Twilight Fanfiction Plz Read If あなた Like A 日 With The Cullens

twilightchick posted on Mar 26, 2010 at 08:14PM
hey everybody thanks sooo soo much for the comments. My computer is down so until i get a new computer i wont be able to upload fanfics that quickly. But i will be making new stories with my free time, some will be a story like rosalies secret(though not necessarly refering to that story) and others will be in script form like day with the cullens. i just want to say thanks for the support and if you have any ideas on a story that you want to read just let me know by either commenting on this forum or sending me a message. I have absolutely no idea when these stories will go up but just know that i will be writing them, hopefully along with my friends (ec_and_hg_4ever and edwardawsome i hope you are reading this =)) and i will try to post them up when i can =)
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