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I heard Alice’s thought and was immediately baffled… she then sent another message,
Anger and, for the first tie for a long time, fear, took over my body and senses, I wanted to go straight to the 城 and rip those guys’ heads off!
“I know that look! What wrong?” Jacob demanded, his big warm hand was on my shoulder.
“They’re planning something, something to do with Renesmee…” I informed him. Jacob started shaking, like he always does when he’s very angry, he broke into a run, I caught him immediately,
“I know what you’re thinking, and DON’T!” I warned him, he could not just morph himself into a mutt and go on a rampage and right into the hands of the Volturi!
“Oh as if あなた don’t!” He growled, I felt him relax his muscles, but he was still trying to pull free, I seized my chance to grab a better place and keep him here, his other arm, I held him によって the wrists… I felt like Charlie making arrests like I would sometimes see him do. Suddenly Jacob seized HIS chance and sprinted off! Urgh! Why does he have to be so… dramatic, when it comes to romance!?

I raced through the streets of Volterra, looking for the castle… odd, I could hear または smell Edward coming, and even ヴァンパイア make SOME noise. So he wasn’t coming? At all? Good. I can find Renesmee now… Renesmee, just thinking of her triggered my anger, I ran right into the ain street, people started screaming and running in terror, how fun! I barked and snarled, and rampaged wildly into the road, even cars stopped and the passengers got out and ran from the huge brown wolf… me. I chased and pounced at people, not actually hurting them. Physically.


I heard a bark from the distance. It came from the North-East.
I tore my eyes from Alice and brought them to the entrance of the besmirched castle. The barks carried on closer and closer. My emotions went from disapproval of Alice to fear. Jacob. Not Jacob. Why was he here? Why? Cynddylan! I turned to him and he smiled menacingly and smugly at the same time. I dashed for the door. When the sunlight hit me, an excruciating pain tumbled over me. It was like waves of fire, pins, needles and knifes were stabbing in me. I fell to the ground.
“Jane.” Aro 発言しました teasingly. “Let her leave.” The pain stopped and I coughed with relief. My whole body groaned with relief and I fully relaxed. Then I remembered Jacob was in trouble. I bounded up, then Jane and Alec caught me によって the arms. Then everything happened at rapid speed. I heard a deafening sound of shrieks from scared stupid humans, barks from the big brown 狼, オオカミ in the centre of the road and frightened cries from 赤ちゃん in their prams and pushchairs. I could feel the fear and anxiousness of the rushing crowd. あなた could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. I could see the immense rushing cluster of people running as fast as they could, flinching at every bark and grunt the huge 狼, オオカミ made. And I ワカサギ, 錬金術 the soft scent of wet dog. It didn’t burn my nose like it did any vampire; it soothed me a little bit. I stood there, watching the colours of the hectic place. It was like a flame, dancing in the outside air stream. I didn’t really take anything in. I just stood there and opened my mouth to say something, but no sound came out. I was so mute for what it seemed like 分 but was actually seconds. It then sank in and I screamed soundlessly.
“CYNDDYLAN! あなた MONSTER!” I yelled turning to him.
Cynddylan! I wish that pest would just disappear…something was wrong. I knew it. I heard… voices! I strained my ears to hear more, with my super hearing- well better than any human, that is.
The voices were familiar… could it be? No! Impossible. I bet Cynddylan was ‘torturing’ me again によって influencing me to see things. How is it possible for one to this to another person? I closed my eyes and tight and pushed every though of Cynddylan out of my head, but I could still hear the voices, the voices of the people I love. My parents. I strained my ears till the point I thought that they’ll burst. Success!
“Let my daughter GO!” Edward yelled. I know it was.
“I’m sorry, but she choose to 登録する us.” Aro 発言しました in his ‘innocent’ voice, then I hissed and I heard Bella hiss too. In perfect unision. They were SO close. Yet so far… I couldn’t help myself allowing one tear to roll down my cheek.
“You wouldn’t wanna get me upset that could make me very ANGRY!” someone 発言しました - Jacob! I listened more, were all the Cullens here? The conversation continued, “I SLAY your kind, and I could easily kill you!” Jake threatened.
“PLEASE GO AHEAD!” I shouted to him, maybe just – only JUST they could hear me…


“I swear I’m gonna hurt y-” I stopped. Renesmee? Did I just hear Renesmee?! Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullens had heard it too. They stiffened, naturally and Bella gave out a cry.
“Ness-Renesmee! Renesmee!” I laughed and ran through the oak door. I saw her standing there, eyes closed smiling. That sweet, angel-like smile would melt anybodies ハート, 心 to honey. Her face was a heart-shaped beauty, made of sugar and silk. She lifted her eyes open to 表示する to チョコレート gems, sparkling in the light. She was beautiful. Her face knocked the breath out of me. I locked in place. My feet were stuck and couldn’t 移動する anywhere towards her. My mouthed formed an O shape and her smile grew larger.
She ran and flung herself at me. We hugged each other for, what it seemed not long enough. We were interrupted によって a loud clapping coming from the right of us. I looked at him and wrapped one of my warm arms around Renesmee’s waist and brought her closer to my side. The clapping carried on then the man in the 上, ページのトップへ hat and black robes said.
“Isn’t this a happy ending. I hate them. I like sad endings. For other people of course, I never witness sad endings for me, あなた see because I always win.” He then called Aro, Jane, Alec, Marcus, Caius, Felix and Demetri によって clicking his fingers. The cluster of ヴァンパイア dragged Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett によって their necks. I hissed and snarled at him. “SIT DOWN!” he roared at Renesmee. It frightened me let alone Renesmee. She obeyed reluctantly, my legs shook with every step she took, when will this end? The man smiled a cruel smile.
“W-what d-do あなた w-want to do t-to me Cynddylan?” Renesmee asked. I failed miserably to disguise the fear in my face obviously because Cynddylan smiled cruely. His dark, spikey hair covered his head and his pointy face was cruel looking even when he didn’t want it to be.
“Bring him in…” Cynddylan 発言しました softly. A new figure walked in, fear, fury and sympathy swept over my like a wave. Jasper. I heard Alice whimper and winge. Aro nodded to Cynddylan and Cynddylan nodded to Jasper. He strolled towards Renesmee slowly not giving me a 秒 glance. Tension rose higher than the tallest tower of this castle, what’s going to happen? Jasper hissed Renesmee me and his teeth shone in the light.
It all made sense now, it was…
Feeding time.
He grabbed Renesmee’s throat, his grip, tight and firm from what it looked like. I saw his teeth pierce her flesh.
“ARGH!” She screamed. Her pain was my pain and I was feeling it now. “ARGH! AHHHHHH!” She screamed もっと見る and more. I could see life draining from her body, and then, there was… nothing, nothing but darkness…
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