the difference in height. Her eyes locked with his. "Have you fucked a witch before, Enricho." The words came forth dull with little hesitation, her tone dry and dense. However, there was more to the question than the words let on, though that was more than obvious from her perspective. Her left eye twitched slightly.

Sonni came to a stand still for a few seconds before she sort of laughed, unable to keep herself from doing so. "What kind of question is that?" She said in an attempt to lighten the mood. But then she realized that her sister was unbelievably serious. There was no joke behind her tone, not even the slightest bit of humor.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (He stared at her, knowing her hatred of such, but he spoke truthfully) The last thing I will do is lie to you, Macross. Yes, I did once, but that was before I was with you. I was alone, angry, and needed someone to be with at the time. I wasn't thinking clearly, of course, and just allowed myself to fall to pleasure
1年以上前 The_Real_Dio said…
Crazard climbs a tree and perches on a branch watching Helga and the others, no longer trying to stay out of sight, he turns his head in several odd angles to get a better view.
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Macross's fingers itched as she listened to him speak, her head lowered slightly to where her bangs fell over her eyes. She felt her the itching nerve bending in her mind to the point to where it almost snapped. "I that's what she meant when she asked if you trusted her as a lover. Heh...well whattaya had fallen in love with her, didn't you?" She said, her lips quivering for a moment. "So that why she thinks that she's so much fucking better than me...that she can just give her stupid little lectures like she's some sort of saint? That's why you don't really hate her..." She chuckled to herself, though it was dry and without humor.

Sonni held herself in place, rooted to where she was by the thickening tension that began to cram the atmosphere.

"So which one am I, huh? Just a convenient second, or another one that you allowed yourself to fall pleasure to because you were alone...and angry and needed someone at the time eh?" Her fingers had wrapped around the handle of the dagger that was strapped to the side of her thigh as she placed her forehead close to his chest, but not on it. "But it's bastard." Her grip around the handle of the dagger loosened, and when she looked up at him, there was a big, forced smile on her face. One that was almost painful to consider putting on. "You just...stay here and let that bitch take that mark off your face and I'll just be on my way....and my name is not Macross..." She said before walking passed him. "For the greater good, please...don't follow me. Because I can't promise that I won't just put you on the same list as everything else I need to kill."

Sonni's eyes widened in disbelief. "Macross! Wait, where the fuck are you going!? What are you talking about?!" She started after her. "MACRO--" The next thing she knew, there was the sound of iron against iron.

Bonnus was standing in front of Sonni now, her blade drawn and the blade of Macross's dagger split through the bark of a tree. Her eyes narrowed, sensing that that may have had intentions of killing.

"You listen to me, and you listen closely kid." Macross spoke, lowering her hand from when she had turned suddenly and threw the dagger, her aim at Sonni's head. She barely paid any attention at all to Bonnus. Her face just seemed sort of blurred out in her vision. As a matter of fact, she didn't even know who it was, and she didn't care in the least. "I am not your sister and I am NOT Macross do I make myself clear?" She said with a glare. "I'm just a wandering hunter searching for a kill and everything is fair game." She said harshly. "Go home before you either get yourself hurt or end up dead..." She turned back around and walked away from them.
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga easily overheard Macross and Enricho talk as she breastfeed her child, and she awkwardly sunk her shoulders in as a very soft blush came upon her nose and cheeks about the subject, but she look away, her sadness remaining as she pretended to not hear.
1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: Macross, it's not like that. You aren't like her. What I feel towards you.... It's something entirely different. (Knowing her for not listening to others when they speak, he just goes dead quiet after this)
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Bonnus glanced back at Sonni when she heard a thud behind her, only to see that she had fell on her butt. "Art thou...--" She stopped in her tracks, seeing that tears had started to build in her lover's silver bue eyes. Sonni...

"Well...y-you know what....fuck you too then!! How about that?!" Sonni yelled after her, wiping her eyes quickly. She was going to go after her. That seemed to be the only thing she could do. But she was brought to a stop immediately.

"Don't." Bonnus said, shaking her head. "Just then...she answered thy question from earlier. "Would she hesitate to bring death to thee?". Let her be for now."

"But...but--" Sonni had started, only to be shushed by a finger to her lips.

"I can't allow myself to lose thee again..." Bonnus said in a soft whisper. "I will go after her instead after she cools off. I'm sure she can handle herself." She assured, bringing her into a hug and stroking her hair. "It'll all be alright...she'll get better."
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1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
The witch turned her head back and observed the scenes reveal, but her ears lowered immediately at the last of Sonni's words. Her heart didn't hesitate to pity her. She understood the situation too much. She had gone through it all. Ending friendships. Breakups. Sister fights. Miscarriages. Guilt. Regret. Remorse.

Her attention went to Jacob as she released him and buttoned up her dress, then patted Jacob's back to receive a small squeaky burp. She cleared her voice at the dead silence in the settlement, but frowned at the sight of her triplets confused and saddened at what they had all witnessed. Their skins seemed to appear more gloomy and grey. The mother's frown deepened, but she mustered up her duties as a mother, hiding her face behind her two hands, then revealing herself moments after. She repeated the cycle, breaking the silence with her purposely high pitched baby voice.

