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posted by PreBanned
Names for your dragon!!!!!!!:
ASTAROT: In demonology, this is the name of a Prince of Hell, meaning "leading one" または "the chief." He is depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a 秒 pair of feathered wings, and a crown. He is holding a serpent in one hand while riding a wolf-like beast. Compare with feminine Astaroth.

DRACO: Latin form of Greek Drakon, meaning "dragon." Draco was the name of a 7th century scribe of Athens, Greece. It is also the name of a constellation. In Greek mythology, there are many ドラゴン mentioned. For example, Drakon...
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How to Tend to your dragon's every need!
First things first!Get it food!!
Most prefer fish, some prefer some regular old meat.But make sure あなた know what your water dragon likes もっと見る to keep it happy and content. Your dragon's diet may consist of many things. From meat,to fish, to sometimes even seaweed! There are many things your dragon could enjoy.

Dragons at a young age are very playful. Like little 子猫 really.Theylove to just swim around and bop stuff around like a trained seal. So make sure to get them a type of ビーチ ball. In some cases people get speacial balls that are...
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