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 ♥ Girls: We're Best フレンズ Forever! ♥
♥ Girls: We're Best Friends Forever! ♥
What makes a good friend?

This, is a 質問 with many 回答 and many people 愛 to express their feelings on how they feel about really close friends.

Today, I will be sharing my opinion on a bunch of girls who are my BFF's!

You all are great, caring, loving and sweet all packed in one!

If I had to say a similie about あなた all it would be: あなた all are as sweet as chocolate! <3

You've listened to me when I needed advice, you've read my 記事 when no one else would, you've rated my 画像 and so forth when I tried to really hard to get a fanatic! ( And I did thanks to あなた all! )

My brithday...
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30degrees and me made this video for you! We hope あなた enjoy your day! We 愛 あなた just the way あなた are! plz never change!