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thesimpleleaf posted on Oct 31, 2006 at 03:50AM
I'm looking for suggestions on a decent hosted collaboration tool to manage internal projects, store files, manage to-do lists etc. I don't need heavy project management features, gantt charts and the like, just something pretty basic. Lots of file storage space would be a big plus.

I've looked at Jotspot, intranets.com and basecamp. Any others I should be looking at? Any recommendations from fanpoppers would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!
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1年以上前 papa said…
Nikhil, I've tried jotspot and basecamp. I really like Basecamp because it's so simple and open-ended. Really dig the product philosophy those guys have (frankly Basecamp seems more Google-esque to me than Jotpot though the latter was acquired by Google).

Of course, if you want the file upload/storage space, you will need one of the premium accounts (monthly subs).

If you've got a webhost, you might want to look at activeCollab. It's an open source project that is supposedly a clone of Basecamp. I'm not sure how close it comes to Basecamp in terms of features, but it's worth a look if $$$ is an issue.

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1年以上前 thesimpleleaf said…
Thanks Papa! I think I'm leaning towards Basecamp for now. I really like their interface.