Helga: Peek-a-boo!~

It was a game that never failed to interest her triplets. How did she just "disappear" like that behind her hands?
1年以上前 The_Real_Dio said…
Crazard seemed as interested in this Peek-a-boo thing as the children, he cocked his head to the side then left the tree and approached Helga and crouched down in front of her and raised his hand to his mask, as he carefully removed it a plume of smoke arose from his face and slowly dissipated revealing his face, he was pale with fine features and had ruffly cut black hair, everything about his face was very human... except the eyes, they looked almost... dead, like thought of a fresh corpse "Peek-a-boo..." Crazard said in his horse voice, as he spoke smoke bellowed from his mouth, he than blinked at Helga as if asking if he did the game right before placing his mask back onto his face
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga gulped at the sight of the figure once more, gathering her children just for precaution. Her triplets seemed mortified, especially Elijah as they snuggled closely with their mother. But then Helga's look softened at him, and she looked back at the others before returning her attention to him. Her eyebrow slightly raised when he spoke, more when he removed his mask.

Helga: ....u-uhh... Yeah, peek-a-boo... It is one of my children's favorite games... ...A-Are you lost Sir Crazered? If so I can give you a map and some money if you need it... You shouldn't be witnessing our problems. And why do you hide behind a mask?
1年以上前 The_Real_Dio said…
Crazard stared at Helga for some time as if he were looking for the answers to her questions, he cocked his head to the side and said softer than normal "I don't remember"
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: ...Oh... I see... Um.. Well, my name is Helga... Helga Quartz... You know, for a lich, I'm surprised you haven't attacked yet which makes me wonder what you really are... *clears her throat* ...Uh... Are thou hungry? *she lifted her heavy bag and searched through it before she pulled out a small slice of bread along with a small bag of berries.* Here.
1年以上前 The_Real_Dio said…
Crazard takes the bread and the berries and as soon as he does the berries rot, but even so Crazard lifts his mask and dumps the contents of the bag into his mouth and eats the bread. He then looks at Helga and asks "What... is a lich? what am... I?"
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga blinked in complete confusion before she tilted her head slightly.

Helga: IIII... don't know... You tell me, you are you.

The witch looked down to tell her children there was nothing to fear, but she found that one of them was missing. Her eyes shot open and she began to shake her head, searching the perimeter in desperation. But then she felt a small tug from her sleeve and looked down to see that no one was there. Except there was. Ripples formed out of thin air, and Zealia finally made herself visible as she was still attached to her mother. She had learned how to camouflage on her own after she witnessed the giant snake back in the hotel. A smile appeared on the mother, and she lifted her up only to place a kiss on her nose.

Helga: oh, you are so smart my little extraordinary one! you even fooled mommy!
1年以上前 The_Real_Dio said…
Crazard thought for a long time before he answered Helga's question "I don't remember..."
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga: alright... that's okay, you don't have to answer it anyways...

The witch cleared her throat and looked around awkwardly, humming to prevent the awkward silence from breaking in.
1年以上前 -Universe_COLA- said…
Sonni pulled away for a moment and nodded with a sigh. "Right. She just needs time to cool off, right? Then again...she seemed like she meant it..." She closed her eyes, sniffling a few small times. "I don't understand...I just need to her to explain more to me and I'll...I'll do whatever i can to cheer her up."

Bonnus was silent, but then she smiled some. "However?"

Sonni opened her eyes to stare at Bonnus. "I have the feeling that you know something that I don't." She said glumly before pinching her cheeks and pulling them slightly. "Tell me...what did she me by she wasn't my sister? That's just somethin' stupid to say." She sniffled again "There's more to it and I wanna know."

Bonnus tapped Sonni's hands softly, playfully even, for her to let go of her cheeks. "At the moment, she is entering the phase of remembering to put it simply. However, there needs to be something that gives her the final push, and I believe that she has left to search for it." She furrowed her brow. "But if thou truly seeks the knowledge of what is occurring, then I shall answer all that you ask. Some of which I would advise that thou should ask thyself. But time is running out.."

Sonni blinked. "What do you mean by that? I mean of course we don't have all the time in the word, but is there more to this hurry we're in?"

"It's all in a matter of time that the odds will be against us. I've found reason to believe that the foe known as Emma is going to attempt to resurrect a fraction of a creature known as the First Beast. And to do so, Weiss will become a possible sacrifice. But many ancient evils will also be included in this scenario. If we fail in bringing this to a halt then there is a possibility that another war will commence. Greater. More destructive than the last if Ms. Emma wanted to, especially with the abilities she possesses and the individuals that she now seems to have under her control."

"Great. Then this is just like last time. Except that we have Alzul plus tens times worse." Sonni covered her face with her hands.

"Our decreasing allies does not assist the situation in the slightest either." Bonnus added. "Trust is growing fragile and hatred is turning good into evil. In turn however, I've been able to contact Wiezen for a brief odd seconds. He has found the location that we seek. Three of them, to be precise.
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (Sat underneath the tree quietly, not bothering to speak up about anything, and just looked at the ground)
1年以上前 The_Real_Dio said…
Crazard also begins humming, thought his song is off tune
1年以上前 Jade_23 said…
Helga winced slightly at the sound of his voice, but nonetheless she paused her humming and gave a somewhat smile at him. She looked around only to see Enricho sitting by himself and staring at the ground. Her smile became a frown. Pssssst. She tried grabbing the formal hunter Enricho's attention, lifting her arm to wave at him. She then tapped the grass besides her, offering him a seat.

Helga: Enri!
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1年以上前 Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (He only looked her way for a few moments before turning back to looking at the ground, not responding)
1年以上前 The_Real_Dio said…
Crazard gets uncomfortably close to Enricho and begins studying him