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posted by mitsuki963
Usui, a silent but dangerous person, so mysterious yet only opened himself to Misaki. He is also a very 人気 boy in school because of his looks and talent. He is a very smart student, as well as being good at sports, and although very popular, he doesn't let it go to his head. On the contrary he seems to think the whole popularity-thing is rather troublesome. Most of the time, he has a nonchalant and apathetic attitude, but is always on the look-out for anything that may threaten または hurt Misaki, and he often saves her when she gets in trouble.

Usui is one of the best students in Seika High,...
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posted by mitsuki963
He lives in a very expensive condo (some think an apartment), which has a sofa, 枕 (maybe has a ベッド not shown), table, and a キッチン inside. He comes from a wealthy family and a very complicated life. He wears glasses at ホーム and contacts at school. He does not have a very good relationship with his family. His mother, who was from England, passed away after giving birth to him. His mother (Patricia Walker) originally had her own family, but she loved travelling to other countries even though she already had a child. Usui's father (Yuu Hirose) was originally one of the Walker family's butlers....
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posted by Takumim
"I'm a high level otaku who loves maids もっと見る than anything. All my favourite 本 have to do with maids, and all the cafes I visit have maids. Of course, I collect figures as well. I play maid games, get excited, say stuff like, 'moe! moe!' and even crossdress as a maid myself. Later."
"I 愛 you, Ayuzawa."
"If あなた were my little sister... I'd be so turned on."
"Onii-tan would like a roasted lobster. Also, a paelle with red wine sauce, summer truffles on the side."
"Where did あなた get that water? I only drink water from the alps."
"You have ten 秒 to answer. 10...9...3...2...1..."
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