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posted by cortinator
こんにちは evry one of u fans. i 愛 cronicles of narnia. any one else? well if u r who thinks that there needs to be a third one. i 愛 william mosley as peter i think he did a grea job. ok well i think i am bablin on so down to real buisness. who loves wiliam mosley and cronicals of narnia. iknow i do. so lets vote all who lkes and dislikes him send in a message.i am excited to see what u think and please excuse my artical but it is my first. こんにちは also post some of tne 映画 he plays in. also does any one know if he can sing?
posted by Napriz
[/b]There is no much difference between Peter in the first Narnia and the King in the second(Prince Caspian).He didn't change like Edmund did.
Although he's very young,William is a great actor to play as a King.
The best Peter's scene is when he fights with the enemy(Caspian's uncle).
What a amazing Fight!!
In The Lion,The Witch and the Wardrobe,in the coronation,the King Peter's clothes are the best.A great combination によって ゴールド and Blue,so creative!
And i adore the sword and the shield,too!