Uryu Ishida Of all Uryu's battles, which one was he the MOST epic?

Pick one:
His first, Uryu vs. Ichigo (& Menos): Uryu saves Ichigo's butt.
Uryu vs. Jirobo: Uryu is the real Kamaitachi.
Uryu vs. Mayuri: Sacrificing his power to avenge the Quincy.
Uryu vs. Yoshi: Limited power but endless intelligence.
Uryu vs. Cirucci: Seele Schneider is not a sword!
Uryu and Renji vs. Szayel: Strategy at its finest, and URYU TRUSTS RENJI!
All of them: Uryu is the master of strategy and intelligence at all times.
 Mira_Solara posted 1年以上前
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