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posted by just_bella
I don't know if I was the only one, but ファン pop didn't work for 2 1/2 hours. Well, here's the 次 chapter :)

End of Chapter 7

I saw us all leaving, that much was for sure. Edward would say his goodbyes to Bella and then would leave town. The strange thing was I kept seeing him in different towns without any of us with him. I didn't understand that part at all, and would have to ask him about it when he calms down.

"Edward, are あなた saying that あなた want to leave Bella and this town?" Esme asked.

"Yes. We need to leave her before anything else happens." He 発言しました sadly.

"Edward, what else could happen? She's safe, I will keep an eye out for anything. I'm so sorry I didn't see this happening." I 発言しました as I walked over and knelt in front of him.

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me softly. "But things have already happened because of us. First James and the rest of his coven, then this tonight." He just shook his head in sadness. "We can't help what/who we are, she will get hurt and I can't live with that." He stated as he looked around the room.

I pulled back and looked him in the eyes. Where there was so much happiness and joy yesterday was now replaced によって ハート, 心 breaking sadness and fear.

"You are positive about this Edward?" Carlisle asked.

"Yes, please could we get started on this as soon as possible." He 発言しました softly.

I took his hand in mine and rested my head on his shoulder. For the 3rd time tonight I wished that I could cry, my ハート, 心 breaking because I would be loosing one of my best friends, and because my brothers ハート, 心 was breaking into a million pieces and I didn't know how to help him.


Chapter 8

"Well great! I knew this was a horrible idea from the beginning." Rosalie 発言しました as she stood up and stomped over to where Emmett was sitting.

"Come on Emmett, we have to pack AGAIN." She 発言しました as she grabbed his hand and walked up the stairs.

Edward looked like he was going to let her know exactly how he felt about her and her theory, but instead he sighed loudly and shook his head.

"Oh Edward." Esme 発言しました as she came over and wrapped her arm around him.

We sat there for a few minutes, Esme with her arm wrapped around him, my hand still in his and my head resting on his shoulder.

Suddenly Edward stood up without letting go of my hand. He looked down at me and smiled a half smile. I realized I wouldn't see his smile for a long time, and I was just getting use to him being happy again.

I sighed quietly as I looked up at him.

"Can we go somewhere?" He asked quietly.

"Yes." I responded not caring where he wanted to go, just knowing that he had a lot he needed to get out.

"Please excuse us." I 発言しました as I walked to the back door, trying to pull Edward with me.

We walked out the back, and as I was about to ask him where we were going he took off running. I did my best to keep up but when Edward ran full force there was no one who could keep up with him. I think he forgot I was behind, または he was running away from everything but regardless I stopped where I was and yelled his name hoping he would stop.

He finally came to a stop and glared at me. I wasn't sure where he wanted to go, but unless he wanted to go to Mexico he would have to slow down.
I smiled in his direction as he started jogging back to where I was standing.

"Where do あなた want to go?" I asked him as he got close.

He stopped right where he was, dropping to his knees and taking his head in his hands. At first I thought he was hurt and began to run to him, but when I got close he lifted his head.

The sight is something I will never get out of my mind. The best way to describe it is it looked like he was screaming, but there was no sound. His eyes were so wide I wondered how long he could keep them like that before the pain would overcome him.

I ran over to him and took him in my arms, letting both of us fall onto the moist ground beneath us. I held him tightly and let the waves of pain wash over him. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know how to stop this and so I did the only thing I could think of and I held him tight and shushed him trying to make soothing sounds.

I'm not sure how long we sat like that. I think it was probably a 時 または two possibly, but suddenly he lifted his head and looked me in the eye.

"Edward? What is it? Please talk to me." I begged.

"Alice, I need to ask あなた a favor. This is going to be the hardest thing I have ever asked あなた and for that I am sorry." He 発言しました softly.

"Anything, please talk to me." I asked.

"Alice, あなた know that we are leaving. I am going to go on my own for a while, I don't think I can be around anyone after what I have to do to Bella. I'm going to break my one true loves ハート, 心 and..." His sentence cut off, his whole body shaking again.

"Oh Edward, what can I do? Please let me help." I 発言しました as I hugged him tight, feeling like I was holding him together.

He sat up suddenly and looked me in the eyes. "Alice, I need to ask あなた to miss school tomorrow. That is just the first part, I know I have to do this tomorrow and with あなた there she will have 質問 and I just can't くま, クマ that."

"The 秒 part is I need あなた to not look for her future. She will be much better without us, and I can not handle knowing that あなた are occasionally looking into her future. We won't be a part of it so please don't look." He asked.

I thought about that for a minute. It's not like I decide what I look for, I mean I can focus on things like our family and things. Could I really stop looking for Bella? She was my best friend in, well forever and now he was asking me to leave her tonight and not look for her anymore.

"Please Alice, please don't go looking for her future." He begged.

"Edward, I...I mean she...I mean." I was frustrated and unsure how to respond to his request.

"Yes Edward, I will not look. Jasper and I will leave tonight." I said, my voice no もっと見る then a whisper.

"Thank あなた Alice." He 発言しました as he got to his feet and offered his hand to help me up.

"Edward, could あなた do me a favor または two?" I asked as I stood up.

"Anything." He 発言しました softly.

"I won't get to say goodbye and she is my best friend, will あなた please tell her goodbye for me? And Edward, please don't leave me." I 発言しました as I looked up at him.

"I will tell her goodbye, I promise." He 発言しました as he hugged me tightly then started running back to the house.

I didn't realize until we jumped the river and were walking into the house that he never promised not to leave me. I took a deep breath and for some reason my body started shaking.

Our family was changing, and as I closed my eyes to 検索 I began to wonder if it would ever be the same as it was now.
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Jakes voice echoes from the other room. The sound of loud footsteps comes from the hall. My door is suddenly burst open and Uncle Emmett roughly lifts me up off the bed. I had been a sleep before he barged in my room so I still feel drowsy as my eyes drift close.

"What are あなた doing Uncle Emmett, put me down." I say sleepily. I lighlt bang my fist against his arm.

"I have been told to get あなた out of here." he says starting to go faster.

"By who?" I feel my stomache turn.

"Your husband."

"Why?" I stop hitting him and look up at his face.

"He 発言しました something about a サークル, 円 of ヴァンパイア and getting...
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 Tyler :)
Tyler :)
Before i could do anything Edward yelled my name. I knew something was wrong so i 発言しました "sorry Emmett i was running away from Edward". I got up and ran into the forest thinking to Edward 'Follow me'. I sat down on a fallen 木, ツリー トランク and Edward stood in front of me. "dont do it yet" he said. I nodded my head "alright Edward" i 発言しました smiling at him. I got up and we walked back into the house. Emmett looked at us confused and Jasper was rubbing his temple. Rosalie was sitting on Tyler's lap and they all give me knowing looks. Alice came down the stairs with Bella just then and Edward went to her....
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all i've ever needed
breaking dawn part 2
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Chapter 14


(E)Bella what’s wrong(E) he asked worried. I was Devastated (B) “Im leaving” I knew he wasn’t going to let me get away. He held her quickly in my arms...(E)No you’re not leaving me. Not again(E) he said- pain seeping into his voice. I sobbed against his chest trying to break free. (E)I 愛 あなた Bella i promise you- i 愛 あなた もっと見る than anything in the world (E) he was now sobbing and I knew he meant it, but why was he contacting Tanya? (B) Why were あなた texting that 雌犬 (B) I cried. I thought he would hesitate but he didn’t he told me straight out. (E) I couldn’t...
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