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the title is something like "shreiks for the twilight star"
the rest is (close to):
“bite me bite me bite me!” screamed the fans over the Londoner Leicester Square, where a Weltkriegssirene (idk what that is), was screaming. Isabel, Emma, Rebecca and Chelsy they were called – Teenagers, ages 12, and 15, and one already 16 years old. sometimes they were transparent (“bite me, Rob!”), about the vampire and (something) in the story. for a long time they stayed, legs in their stomach (...i dont know) through frosty weather. object of their desire is Robert Pattinson (22) and huge hottie in the teenage film world.

something like that...
that wasnt very good
ive only taken 1 and a half years of german... thats the best i could do...
but thats the gist of it
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emma-jeff said:
Thanks for the help :D
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